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First I would like to mention that today is US Independence Day so let me congratulate all American citizens and wish them all the best.

After a short delay I received my first 50% withdrawal from MyGuardedReturns. The delay was caused by the reason the admin was away from his computer for a while and couldn’t make any payments. I hope to receive another 50% today. Good news for those of you who wanted to spend with e-bullion. From his site: “You can now send e-bullion directly to our e-bullion account. Please send only in USD Currency. After you have sent, please email us and we will add into your account manually”.
P.S. At the time I’m posting this I have already been paid the second payment and some referral commissions. I made my withdrawal after 17 days in the program so I earned 150% on my investment. I wish you all good luck if you want to try this one.

Another reassuring note from Charles regarding the future of SurfMargin. Hope this one is true and soon we will go on:
Cashouts are still going on as before until the pools are depleted (that includes Admin and Commission pools) All but two people have been refunded so now all the funds available will be set against CASHOUTS.
The situation with the partners is that we are negotiating. I had hoped that all this would have been completed at the meeting but over the last few days we’ve been in a question and answer mode together with some very astute bargaining.
Tonight I think we are there! I really hope so because this has been going on long enough for all of us and I detect some natural concern. I hope you will stick with us because we still need you all to make this program the best there ever was and is in the business. I should have some solid results for you all within the next 48 hours.
With regards to the emails….I am inundated with them and basically they are all saying the same thing… Give me my money now! Every penny (cent) that is available is being used to pay members out on a daily basis and surprisingly we are catching up little by little. When the partners money comes in we will be back up to speed and payouts will go back to normal. I am sorry that we haven’t got the partners investment money as yet, but this is after all, business and businessmen love to negotiate the terms if they think they are tilted too much one way or the other. My brief is to look after you lot! My members, which I assure you, I am doing my best!

I decided to take the risks and deposited in a very interesting autosurf PSTraffic. They pay you 13% for 10 days (130% total – 5% fee for all withdrawals). What I like in this program is its very modified 50/50 rule. I’m preraring an article about this autosurf now. You will find not only the detailed info about this program but also I will show you what strategy I’m going to implement to be in profit after only 17 days. So stay tuned and you will be able to read it tomorrow. For my most impatient readers here is the link to register: PSTraffic.

Also I received payments from RussoProject and PremiumProLtd. For those of you in MInvestment I remind you on Independence Day there will be no interest calculated. That’s all to report, see you tomorrow!

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