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It seems that KostaGroup (the site which I made review of) is not paying anymore. Last payments have been made yesterday, so my prediction about it was true. It really existed more than a week – 9 days. I expected a week only as its 2 other plans were just ridiculous. You can read my review here but please don’t make any deposits as it’s a dead program already.

I delisted SurfMargin today and I must say it’s the greatest disappointment for me as I really considered this to be the next big hit. But Charles’ delay tactics and constant excuses just annoyed me and his silence on MMG forum is intolerable. Well, the site is still working but it’s as good as dead now without upgrades and cashouts being made.

Jamie, admin of PSTraffic suggested a new strategy in his email: “STRATEGY: We have reached a point where a strategy should be implemented to help member regain their capital back quickly at the same time help in the longevity of the program. The best strategy is to break up your upgraded into 10 separate upgrades. That way you can upgrade daily while withdrawing 100% of your earnings at the same time. For example: $1000 divided by 10 = $100 So you would upgrade daily with $100. Whatever amount you wish to spend just divide it by 10 and that’s what you would upgrade with daily. This strategy will get your initial capital back quickly at the same time helping the longevity of the program“. I have better strategy to follow and if you implement it you will be in profit with PSTraffic just after 16 days. You can read it here.

I saw a big banner of SupremaTradeFund today on bottom part of MMG forum. I think it’s a good sign of gradual development of the program. I have not received payment yet today but perhaps it’s because I requested it later than usual. So will wait and see till it comes!

I got paid today by PSTraffic, MInvestment and IncomeStorm today. IncomeStorm is a unique and innovative program and could be a big hit if managed properly. It will take too much time and space to tell you about it. So I’m doing a review of it right now and it will be published in a few hours. See you then!

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