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Really strange update I saw today from Jamie, admin of PSTraffic: “I would like to bring up something important that Jake from ASA mentioned in his latest newscast regarding surf sites: PSTraffic is a “paid to surf/view” advertising program. Not an investment program. Members purchase advertising credits to use to advertise their websites which is the reason members do not earn credits for surfing. Although members can earn for viewing other members paid advertisments, earnings are not guaranteed. This has all been stated in the terms and faq’s but I just wanted to bring it up since watching ASA’s latest newscast reminded me of it. Most of July 19th payments has already been processed. I will take a quick break and finish up the last batch of payments before the day ends.”
I consider it as some kind of warning. Maybe the program has been reached its saturation point already and now on its way down? I think such statements are rather strange and may cause panic among investors. Of course everybody can read the FAQ and everybody knows that it’s pure game. Why remind then? I can see one more so called “honest” admin which warns members about the consequences of their actions. I’m in profit already and the program is still paying, but please take these words into consideration. I would be extremely careful now at least for several days and would not deposit too much. I think the end is near, I may be mistaken but from this statement above I can make only this conclusion. I suppose after all is done Jamie will tell to all of us: “I warned you but you didn’t listen to me and kept depositing… oops! purchased advertising!

Payment news. I’m getting paid as usual today from MInvestment, PSTraffic (2 times) and SwiftMoneySurf.

And finally I found a new program to deposit. It’s called KostaGroup. I’m going to write a review of it which will be ready in an hour. So get back soon!

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