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Regarding SwiftMoneySurf‘s progress: “Purchase history now appears to be correct. I’ll explain this next step so you understand why this might take a little while. With each day you surf you earn an amount for each of the ten plans in the multi plan. With 100dollars you would earn for 10dollars in each plan. Each is earning a different amount. Some of you will notice your account is already correct because I manually added them. That took 20 hours to do only 50 accounts. That is too long. I am having a programmer try to write a script which can calculate each for each day based on the number of days you surfed and amount you have. I will continue manually adding it up for each person until the script is finished. Once finished it will be just the click of a button and all will be corrected. The cashout fix script is almost done too. Things are looking good thank you for waiting and we are making more progress. Once everything is done I will make cashouts for everyone you won’t have to request it. We will make the cashouts and pay them and that should restore faith for any doubts because of the problems and after all payouts are made we will relaunch as if we are a brand new site again. I will keep posting updates as things progress“. I see that admin is working hard now. But what bothers me most he has an intention to relaunch of SwiftMoneySurf. I don’t know what this means and will I ever join this new site again. Probably I will question him again making the second part of my interview (read the first part here).

Very important update regarding cashouts in PSTraffic has been made today: “Cashouts are now open! Withdrawal fees and withdrawal limits have been waived. Please make sure to purchase ad packs worth at least 65% of your withdrawal request amount FIRST before requesting for withdrawal. After this weekend, members will be able to request once a week, every Friday. The programmer will install the 65/35 cashout feature for Sunday, August 12th and future cashout requests. After Sunday, cashouts requests will be enabled every Friday, server time, to be paid out no later than Monday. That should give me time to get ready for next week“. It seems I was wrong about Jamie, he’s not giving up and take proactive actions to ensure his program’s stability again. I like such type of admins that’s why I will continue to support him. I estimate that 65/35 rule and cashouts being made weekly could prolong the life of PSTraffic for a month at least.

That’s why I encourage you to register on PSAdvertising website. The model of fluctuating 1%-8% ROA till you reach 120% seems to be very achievable and sustainable for the site and knowing the reputation of such a shrewd admin as Jamie is (online since January 2007) I think PSAdvertising will be online for a long time. Here’s the latest update: “Since PSTraffic cashouts have been enabled some members have asked me not to transfer their PST account to PSA. I will temporarily STOP transferring PST accounts to PSA. Members who still would like their PST accounts transferred to PSA please go ahead and send an email to with your PST id/ PSA id before launch, hopefully by next week as early as Wednesday“. So I will wait patiently for the next Wednesday when the new Jamie’s site PSAdvertising will allegedly start working and I wish him success in launching this new site.

I received payments today from PSTraffic, eTradeClub, MInvestment and IncomeStorm. Sorry for my late entry and I’ll see you soon!

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