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Today I found another surfing program that could potentially become a big hit very soon. It’s called AdProsperity and it’s an absolutely new surfing program that just launched yesterday. It’s a 10% for 13 days autosurf (similar to MoneyTrip) that accepts LibertyReserve and SolidTrustPay. Here I shall try to explain why I am choosing this program from many others and why it will become big in my opinion.

1. Unlike MoneyTrip that pays you 10% for 13 days upon expiry AdProsperity allows you to request your cashout twice a week. In addition you chose two days between Monday and Sunday when you want to get paid so you can request a cashout in any given day.

2. The maximum amount of purchases should be not more than $500 for one member. This measure will prevent hit-n-runners from destroying the program prematurely.

3. The minimum to upgrade is $1 only and that will allow small investors to test the program first before reupgrading with more money. By the way, the maximum amount of upgrades is 4 and you will get 10 advertising credits for every $1 unit purchased.

4. AdProsperity accepts two of the most commonly used e-currencies at the moment: LibertyReserve (will be good for smaller investors) and SolidTrustPay (suits you if you’re a big investor). For example, SurfProfitPro used the same currencies and was one of the most popular autosurfs so far.

5. AdProsperity uses BlackLotus anti-DDOS protection that has a reputation as a secure and reliable hosting provider so we should expect less downtime in case some dishonest competitors want to take the program down.

6. Admin is very proactive on forums and provides prompt answers to support tickets not to mention fast cashouts. Maybe that’s why the membership already reached 80 for 1 day only and still growing at a fast pace. By the way, the admin of AdProsperity agreed to answer some questions for an interview which you should expect to be published on my blog by tomorrow.

Also I just wanted to bring AdProsperity to your attention today because if you join and make an upgrade on Saturday or Sunday server time you will be able to request your cashout this week and get paid your 10% or 20% very soon. By the way, I just signed-up, deposited and surfed 15 required sites. Then requested my cashout and am now waiting. According to FAQ all the cashouts will be processed in 12-48 hours so I will let you know tomorrow when I receive my first payment.

I’m sure AdProsperity will be here for a long time as I’ve seen admin’s careful preparation for the launch and I consider him to be an honest and straightforward guy wanting to run a successful program. Anyway, I hope we will find out more info about him tomorrow in my upcoming interview.

Other news for today.

The hottest autosurf now MoneyTrip is still strong and paying. And today the admin David issued another update and asked the members to share suggestions that could make MoneyTrip program more attractive to investors: “Just wanted to say a few words to you, I don’t have any news to tell you today, our business are going better than planned, the bets are doing fine and the website is growing and running smoothly. Also, I would like to ask you to e-mail suggestions for the program as we are looking forward to a perfect program, so please let us know your ideas, what could make MoneyTrip even better. That is it for today, just wanted to tell you that everything is running perfectly fine“. By the way, if you don’t have money to upgrade but still want to participate and promote MoneyTrip at the same time here’s the perfect oppurtunity for you to earn a little extra on the side: “To celebrate MoneyTrip‘s success, we are going to increase the P2P rate to $1.80 CPM for the next five days. So, bring in as much traffic as you can, as you’re getting paid 80% extra on that, plus your referral commissions, don’t miss it!” So join MoneyTrip, promote, have some fun and make some money! What can be simpler? And if you want to learn more please read my interview with David here.

I must say that I’m completely satisfied with Dave’s decision to open the cashout button in SurfProfitPro today: “I will start fulfilling the pendings from last week first. Tomorrow’s cashouts will be open and I will start payments early. All I ask is that if you got paid please post online so that others may know“. In my opinion it was the best option to continue payments as soon as possible and I’m going to support Dave by reupgrading tomorrow and I encourage you to do the same. I have a feeling that it’s only the beginning of a long journey SurfProfitPro is going to undertake. So please post and vote after you receive your payment. I’m off to do it now as I was just paid! By the way, BusinessProfitPro is also doing great and I got paid yesterday and today. 2% for 70 days from a reliable admin – it’s worth trying.

What can I say about PSAdvertising and PSTraffic what I haven’t said before? Both Jamie’s programs are doing extremely well and I’m already starting to get used to his speedy payments. For example, even though I didn’t expect my payout from PSTraffic so soon today (it is Saturday, after all) but I received it only few hours after my upgrade had expired. So I couldn’t manage to reupgrade because I had already surfed for today. Anyway, I will do it tomorrow. Also I got paid from PSAdvertising and it seems it’s also doing quite well. I don’t expect anything less from Jamie who is quite experienced when it comes to running stable autosurf programs for a long time. To find out more please refer to my reviews of his programs here and here.

Another quite stable autosurf program that is one of my favorites is Tramael. Nein paid me last night very fast that made me reupgrade again today with an even bigger amount than usual. If you want to know why I’m so excited about Tramael please take your time to read the interview with Nein here.

And finally the latest news regarding the now very popular AcmosTrade: “Our dedicated server is being upgraded to obtain a higher level of security. The website might not work within the next 12 hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you“. Well, the matter of security was always one of the most important to me and I think AcmosTrade is the best choice now when it comes to low ROI programs. The website is unavailable today but you still can read my interview with the admin of this program here.

That’s all for today. It was a very profitable day for me and hopefully for you too. As for the horrible news I was about to report today: well, nothing really happened and my anxiety was groundless as I found no evidence whatsoever to what I was going to report. Anyway, see you tomorrow with the promised interview with the admin of AdProsperity. And if you want to be the first to know and enjoy reading my blog I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS-feed or even better make an email subscription. Then you will receive daily emails with updates from my blog and will not have to check it out daily. Thank you for being with me and see you tomorrow!

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