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Ok, guys! Another week has passed away. And I decided to do weekly updates in the beginning of the week for the previous week. But if I have money-making opportunities which in my opinion are worth your attention I will update my blog more frequently.

The previous week was very good for me mainly because I have some funds in e-gold and as you know gold is still growing on world markets and so is my money on e-gold account. For the last week I heard of no issues related with blocking e-gold accounts so probably and hopefully the e-gold will revive soon.

Today I got my second withdrawal from SurfMax12 and it seems that the program is in a very good condition. Here’s the latest update from admin: “Last week we broke the $10,000 barrier. This week I believe we will at least break the $15,000 barrier or even creep up on the $20,000 barrier. The current stats are: Total Upgrades: $13,275 Cash in today $25 Cash in yesterday $3120. All payments will be processed no later than Wednesday, server time“. I upgraded more and will patiently wait for my next cashout next Monday though I’m already in profit.

SurfMax12 is 12% for 12 days classic model autosurf and was promoted by Jamie from PSTraffic which is also going quite well and continues to pay. It seems that Jamie created a very stable system of two sites – PSTraffic and PSAdvertising – and hopefully they will run for a very long time. Not sure why he decided to increase the amount for maximum upgrade in PSTraffic from 300$ to 1000$ but probably it’s not a bad sign. At least PSTraffic survived everything and still alive unlike many other surf sites.

IncomeStorm and MInvestment are also paying sites and the best performers from my HYIP portfolio. Well, actually IncomeStorm is not really a HYIP because to earn daily income of 4.5-5.5% fluctuating for 30 days you should browse 5 websites by clicking on their banners. Very similar to autosurf model I must say.
A wonderful opportunity that shouldn't been missed!
Not very good news came from eTradeClub. It’s offline since last Sunday though paid stably before that. Admin claims it’s under heavy DDOS attack but promises to solve this issue soon: “We just got update from Data Center. Due to the last heavy DDOS attacks, our server have a great loss in packets/connectivity. The reason we are having issues connecting to the server is because it is probably busy scanning/ddossing the free world. The Data Center is continuously receiving notifications about scanning other network’s servers/devices. Our server managers are coordinating with the DDOS Protection Company to resolve the connectivity issue“. As of the moment of writing it the site is still offline. So we will wait and see but in my opinion to give up now would be the stupid thing because eTradeClub just started to gain popularity having invested big money in advertising. So my conclusion: it still has a lot of potential IF it manages to survive of course.

I have some e-bullion accumulated on my account from eTradeClub payments which has recently dropped e-gold. That’s why I started to research the web looking for the next possible hit in the industry which accepts e-bullion. And it seems I found it. This program is called RedKeyUnion. I will say from the beginning that it is not promoted program yet but has a lot of potential and it accepts only e-Bullion and LibertyReserve. So if you have some e-Bullion or LibertyReserve you can deposit (though I would not like to use this new PP – LibertyReserve – because of the uncertainty of the company who is behind this). It pays you 10% daily until you reach 130% but there’s a twist: if you upgrade 10% of your deposit your account will be awarded by 15% daily instead of 10%. All details are on the site so you’re welcome to check it out. And if this program is paying I will try to find out more about it and make a review, deal?

That’s it for today. I hope the month of September will be profitable for all of us. I feel it will be anyway. See you soon. And one more thing: don’t forget that I still offer you 50% ref comm. back for every program which you join using my referral link.

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