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Admin of PSTraffic implemented new cashout rules today. “Maximum daily withdrawal limit for the following payment processors: E-gold – $20, Alertpay and STP- $50, VGB- $10. Members who upgrade with at least 50% of their cash balance can withdraw 100% of their cash balance. Members who do not upgrade will fall within the daily withdrawal terms“. Actually it will affect members having big amounts in the program. Now they are forced to reupgrade at least 50% of their cashout requests in order to receive cashouts. So the 50/50 rule became more strict in my opinion. How can it help to prolong PSTraffic‘s life cycle? That’s what James answered for this: “The main purpose of the withrawal terms is it will help in building up the reserve funds“. But then another question follows: why does he need the reserve funds for? The answer is simple. The big players started to leave the program and admin, realising this, made the necessary improvement to save his program. It will surely prolong the program’s agony of death. But it’s only a matter of time now when PSTraffic collapses. There’s certainly no smoke without fire and big hit’n’runners felt it and made the unavoidable conclusion of leaving the program. Without the big hitters PSTraffic will be unsustainable and will not be able to pay huge 130% ROI for 10 days. In my opinion this program is highly unstable now, admin changes the rules almost every day and I can see the first signs of upcoming demise. Bear in mind that all written above is just a warning and not a statement because I think that with the right management PSTraffic has the chance to survive for much longer than we thought it would. Anyway it’s becoming very interesting to watch this game for survival!

I received payments today from IncomeStormMInvestment and eTradeClub, review of which I’m currently making.

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