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I thought that Planet-Trust was a dead program but it appears it’s still alive. At least Jack continues to send messages to members apologizing for delays in relaunch of his program. Here’s the update:
I know everyone is waiting and biting their nails for the re-launch. I have to admit that for the past few weeks I have been very discouraged myself. I cannot help the fact that we have to rely on someone else to finish this operation for us. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place working by someone else’s schedule. This I cannot help. I know day by day we are losing momentum on the re-launch and this is important to have. The longer this takes, less and less people are willing to participate in the program. Believe me, from a surfer’s point of view I understand. I do not like the wait anymore than you do. We are making progress.
I know the updates are starting to get further apart. That is because there is nothing more to say that hasn’t already been said. I’m not going to ask for anyone’s patience or ask you to wait. I’m telling you that I know just as much as you do right now. I don’t like it myself. When the script is in place completely and the member base is transferred, we will be ready to rock
Anyway, I don’t expect to see much progress here. Even if the program is relaunched some day it will certainly not be very popular as it used to in the past. But everything will depend on Jack’s actions. So far I think he doesn’t want to reveal all the truth to members as why those delays have occurred.

Update from Jamie, admin of PSTraffic: “I’ve received a few questions regarding the cashout rules. Let me shed some light on this issue.
– Members DO NOT have to upgrade in order to cashout. ALL members can request 50% of their cash balance daily without having to upgrade a single cent. This option helps those members who do not have enough funds to re-upgrade.
– Members who upgrade with 50% of their cash balance first can request their entire earnings (100% of your cash balance). This option is for members who like to build up their accounts and earn faster.
Please don’t forget to allocate credits to your sites. Sites with ‘0’ credits will be removed.
Please don’t forget to VOTE and most important of all POST in forums

Update from PremiumProLtd, HYIP that pays you 6% daily for 25 days or 40% weekly for 4 weeks: “Today, premiumproltd (PPL) is nearly 14 days (two weeks) old. Over the past two weeks, more than 500 members from all around the world have joined us and most of them have deposited in PPL. In the meantime, under all your continuous supports and trusts, PPL has an exalting beginning and development.
We want to have a statement here that we have been keeping INSTANT-PAYMENT-SYSTEM in the past two weeks and we will have this feature in PPL all the time. Some new members still don’t know how to get earnings INSTANTLY due to our Two-Steps instant withdrawals system.
Please go to “Cashout History” area and click the “Process” button after requesting your earnings. Make sure, you have clicked the “Process” button. If not, your earnings will be pending and we have to process them manually.
Now, we have more than 500 members and, more and more new investors will join us day by day.
At the same time, we will receive many support tickets from our members, which includes account issues, compound questions, instant-pay problem, monitor service, etc. Our missionaries will check all the tickets carefully one by one and, we will reply the questions or advice as soon as we could. Please be patient with our replies.
Our Professional-Designed script and High-DDoS protection host with 256 Encryption-Bit SSL are doing a great job. So please don’t worry about the security of PPL.
Successful two weeks beginning will encourage us to manage PPL to be better and better. Please trust in us and our timely service.
If you have any good advice for us, please don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket

I received payments from PSTraffic, RussoProject and MInvestment today.

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