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Hi, guys! It seems that Dave was right in the interview about the fact that the surfing plan for SurfProfitPro is not finalized yet. Today he suggested three options that can change the plan.
a) Implement a 50/50? Meaning you have to purchase at least half of your withdrawal amount before the system allows your withdrawal to go through. For example, you bought $100 worth of ad packs,… after 10 days, your earned a rebate of $140 provided you surfed everyday,… you can only withdraw that amount if you purchase $70 worth of ad packs again. or
b) Change rate from ‘14% daily for 10 days’ to ‘10% daily for 14 days’?
Remember, stability is the key on both of these options. Let no one tell you otherwise.
OR c) Leave it as it is and see what happens next

So if you like one of the above-mentioned options you as a member of SurfProfitPro have the right to vote on MMG forum in this thread. I would prefer of course the option “c” because it will provide me with a bigger and faster profit but if I considered the terms of stability and longevity I would go with option “b”. I have never been a supporter for the 50/50 rule because it’s very deceptive and makes you a slave for the program you are in. You just can’t leave it whenever you want without being penalized and I think it’s not the right approach. I hope Dave will eventually make the appropriate decision that will be wise and help SurfProfitPro last longer and be more stable in the long haul.

Other news for today.

I don’t know what’s exactly happening with PimpMyBucks. Yesterday the payouts were slightly delayed but today it seems only e-bullion payouts have been processed so far. Some people reported waiting for more than 2 days LR pendings. I don’t know what exactly prevents PimpMyBucks from paying LibertyReserve withdrawals (I am also waiting for over 48 hours). I hope it’s just temporary problem that will be solved soon. I also got paid last night to STP and AlertPay, so I can’t say that they don’t pay at all. But something is surely happening behind the scenes and Chris is nowhere to be found to calm down the investors. Anyway, I hope that PimpMyBucks will pay every withdrawal request and will become stronger than before. It would really be a shame if such a successful program would have to end earlier than we thought.

Another once popular HYIP called BlessingGlobeFund is still in limbo. There are still many members who haven’t received their payments, next daily ROI is scheduled to Feb. 3 instead of previous date Feb. 1 and now this sudden change of plans to 150% after 15 days about which Adiz just announced in his update:
Please accept my apology for the anxiety, frustration and inconvenience that you are experiencing due to the delayed processing of pending payouts. Payments will be cleared and updated within these 2 days.
I have taken into consideration the suggestions by some members to revise BGF plan and hence I am very please to inform members that it will come into effect when accounts are once reopened.
In the revised plan members will be receiving 150% after 15 days. Gotenks, our programmer, will be updating the site with the new plans as well as the banners today.
Nothing is more important than regaining your confidence and hope you will give BGF the opportunity to have your continuing support and patience to get through this stressful and unfortunate turn of event
My personal opinion: Adiz should think more about payouts rather than changing plans. I doubt very much that there will be many investors in the next couple of days. I also think it’s wrong to accept deposits and not to credit members’ accounts, moreover not pay all the pendings first. I consider the current Blessing GlobeFund position as very shaky and unstable and at the moment would not recommend making any deposits in this program.

The admin of PSTraffic Jamie said today that the long-awaited launch of the renewed PSAdvertising is delaying: “I was targeting PSA to launch on Feb. 1st, however since it’s close to the weekend I decided it would be better to launch on Monday Feb. 4th. I’m sure members will be happy with the new model. I will send out a mass email to announce the official launch. The data base has been retained so if you have an existing account you can still log in without having to register again“. This will be great and possible high-ROI surf so don’t miss it. I will report when it’s launched. Another update from Jamie today was a reminder for all the PSTraffic members to remember that in order to get paid they must have to renew their membership level BEFORE it expires and always have an active ad pack level based on their membership level. “Failure to maintain your membership level and active adpack level will result in your account reverting to FREE STATUS which will result in you not earning and losing your membership level“. So don’t forget the rules and ensure you strictly follow them!

