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Today’s post I would name “The Falling of Giants” as two very popular programs seem to be ready to pull the plug very soon. I am in profit with them so it doesn’t bother me much but those members who continue to upgrade are at risk of losing their money in my opinion.

The first such program is PSTraffic. I warned you in my previous entries that admin was playing “survival game” but now it must be obvious to all members. To make long story short, starting today total ROA decreases to 120% instead of 130%. Admin explained in his update: “By popular decision by members: The majority of members also would like total ROA to be 120%“. It’s just another admin’s ploy: first pronounce the democracy, then make a poll and that’s it – 120% by popular demand. He only didn’t mention in his update that first he caused panic among members by implementing withdrawal’s limits and changing terms of the program every day. For example today he announced that “AP ad packs have really plummeted. Effective August 5th, there will be a $15 limit placed on AP withdrawals only whether members purchase ad packs or not. When I placed the same limit on E-gold withdrawals it really helped in building up E-gold reserves. In less than 1 week E-gold reserves started to increase. I am very confident that the same will happen with AP reserves. Alertpay users should continue to purchase ad packs with the same vigor as they have in the beginning of the program“. I’m not so sure of members’ confidence in PSTraffic as admin seems to be. It really makes no sense to put more money in now just to prolong its lifecycle. I will not put 50% back anymore until admin make this rule mandatory to receive the payments. And I can assume that it will be his next move. Surely 120% is a good percentage but only if it’s implemented right from the start of a program. Dropping the percentage is a big red flag for me and it’s not supportable under any circumstances. I see that possibly program’s funds are not so healthy but trying to reduce the percentage to 120% can kill the program. Just be careful!

The second program which may be done soon is SwiftMoneySurf. “Earnings Cash $4188.5444” – this astronomical amount I have found in my account today. But it’s just a mistake I suppose. What I don’t like is the fact that admin now has pretty good excuse to put tomorrow’s payments on hold. Perhaps it was his initial plan and this problem is just a make-believe excuse to feed members with. Anyway we will find it out tomorrow because Monday is a cashout day for SwiftMoneySurf. Another update from admin looks good so I will give it the benefit of the doubt till tomorrow. Below is this update: “We encountered another small problem I will fix this too. I just fixed the last one within a day I will fix this also please stop sending in tickets saying your account is way too high. I know and I am fixing them surf and continue as you normally do as I am fixing things“.

I received only one payment today – from IncomeStorm which is consistently growing with already more than 1200 members. The payments are going steadily and within few hours after request. I think IncomeStorm is still undervalued. That’s why I have sent several questions for admin today and hope he will answer them soon. I suppose 15 days of program’s life is a good term to strike a balance. If you want my opinion in general about this program you can read it here.

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