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I joined new HYIP today – SupremaTradeFund. What is special about this HYIP you may ask me? Well, first and foremost I like their plans. They offer 2 plans: 12% for 10 days (5$ – 50$) and 13% for 10 days (51$ – 100$). So you will be in profit in just 8-9 days. I think it’s very reasonable amount of time for HYIP to survive. The other plans I would not invest in: 2% for 100 days (101$ – 10000$) and 2% for 110 days (more than 10000$). I think admin will use these 2% plans to pay out higher ROI payments. And 12%-13% daily plans has been created just for the purpose of attracting members to spend more and therefore to join 2% plan which I would not recommend to use. But you can still profit from the deposits less than 100$. I like the layout of the site of SupremaTradeFund, it’s very accurate, easy to navigate, simple but original at the same time. The admin is very active on MMG forum and bought recently monitoring services from many big sites. So the promotion is just in its early stages and the chances for profit are quite good in my opinion. As always, I offer 50% RCB for everybody who joined SupremaTradeFund under my link. Just remember to send me email to abramsonp@gmail.com after you made a deposit.

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