Today two programs I’m in suddenly dropped e-gold because of the continuous attempts to block their account from e-gold site without any reason. Here’s the update from Jeff, the admin of QXLsurf regarding this: “e-gold just blocked another of our accounts, and we sent in notarized documents last August. They hit AttractiveAds about 8 hours ago as well. Guess they’re to busy keeping the scammers up and running to worry about leaving paying programs alone. I know I’m being sarcastic, but damn it, how convenient for them, on the 1st of the month when a number of programs have funds in place for payouts.
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY under no circumstances will payouts by e-gold continue. Course you will have a number of processors to receive to. No way e-gold is going to shut us down. All e-gold purchases presently credited are fine, all will be paid out

And this is Larry’s update about the same problem: “Once again, our E-Gold account has been blocked with no reason. So I guess this is time for those of you who use E-Gold to move to other processors. I will pay every E-Gold pending to LibertyReserve. You need to add your LR ID via ‘Change My Password’ link in member home. If you don’t have LR account, you can create it from this link“. I support this decision and hope AttractiveAds will not become less attractive for investors because of this issue. By the way I want to remind you that today you should request your cashout in AttractiveAds if you haven’t done it yet.

The members of SurfMargin are still waiting for their cashouts but at least for now they don’t have to be uninformed as now they have Cliff, the admin of MultiStreamOnline forum who always tries to give us the latest update. Here’s the important update regarding the cashouts: “We are simply waiting for the money to clear STP and we aren’t able to accelerate that process any more than you could give your bank a huge check and tell them you want it cleared tomorrow. I have talked to one of the partners today and it was expected to be cleared by now. I will hear more tonight and add more to this, but in the meantime, it is out of our hands. Two things to note at the moment: 1) Pending cashouts are completely unaffected by the new % fees. We created them to apply after these cashouts are caught up on only and we are mentioning them now to be upfront with everyone. It is in the spirit of being open and transparent. 2) We are going to ensure the payout delay issues related to the pay processor (as it has happened here) do NOT happen again. I will release the news about that very soon – likely within a week – as of now it is still being worked on. Basically, now that the delay is not our doing, we are taking steps to have more control by the next payout cycle and, in the process, reduce the 7-business day wait. Be assured I will diligently report on anything I hear“. Cliff seems to me a smart and straight-forward guy who certainly will improve the communication with the members. I hope I will have a chance to interview him soon so we will know what this guy is and what is happening now in SurfMargin. The plans for the further development of the program are really impressive. That’s what I managed to find out from Cliff himself: “We are going to do a conference on March 1st in San Diego where we will have several announcements for the future which have to do with: 1) The new store will be up and running and I am putting together some promotional tools for the member base to be educated on how to best market these new products, 2) We will have a new partnership with a large network by March or so that will bring new opportunities with it, 3) The payouts will be caught up and everything will be moving smoothly“. I hope we will finally have the leader of the industry soon and I hope that this leader will be SurfMargin. Charles really deserves his program to be on top. And if the payouts are processed it will be the best evidence that SurfMargin is not a ponzi-game like many other surfing sites but have some sufficient funds to sustain payouts.

Finally, the last news I’m going to report today is about GreenLinkAds. Yes, I finally received my pending cashout to STP today. But it’s not the best part. GreenLinkAds changed the extension from .com to .net and became a program with 3 plans:
1) 8% for 15 days (120% withdrawal after expiry, surfing required)
2) 4.5% for 30 days (135% withdrawal after expiry, surfing required)
3) 3.5% for 40 days (140% withdrawal after expiry, NO surfing required).
The maximum upgrade allowed is $500 and if you upgrade the maximum amount till Feb. 3 you will receive 5% as a bonus that will be credited directly to your account. My opinion: GreenLinkAds has evolved to a long-term and more stable program and I would certainly recommend you to try it. As for me, I’m going to upgrade tomorrow in all three plans. This is the latest update from Bayu, the admin of GreenLinkAds about the renewed program:
Today GreenLinkAds is open and ready to accepted upgrade from members. And the upgrade at GreenLinkAds.com will be closed, all members at .com still continue their upgrades until all upgrades expired. GreenLinkAds has 3 plans, you all can see it directly at the site.
Why I open new site?? Some members already asked me about that.
Here is my answer. The reason I opened new domain is the script, while I tried to upgrade .com script with this new one. I don’t want to messed with the database that already running at .com, so I open new domain and all members I added manually to .net, with all the referrals. Members can login with their email and password from .com. Try to take a look at the new .net. For celebration with this new GLA and as a celebration for GLA that already running for 3 months. And as my birthday too.
All members with upgrade at $500 will have 5% as bonus and will be added directly to member’s earning. (the bonus is not an active upgrade)
And I will add members’ banners in my rotator and PTC area with unlimited impressions
I have sent a request to Bayu asking for a new interview and hope he will agree to conduct it soon.

Ok, that’s all for today. It was quite a long post but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. See you tomorrow as always!

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