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Well, it happened again and it happened very fast. I’m talking about the next batch of payouts in SurfProfitPro and BusinessProfitPro that have been processed already. This week Dave outdid himself and processed all the payouts extremely fast. I hope it will attract more new and active members that SurfProfitPro needs. Meanwhile, another great feature on the site that you can utilize is the exchange that you can make automatically from your account balance through the member’s area. For example, if you deposited via LibertyReserve and would like to receive your funds back to SolidTrustPay all you have to do is click on “Exchanger” link and exchange your e-currency with 7% fee. The same way you can exchange your SolidTrustPay balance to LibertyReserve balance and in that case you will also pay 7% fee. I think it will be extremely convenient for those who would like to exchange their e-currencies and to earn some money at the same time. Dave and Gotenks are very innovative as usual.

Not only is Dave a good administrator and understands what investors want but in addition he helps them fight scammers. If you still remember the scammer Adiz better known by his nickname “comeandlove” and his infamous site BlessingGlobeFund you probably know that he opened his site again but not to make any refunds as you might think but to suck in more money from unsuspecting investors. I found his behavior intolerable so I wrote to Dave, the admin of SurfProfitPro with the request to freeze his funds in both SPP and BPP until he refunds his members. This is what Dave replied to me: “Thanks for bringing this to my attention. With the way he’s handling things right now, I will freeze both his accounts on SPP and BPP. On SPP, he actually has only $5 now as his $50 deposit before has matured and been paid already. Now, he is earning off referral commissions. Until I hear from him again and he has a valid explanation, then his account is frozen“. I appreciate Dave’s help and would like to thank him for his input in our battle with scammers. Hopefully this will make “comeandlove” refund faster if he ever had such an intention of course! For those who think that the scammers cannot be defeated you’re mistaken. If we (the investors) can unite our efforts I think we can stand against dishonesty of these people. To the scammers: beware of our anger because we could make your life much more difficult and expose you to the whole world that I will continue to do with the help of my blog and the people who care about my fight, like Dave from SurfProfitPro.

Other news for today.

It seems that JRProfit is under serious DDOS-attack which their hosting provider can’t mitigate, so they are now in the process of searching for a new better hosting. One of the admins, Raz wrote in this post on MMG forum: “Right now we are looking for another host who can manage such big attacks better than this one and if the problem will not be solved soon we will move the site (any suggestions for such hosts please let us know). Our current host also has DDOS protection but from what they are saying this attack is bigger than what they can handle“. I wonder who ordered the unleashing of this severe DDOS-attack on JRProfit. But whoever it is knows that the program can grow into a big HYIP because honest admins are the most valuable asset we (the investors) have. To escape from fair competition using this DDOS-attack they are only showing that once back JRProfit will become stronger than before. I have no doubt about it and I believe the admins will find the appropriate solution as soon as possible. Like Jodi said: “We are not sitting on our thumbs hoping the attack will stop. We are working on finding the best solution to get the site up fast and to secure our site against further attacks! We do not want to go through this again“. I completely support JRprofit and wish them a speedy recovery!

I also hope JRProfit will not go by the way of AttractiveAds and will strengthen their anti-DDOS protection or change their hosting provider as soon as possible. By the way it seems that Larry, the admin of AttractiveAds made the right conclusion from his previous failure and is going to come up with a new better program soon. This is what he said: “It is closed temporary, will relaunch with different ROA. I cannot give a time frame for this now, but I know what I have to do. When we relaunch all should be with reasonable ROA and better hosting“. I will watch how the things are going and will join the new program as soon as it is launched. Of course I will give this info on my blog and you will be the first to know so stay tuned for this.

Today a program I almost forgot about (MultiStreamOnline) reminded me that it still exists by sending me this email:
“I apologize for the scare you might have sustained while MSO was down. We only moved to a new ISP to consolidate all our sites in one administration area.
There are a few changes to MSO.
1. All reference to surfing is or is currently being removed.
2. The new address to find the site is http://multistreamonline.com
3. The new address for the Store is: http://multistreamonline.com/store You will notice more changes every day now as we can proceed faster towards our objectives which include placing our company well within the advertising industry and removing ourselves from the surfing industry.
An update will be available before Friday with regards to SM and SMSO cashouts”.
Maybe that’s what we call the light at the end of the tunnel? I’m glad that I was so patient about these programs that are still listed on my monitoring page under “waiting” status. I hope more info regarding the future of SurfMargin and MultiStreamOnline will be available soon. Let’s cross our fingers.

Some update on the payouts I have got today: Tramael (paid me again and instantly), Fund4Future (surprisingly paying for more than 2 weeks already, never expected it from the site with 18% for 7 days ROI), UltimateHYIP (paying daily like clockwork) and Finansert (paid me again but I noticed that their daily ROI doesn’t exceed 1.2% for the last couple of days, hope it’s not a bad sign).

That’s all the news for today but tomorrow I’m going to present you with a new low ROI program I joined recently that in my opinion could become the next MInvestment or OpenTrade for the year of 2008. Stay tuned and see you tomorrow!

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