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Enough is enough! Charles from SurfMargin continues to disappoint me. As I predicted he’s still paying out only small amounts ignoring the big investors whose pendings now are up to one month since they have been requested. I doubt that his renewed program which is about to start tomorrow will have a great success unless he stops to tell us the BS promises and show real actions. Where is our money, Charles? If he doesn’t reply on MMG forum tomorrow and give us a clear and HONEST answer I will delist his program tomorrow. I hoped for his honesty and professionalism but it seems that’s not enough in this deceitful world.

I have now two pending payments in PremiumProLtd. Admin hasn’t make any statement today. The official version he’s still trying to catch those members who have multiply accounts in his program. Even if it’s true he therefore damages his own program. I think the cashflow in the program will be over very soon until he pays his members as soon as possible. And even if he does pay during 48 hours as he promised in his yesterday’s update I think the damage has been done already and I would not give this program the second chance. I still think that PremiumProLtd is playing not very honest game with us deleting many innocent account holders who start to complain about this everywhere making the inflow of funds even less possible for the future. So with the chances 90/10 I think the program is finished. If I don’t get payments tomorrow as it was promised I will delist it too. Now when the slight hope for recovery is here I would NOT advise anyone to make new spends and just hold on to their money until the situation is clear.

What I like now is my daily payments from PSTraffic which continues to be made within hours after request. Please be aware that tomorrow payments will NOT be processed till 7 a.m. server time due to admin’s offline duties. Jamie just announced it in his update. But there is more good news: E-Gold and VGB cashout fees have been lowered from 5% to 2%. I think it’s a very good move from admin’s side as it will attract even more surfers. I will be in profit in several days with PSTraffic, and I like the fact that admin just apologized for not being available to me and hoped to get to interview today but I still haven’t received anything from him. So I think I will remind him again tomorrow. Yes, I think it’s getting quite ridiculous but I really want to get the information I need at first hand.

I also got my payment from SwiftMoneySurf and even after 70 days the program is going ok. I know the risk is much more now to join this program. So I would advise to wait for the news to be announced by admin soon. It will be probably something about his new site with famous 12×12 plan. To find out more about the admin of SwiftMoneySurf you will really have to read my interview with him here.

The site of MInvestment was offline for some time which gave it “not-paying” status on HYIPinvestment site. Now everything’s ok and I got paid some referral commission today. The great news for small investors who thought that 15$ minimum was too high you can now deposit starting from only 1$, it is part of their promotion which will last till September so don’t miss this opportunity to try out this program. If you want to know my opinion on why it is the right time now to join MInvestment you can read it here. Also I noticed that John from 9planetreviewsblog started promoting MInvestment too and he thinks just like me that it’s not too late to invest here after 2 months of program’s existence. Below is John’s opinion about MInvestment: “The first plan is very PrimeFund-like, in that they pretend to vary the interest rate between 1.4% and 1.7% daily. I say pretend because I don’t believe they really invest anywhere. But the graph sure looks nice to the naive. Now, since they have only been running (online) for just over two months now, I feel that this one has at least another 4 months to go. So… conceivably, if you’re smart about it, you could earn some money here. I’ve put in $200. I may put in more after a couple of weeks. As I said, this one should last another 4 months at least, so put your strategy together and play some e-gold“. After these words I really feel much more confident of this program and I really liked that my opinion on this program which I gave here was shared by many bloggers.

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