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Breaking news! The game is over for PSTraffic. And it happened even earlier than I expected. When I tried to withdraw today I got this message: “Due to the decrease in ad pack purchases by E-gold and Alertpay users. Cash outs for E-gold and Alertpay will be disabled until the new site is ready“. Yes, Jamie promised to open new site for those using e-gold and AP but you still can cashout to STP and VGB payment processors. I don’t know how it will help to increase upgrades but I’m not interested in playing these games now. I will be very surprised if it doesn’t fail for the next few days completely. Especially if you consider admin’s stupidity who posted (I don’t know deliberately or not) at ASA forum the following: “I’m going to post the current stats of PSTraffic just so members know exactly what’s been paid out. Total Upgrades: 206,498 Payouts made: 201,552.65. As you can all see, payouts have come very close to total upgrades“. After these words only the insane would upgrade more in this sinking ship. Anyway I’m in a very good profit with PSTraffic and I was enjoying the ride till it lasted but it’s time to say good-bye and delist it today.

Also I cannot see any progress with fixing accounts’ mess in SwiftMoneySurf. It looks now as good as dead with upgrades disabled so I consider SwiftMoneySurf as problematic site and have to delist it too, at least temporarily. But I promise I will monitor it closely and will report if something good happens. By the way, I’m also in profit here.

I have not been paid yet in SurfMargin but today’s ROI of 11% instead of 5% shows that everybody is very positive about the future of this program and yesterday there were many upgrades made. So if you are considering upgrading here it’s time to do it today (SurfMargin server time), then surf and get your 11% + bonus. As for me, I had a very big temptation to reupgrade but I just can’t step over my rule not to reupgrade until I receive my payout. I really hope to get paid soon to e-gold and participate again.

I received payments today from PSTraffic (for yesterday’s cashout request), eTradeClub (read my review here), MInvestment (still going well) and IncomeStorm (read my recent interview with admin here).

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