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Bad news for e-gold members upgraded in SurfMargin: the payments are delayed again. The details from Charles are below:
Well Friday has come and gone for this week and I’ve not heard anything from Ray who told me that additional funds would be in by the end of the week. I’m so sorry to disappoint all the e-gold members. I’ll call him today Saturday 11th and ask him when we can expect the e-gold funds.
I came through with STP and I’ll come through with e-gold, but the cheque chasing is out of my hands guys I’m sorry. I’ll do my best today to encourage Ray to get moving as fast as he can on this e-gold issue.
So once again I ask for your patience and I promise that as soon as those funds hit the account they will be transferred to e-gold ASAP and payments to e-gold members will commence.
By the way Ray, if you are reading this (he does read this occasionally in between his hundreds of other tasks) It’s about time you registered with MMG and started posting on this site. Some of the members think you are a figment of my imagination
The payments to STP continue without delays so I still consider SurfMargin as paying program and don’t think that Ray is just a figment of Charles’ imagination. I just hope Charles will solve the problem with e-gold funds soon.

PSTraffic from now on is officially 120% surfing site with 65/35 rule implemented. It means that in order to receive your cashout you should first upgrade not less that 65% of your cashout request. I have already surfed, upgraded 65% and requested the withdrawal today. It’s not clear yet but Jamie will probably allow the members to cashout three times a week: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Stay tuned for more updates but I think PSTraffic is going in the right direction to survive.

I received another payment from eTradeClub today. Pay attention to this site as it can be the next big thing. Read my review of this HYIP here. Also I received payment from IncomeStorm, within few hours after request as always.

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