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Below is the interview with admin of IncomeStorm which I promised to publish earlier. Please read and make your own conclusions.

“1) Please introduce yourself.

We are: Kenneth Dorgan (USA), Theresa Gemini (Canada), Rachel Halvorson (Canada)

2) How did you come up with your program?

We find the concept of SteadyDailyShares.Com great and after some consultations with Double.Com Limited, the script for IncomeStorm was licensed to us for 5 years.

3) What is so unique about your program? If I understand correctly it’s a mixture of HYIP, autosurf, MLM and advertising program? Tell us about it.

The self sustaining nature of the program is very appealing. HYIP programs, autosurf programs, and MLM programs all fold up after a short time. But the script for IncomeStorm uses some complex algorithm/procedures to fluctuate payment based on the money available at computation, everyday. This flexibility allows the program to re-generate itself whereby, the program can keep running.

4) Are you satisfied with members’ support so far? Do you think the program made success after first two weeks online?

Absolutely. It is just two weeks and we already have 1303 members as at the time of this interview. We keep receiving lots of praises from members daily for a well thought-out script. Everyone will achieve their desired monthly income target with this script.

5) I’m satisfied that you process withdrawals very quickly but I have one concern. After 15 days online in your section “Join Gifting” written “This is coming up very soon”. Can you tell us why there’s a delay with implementing this feature and what does “Join Gifting” mean? Also “E-books” button doesn’t contain any books available for download. Will you update it soon?

“Join Gifting” will be added soon. This is a program within a program making IncomeStorm an Application. We are at the moment carrying out different tests. We do not want to mention when it will be integrated, but very soon. The e-books will also be added soon.

6) As far as I know you generate income not only from incoming funds. What other revenue streams do you have?

Our sources of income funds will also soon include sales of e-books, “Join Gifting”. Sales of advertisement packages is one major source of income too. Shares is another, and so forth.

7) Do you like the review of IncomeStorm written on my blog (read it here)?

The review looks sincere and informative.

8 ) What would you say to potential investors which are sitting on the fence?

Potential investors should know that first of and foremost, they will achieve their monthly income. IncomeStorm is self-sustaining, reliable and consistent program.

9) What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future are to keep adding more improvements and to expand.

Thank you for taking your time and I wish your program success”.

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