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It seems that PSTraffic is too hot already even without my interview as I got this today by email: “Hi Paul, Sorry about the delay. Membership is increasing which is keeping me quite busy, which I don’t mind at all. I’ll get to your interview as soon as I can“. And after that I received another cheerful update regaring current stats of PSTraffic:
Membership is increasing!!
More and more members are also posting in forums which is greatly appreciated not only by me but by other members as well. The more members post in forums the better exposure and promotion PS-Traffic gets and that benefits everyone in the long run. More and more members are advertising their referral links, bloggers are also starting to write about PS-Traffic and monitoring sites are upgrading with their own funds. PS-Traffic’s ongoing success is owed to this kind of “TEAM” effort by everyone. I commend all of you!!!

Anyway I hope admin will get to my interview soon and we will be able to get straight answers from this busy man:)

An update from SwiftMoneySurf about the possible opening of new site where you can earn 1×365 and 12×12 came all of a sudden. I think it’s a logical decision in the direction of further improving the quality of their service: “We’ve received a lot of support tickets from members asking to keep the new plans. I first thought no one was interested but it was presented to me that many people just have not bought into the new plans because they have not yet had the opportunity to build up their earnings enough to buy into the other plans. That makes sense, but I now also see that it is harder for our staff to keep track of everything with the different plans. We will still be removing the buy w/earnings plans (except for the old plan), but we will be opening up a new site with an alternative plan so that members and our staff are able to keep track of purchases and earnings on a more simplified level. This way you will still be able to purchase additional plans but it will be on another site so you and us can keep track of everything differently“.

I received payments today from PremiumProLtd, MInvestment and PSTraffic.

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