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Place your banner here for $215/week or $650/month. Available NOW.


SurfMargin is preparing to renew the program on July, 16. There are many new rules and calculations included in this update below. Though I think the level of members’ support for this renewed SurfMargin will depend on the coming payouts. If SM will start again with old debts then I can’t see the bright future for this program anymore. Me and other members with significant amounts of money stuck there seem to be unheard by the admin. I just hope that by the July 16th everybody’s pendings will be paid so the program can start from scratch but with more loyal memberbase than ever.
New Terms WEF 16th July
On Monday 16th July 2007 we will be raising the ad-pack price to $50. There will also be some changes to the real cash bonuses but only relevant to the breaks and not the bonus itself. the new breaks are shown below.
Less than $500 = $2 daily bonus when you click the link
More than $500 = $4 daily bonus when you click the link
More than $1500 = $6 daily bonus when you click the link
More than $2500 = $10 daily bonus if you click the link
More than $4500 = $16 daily bonus if you click the link
e.g. More than refers to the next additional ad pack purchase so more than $500 would equal $550 to obtain the higher bonus. Likewise more than $2500 would relate to $2550 to get the next level of bonus.
There has been a change in the daily percentage breaks too:
less than $2000 = 5%
$2001 – $4000 = 6%
$4001 – $6000 = 7%
$6001 – $8000 = 8%
$8001 – $10,000 = 9%
$10,001 – $11,000 = 10%
$11,001 – $12,000 = 11%
$12,001 – $13,000 = 12%
$13,001 – $14,000 = 13%
$14,001 – $15,000 = 14$
$15,001+ = 15%
Notice to new members.
New members are very welcome! New members who have not purchased advertising will be considered Observing Members or Potential Member (the term is interchangeable). You will have two days to explore your members account pages and the links relating to all the facilities you will have available to you as an full Advertising Member once you have purchased ad packs. You will not be allowed to advertise your own URL’s until you have purchased ad packs but you can view advertising members URL’s, purchase banner or text ads.
Advertising Members whose account becomes a free account whilst their balance is in pending status can purchase additional ad packs at this time. Their account will not be deleted and once their account has been paid will have one month before their membership is deleted as inactive.
I am aware that to some members the increase in ad pack costs from $30 to $50 may be abortive. However I would like to point out that Surf.MultiStreamOnline.com our sister company will be active again from Monday the 16th July and the cost of ad packs at that site is $25. Even lower than Surfmargin’s original cost of $30.
These changes have been brought into effect in order to create a long term advertising and surfing environment for our members. We intend to keep the surfing engine running smoothly, so we have reduced the number of advertising URL’s a member can display from 5 to 3 plus we are not allowing free members to advertise as mentioned above

PSTraffic‘s admin Jamie seems to keep basking in fame and calculations. I received another payment today after reupgrading (my strategy in PSTraffic you can read here). And here’s an update:
Just wanted to congratulate PSTraffic members for their votes:
PSTraffic has moved up to #5 in ASA forum with 512 votes and rapidly rising.
PSTraffic has also remained #1 in HotSurfs gold rating with 423 votes.
#3 in Netsurfmonitor with 180 votes.
Please keep in mind that PSTraffic has been paying daily within 24hrs for over 8 months now!!
PSTraffic’s threads in forums have also remained on page #1 the majority of the time.
Keep the posts and votes up everyone. This is just the beginning!!

I just wanted to add that I’m still waiting for the promised interview, and it seems to me that admin forgot about it already so I sent him a reminder today. Hopefully he will find some time and finally answer my questions as his program is really hot now.

But SwiftMoneySurf is even hotter now, reaching number 1 on ASA monitor finally: “Well we made it to number one on ASA, sorta by default though. Either way at the rate we are going we will have over 5000 votes within a week. Thanks everyone for voting so much, your support is what has made this site number one!

This #1 of SwiftMoneySurf didn’t come all of a sudden. It was due to effect of big falling of CEP pyramid of ponzi sites including their infamous payment processor. Not only do we have to say our money goodbye but also there’s a great possibility that Dustin from DSM, Israel from 4Newbies, Matt from AdsOnCommand and Jack Cobb from Planet-Trust will be hunted down by SEC authorities. So my advice is better stay away from these admins and many more who dealt with CEP Trust and CEP Holdings as a whole. All money has been confiscated now and there’s probably no possibility that we will see our money again. Just remember EMO and StormPay scandals and also Bob Crimm’s Tri-Star which scammed just recently. And over and over again I can’t stop repeating: don’t throw your money away to such payment processors as AlertPay or SolidTrustPay. Today they may be reliable but tomorrow you will be greatly sorry for making the wrong choice. I would stick with e-gold and e-bullion now. Remember this lesson with CEP because the history is repeating itself with the greater empires falling with greater noise and destroying so many people’s lives, so just be careful and don’t believe anyone in this industry. Use your common sense and don’t get scammed by Christian nonsense and other stuff. Remember that everybody’s here for making money not losing it, just be a little smarter that the others and all will be ok.

I got another payment from MInvestment and PremiumProLtd. From today I am in profit with PremiumProLtd and it was certainly the right choice. My gut feeling for profitable program was correct this time. I noticed on MMG forum today that admin of PremiumProLtd said a word regarding my blog: “Yes sir, our instantpay system is doing a great job and I believe you will be paid instantly and timely day after day. By the way, your blog is excellent enough on the analysis“. What a funny admin we have! When I asked him for an interview he refused but now he seems to like my blog. I know that PremiumProLtd will not last long enough but the ROI is very good here and with all the money spent on advertising and on the website itself it was a right choice. Those who joined on the first week will agree with me because they are also in profit now.

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