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Hi, guys! MoneyTrip is demonstrating a phenomenal rate of growth.Yesterday its Alexa Traffic Rank reached 27,763 therefore it’s undoubtedly the fastest growing autosurf now. 36 days online and almost 1,200 members – it’s worth my appreciation. The admin mentioned in his latest newsletter: “We are the top growing website around, and it will be like that for a long time, because of you. Our website has reached awesome levels in a very short period of time!

The admin of MoneyTrip David is doing a great job be it advertising and promotion of his program, fast support and payouts or his betting activities from where he provides the profit for his website and for the members. The recent developments on the MoneyTrip website include: the creation of its own forum (already launched), blog and the second e-book which David is writing right now and that will be issued next week. If you’re interested in reading the first e-book by David please click here and if you want to know more about this program please refer to my interview with him here.

SurfLibertAd is also showing good progress and growing steadily every day. After only six weeks it reached 888 members and I think the main factor that determines such growth are daily cashouts which of course many members like. Despite that SurfLibertAd is an autosurf program 10% for 13 days with daily payouts is very tempting for many of us. The admin Robert also claims to have some outside income for his program and to find out more please refer to my interview with him here.

My favorite HYIP with daily instant payouts is YourProfitHere. 25% for 5 days and new Waylex SSL-secured script attracted more that 500 members after one week online. It is really an impressive formula for the program’s success. You can see that the admin Marc (read the interview with him here) added another useful feature to the main page. It’s a link called “Payments” where you can see the last 10 payments in real time. I think YourProfitHere can last for a long time but it really depends on the admin when he wants to stop the game. That’s why I advise you to only invest money that you can afford to lose.

AdProsperity suffered some kind of DDOS-attack today and this is from the email the admin sent to his members about it: “We are just back online and we have reply from our hosting provider. Now everything will continue in normal, soon we will contact with our hosting provider and some others to check for upgrade of our protection.” I really hope that DDOS-attacks will not continue and I’m sure the admin of AdProsperity Daniel will manage them properly. I also wanted to mention that the payments were not affected by this attack and I received my payment last night too. Read the interview with Daniel here.

I didn’t know what happened to BetHYIP today as the site was not accessible for several hours but then the admin sent out a mass email and everything became clear. It appeared that their hosting provider was changing server today that’s why the site was offline. Many members started to panic already while the admin was oflline but now all the payments have been processed. The admin of BetHYIP explained that changing servers was necessary because their hosting plan changed as they chose a more powerful server to operate. In my opinion, it’s a very good decision that indicates that BetHYIP is here for a long time. If you can’t access the site yet just wait till DNS is fully propagated and then you will be able to request your payout. I remind that BetHYIP has 10% for 15 days main plan and the admin gave me an interview recently that can be read here.

Good news for the members of Invest4Games. The site seems to be completely back on track and now is located on another domain. The payments have been processed according to the votes on forums and monitors.There was an automatic redeposit made for me last night as I don’t have enough funds to withdraw according to 50/50 rule and split deposits. I still think that Invest4Games is unstable however, and would not recommend depositing there. But we will see in a few days if the program manages to survive this blow that was very hurtful for sure.

I found another possibly good program that is launched only 3 days ago and based on the same script as Invest4Games and am preparing a review of it which will be published on my blog tomorrow. But even now you can take a look at EmmaInvest website and decide for yourself what investment plan you like more: 112% after 4 days, 125% after 5 days or 138% after 6 days (I deposited in 6 days plan). That’s it! The details about EmmaInvest can be read soon on my blog but even now I can say that the program has a good chance to become as popular as Invest4Games.

Just for your info I’m glad to report that I also got paid from PSAdvertising, PSTraffic and UltimateHYIP. And almost forgot to say thanks to everybody who sent me their suggestions regarding my newsletter for the members of “Money-News Club” and encourage you to subscribe to this weekly e-zine. I’m sure you will not be sorry as I’m going to make it as good as I can. Thank you for your attention and see you tomorrow!

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