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Hi, guys! Today as promised I’m going to publish the interview with the admin of BetHYIP – the new HYIP I joined yesterday. I already received my first payment today and hopefully BetHYIP will be here for a long time. But remember that even if it’s true and the admin actually makes some money on match fixing (read my review of the program here) it doesn’t mean that the program is absolutely safe to invest in and the admin admitted as much. So as always just play with the money you can afford to lose. In my opinion, 10% for 15 days is quite a high ROI and with some good management BetHYIP can become bigger and stronger very soon.

1. Hi! Please introduce yourself to my readers. Do you have any previous experience in running an HYIP or other sites?

Hello. Call me Snaik. This is my first experience running a fund management program.

2. How did you come up with the idea of creating your own HYI program? What are you trying to achieve in this industry?

The first and the main reason is to give people the ability to earn money. The second is to increase my active capital in betting. My task is to make a stable business and partnership between me and the investor.

3. Please tell us about your betting activities. Is there really such a thing as “match fixing” occurring? Do you have some real proof that you’re really betting with the investors’ money? Will you be able to provide this info to us?

Of course there is. I have a few informers from sport clubs who send me information about matches. Match fixing is risky and there were few incidents when I’ve lost money, but on the next game got it back. Information is private and I think you understand why.

4. Will you be able to still pay to your investors if the deposits are decreasing?

We will pay everytime till the last withdrawal request. It is our most important rule.

5. You claimed on BetHYIP main page that your site is DDOS-protected. Can you elaborate on this please? Can you guarantee that there will be no DDOS-attacks on your site that are quite common nowadays?

I can not guarantee that there will be no attacks but protection against it is given by my hosting provider. In the future we will make it more and more strong.

6. What payment processors do you accept and do you plan to expand this list in the near future? Are deposits and withdrawals automatic?

We accept e-gold, Liberty Reserve, Pecunix and V-money. These processors are the most suitable for making online projects because it is easy to manage them. Deposits of course are automatic but sometimes I should add it manually (due to script errors). Withdrawals are manual because the most important thing is to protect investor’s money.

7. Are you satisfied with the current level of members’ support that you received for the first 10 days of BetHYIP‘s existence? Do you plan to start a mass advertising campaign soon to get more exposure for your website and more investors?

Yes I am. Members supported me strongly and I appreciate that. We have already started some advertising campaigns and our site has become well known.

8. What plans do you have for the near future? Do you plan to stay online for a long time?

The main goal is to gather popularity and become well known. We are planning to stay here till last investor’s withdrawal request.

9. What differentiates BetHYIP from similar online programs that also claim to have some outside income but scam very soon?

All of the programs should have good management. It is detrimental to any business if the director is an amateur.

10. What is your opinion about my blog and what would you like to say to all the investors that are reading this interview right now to encourage them to try your program?

Your blog is nice. Articles are quiet interesting. Continue in this direction!
For investors I would say we live in a world where we take risks every day. Our life contains many choices. One or the other. If you want to bet cleverly try BetHyip.

As you can see the admin of BetHYIP couldn’t disclose where he’s getting the info for his betting activities. But I can understand his position because match fixing is not legal and if he really bets on these games he would risk his activities if he made it public. Again, there was no real evidence presented so you should judge for yourself about it. I risked my money and we will see what will happen from it. As for now the program is paying daily very fast and I would consider it a good pick if you have some spare money to play with. See you tomorrow!

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