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Hi, guys! Since there is not much news happening today I decided to publish an interview with Bayu, the admin of GreenLinkAds. Actually, it’s my second interview with him. The reason to make it is that he recently launched a completely remodeled program with different plans and even the site hosted on a different extension. So instead of the previous plan of 8% for 15 days the renewed GreenLinkAds offers you three plans with automatic withdrawals after expiry and cashouts being processed within 5 working days: (1) 6% x 20 Days (120%, Surf Plan) with $5 minimum and $500 maximum upgrade; (2) 4.5% x 30 Days (135%, Surf Plan) with $5 minimum and $500 maximum upgrade; (3) 3.5% x 40 Days (140%, No Surf Plan) with $10 minimum and $1,000 maximum upgrade. I already have two active upgrades in two surf plans but if you manage to upgrade before the 11th of February you will not pay 3% upgrade fee which is usually paid with all the upgrades. Bayu waived it temporarily to celebrate the Chinese New Year so use this opportunity while you can. All I can say about Bayu that he is an honest and committed admin that has been running GreenLinkAds from October, 2007. I wish him all the best with his new program and suggest you to read the following interview. Hope you will be enjoying it.

1. Hi, Bayu! It’s my second interview with you since you launched renewed GreenLinkAds. And the first question is: what was the main purpose of creating another site and closing the old one?

I had to, because I want to upgrade the script to a better script free of bugs, and why I installed the script at new domain? This just for avoiding messed database if I installed at the same domain, don’t want to get members worried about database errors that we would not know when we upgraded the script.

2. How many members are in GreenLinkAds now and what is the percentage of active members?

Here are the statistics until 5th February for the GreenLinkAds:
Total Members: 247
Upgraded Members: 42
Total Deposits: $1840
Total Withdraw: $0

3. Why did you decide to change your plans? Do you think it will add the stability to GreenLinkAds in the long term?

Yes Paul…I made the changes to make GreenLinkAds more stable and more solid for the future, hope members notice these changes and enjoy staying with GreenLinkAds.

4. Aren’t you afraid that people would rather upgrade in higher ROI programs? In other words, what do you think about your competitors?

Hmm….this crossed my mind before I changed the plan. But this is for the future, a better program that is seen to be stable and can provide reasonable ROA, not just give away high ROA but just come and go. I think GreenLinkAds members will notice this and will agree with me about this plan.

5. What differentiates GreenLinkAds from other similar programs? What would you tell the people who’s watching your program but holding back the upgrades?

As it is the same with other programs I think there is not much difference but I can say that GreenLinkAds is different from others by itself. For members I am not afraid that they will hold back the upgrades, because in my opinion AS LONG AS MEMBERS ENJOY AND ARE SATISFIED AT GREENLINKADS THEY WILL UPGRADE.

6. What other income streams do you have for your program? Can you please elaborate what you meant by saying on the main page of GLA: “All the money deposited in us will be invested not just in online activities but in offline activities too and profits from these investments are shared with Members and reinvested in stable long term investments, to guarantee our program’s stability for the long time“? What exactly activities do you mean?

Yes, as our last interview Paul, I put members money at 2 offline activities which are commodity trading and invested at some stores. And for online activity I just put 20% from investment. So I think all activities I do will sustain the program for long term as I planned it since I opened GreenLinkAds for the first time at 29th October 2007.

7. Tell us about the promo offer you’re offering now. What other specials do you plan to have in the future?

I give promo for upgrade members with minimum upgrade $500, I will
give them bonus earning 5% (not an active upgrade), and for admins from other sites I will put their banners at my rotator and my PTC area for free. In future I will always waive the fee for upgrading on Friday, Saturday and Monday. And for other events I will plan other promos too. Hope with this promo I made and I will make will bring more members and attract free members to participate in GreenLinkAds.

Thank you for the interview, Bayu. Hope your program will last long and wish you and your members a lot of success.

Thanks to you too Paul, It is my HONOR to be interviewed by you Paul. Hope we will build this empire together.”

I can only add that GreenLinkAds just started its online journey in the new incarnation and it means that there’s a big chance to be in profit from this program. I know that the admin is honest and committed and always delivers what he promises. What can be more important for the success of any online program?

But not everybody is honest in this industry. The story with the recently demised BlessingGlobeFund really makes me laugh. The admin Adiz is using scamming tactics and lying about everything but it all comes in such an amateur style that it baffles me that the man was capable of running a program at all. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I will reveal many interesting facts about this man that ran a program that turned to be a joke in the end. See you tomorrow, guys!

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