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I don’t like to cause panic but it seems that PSTraffic is a sinking ship now. August 5th payments are still awaited by some of the members and I just got another update: “Please stay tuned for an update coming soon“. I really don’t believe that it will be something encouraging. Jamie himself noticed earlier today: “Changes are necessary as programs progress. However, if members begin to panic instead of support a program as a team, then an admin can only do so much. Amidst all the changes that have happened, there are no delays in payments. I would really like to continue processing payments in a timely manner but I can only do that as long as ad packs are being purchased“. That’s very true! I think admin made the greatest mistake yesterday when he reduced ROA to 120%. After so many changes implemented for the last few days it was the last straw for many of us. I think it’s just time came to admit that another round is going to an end.

Another big program – SwiftMoneySurf – seems to be failing too. At least today’s payouts are on hold till admin have got an issue solved: “For those who have not, please read the previous news from the last few days. I am still trying to get the accounts back to normal. At times today your account may not be correct, you might not be able to surf at times either. Thank you for your patience in this matter“. My ads pack purchases still show zero but the balance is completely wrong so I cannot surf today. I hope it’s not just another trick from admin to delay payments. If it’s true I wish it to be done as soon as possible because “purchases have been disabled for now while accounts are corrected“. And if you know the rules of the game purchases are essential for the life of every ponzi site, let’s call things by their proper names.

Slow but steady recovery I noticed at SurfMargin. Charles has just issued another update literally several minutes ago. Here it is:
OK. The situation with SMSO refunds and e-gold is essentially the same. This week I’m expecting more cash from the partners which will be utilised for e-gold members and refunds.
I had to cash out as many STP members as I could first because they changed from e-gold and AlertPay on my suggestion and that process is ongoing. STP members if you have not been paid yet I’m getting to you please don’t worry.
I’m delighted to tell you that ad pack purchases are going well as we are seeing a significant upswing in the daily totals.
Tomorrow I believe we will see the first hike in the daily percentage for a long time. (6% or 7% I believe from today’s results) So if you’re thinking about it then today would be a good day to make a decision.
Please hold on E-gold members we’re getting there! AlertPay members, you really should consider changing it’s much safer.
Also I believe there may be a few members who think they have changed from AP or EG to STP but have not fixed their change properly in their personal page. Please check…when you log into your account page, click on the blue arrow next to your name line. That will take you to your personal page. Look at the drop down menu slot and see what it is saying! If it’s not showing SolidTrustPay (if you thought you had changed it) do it again and put your STP USER NAME on the line next to the box. Make sure you lock the information in correctly by using your Surfmargin password in that GROUP! Not at the bottom of the page which is for changing your password only.
This change will not be shown in your account page as it records historical upgrade information only but it will be shown in my admin pages so don’t worry. You can confirm your changes by going back into your personal page and checking to see if the information is still there as you typed it in and locked it. If it is, you’re done!

I think Charles is one of the few admins who always deliver what they promised be it sooner or later. That’s why I’m sure that SurfMargin will finally overcome. We will wait and see!

Payments have been made to my e-gold account today from PSTraffic, MInvestment and IncomeStorm.

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