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Finally it happened. Charles from SurfMargin gave us a long-awaited update which I will copy here with my comments between of course.
Payments???? I’ve paid out over $10K this week but I’m still waiting for another $20k to come in. My partner is away in Arizona but will be back on Monday and he is the man responsible for chasing up the checks. So I’ll be able to give you more information on Monday“.
Yes, I can confirm that it’s true and many members seemed to receive their payments already though even more members are still waiting (including me). What I can’t understand is the order of payments: they are made without any system so somebody can get his payment on the same day he requested it, others have been waiting for a month and more to get theirs. This fact annoys me much. And notice that Charles hasn’t touched this matter at all in his latest update.
BY THE WAY! A member told me that someone has said that “Charles has sold the Surfmargin site and it’s not really him posting here!” What utter nonsense! Conspiracy theorist’s post your theories elsewhere and go chase flying saucers or something. I’ve not heard anything so ridiculous in a long time. Who else could string words together like I do lol“.
Oh, really? It must have been me who started the rumor lol. See my post here. Sorry if it was me… I didn’t mean to cause a panic. But what did you expect, Charles? You are keeping your members in the dark for the whole week, you don’t reply to support tickets, you just read the forum posts and leave the forum with strange remark “Actions speak louder than words!” This is very true, and all we need now is actions not words.
Be back on Monday with some good news I hope“.
Ok, I just hope you will not disappoint us again, Charles.
Oh I forgot about the deleting accounts issue! NO ONE will ever get deleted if they have a pending amount in their balance or have been active for a long period. Before deleting anyone’s account, like someone who has purchased upgrades and allowed their account to go inactive, I would send them an email asking if they want their account to be deleted. I would NEVER arbitrarily delete a members account UNLESS they had caused problems with adverting URL’s containing viruses or porn etc. Or that they had never purchased upgrades (in line with our TOS). So please don’t worry if you have an account waiting for cashout I will never delete you!“.
Thank you for that, Charles! I have to emphasize that I really want to see SurfMargin running in full swing again and I appreciate the efforts the admin put into making this come true. BUT I wonder why not explain what is going on, hide from members and don’t answer the tickets? It will surely not help if the program is back again soon. I really believe this will happen sooner or later, hopefully sooner.

Today I received my first payment from the HYIP I made a review on yesterday – SupremaTradeFund. I just wanted to emphasize that the process of making withdrawal is a little bit different here. First you need to go to “My Earnings” section then click the “Release” button. Only after that you will be able to withdraw your funds. Well, I got my payment within 30 minutes after requesting withdrawal. Unexpectedly I received positive feedback from admin of SupremaTradeFund on MMG forum. That’s what he posted there: “I have read your review about STF on your homepage and found it excellent! A very reasonable and frank suggestions from your side. I hope you will be able to update it from time to time. I recommend all our new members and readers of this thread to take a look at it before joining STF“. If you want to read my review of SupremaTradeFund here’s the link to follow.

I received my second payment and some referral commissions from KostaGroup today. Tomorrow is my last investment day here and I have already decided not to reinvest as this type of HYIPs is extremely risky in my opinion. If you are interested to read my overall opinion on KostaGroup follow this link.

I received another payment from PSTraffic today and here is the latest update from admin Jamie: “Great news!! STP will be added soon as a payment processor. Stay tuned for that. Also, the member’s area has been redesigned to help make it easier for members navigate their back office. Please feel free to get familiar with it. I can’t stop thanking everyone for their support. Over 8 months of dedication and hard work is finally paying off and PSTraffic is becoming one of the top advertising programs in this industry. Jamie Solomon“. Regarding promised interview there is no answer from admin of PSTraffic for a long time already. And I’m not interested in doing it already. I just think if you promise first to answer the questions then have a decency to fulfill what you had promised to do and don’t ignore the queries as Jamie did. I just don’t have the respect for such people as I never break my promises and always do what I promised to do. And I don’t think that promises are made to be broken. With this kind of attitude you can make your own conclusions about Jamie’s character. No comment!

Also I received another payment from SwiftMoneySurf. It’s still paying within terms but I made a decision not to reinvest here either. My main concern: admin is becoming less and less active. Probably he is too busy now but the fact that SwiftMoneySurf has reached number 1 at ASAmonitor doesn’t give him the right to relax. I think the members need more news regarding the latest development of the site.

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