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Hi, guys! After the demise of MoneyTrip I consider SurfLibertAd as the new leader in the autosurfing industry. It has successfully replaced the failed surf sites and is surely the best 130% site now. Moreover, despite the fast growth of the last number of weeks the admin still manages to process DAILY cashouts with the fastest speed possible. But are there any more advantages to becoming a SurfLibertad member beside 10% for 13 days plan with daily cashouts?

The answer is definitely yes. The admin of SurfLibertAd is not only running a successful autosurf site but he also has some business which soon he hopes will be able to back up all the profit payments from SurfLibertAd site. More details about his outside sources of income can be read in my interview with Robert here.

But there’s more to that. Robert confessed to me in a private conversation that he is currently looking into the idea of developing his own small pawning business which would possibly become an additional income for SurfLibertAd in the near future. Partially because of that Robert is thinking of limiting the number of cashouts to 3 per week but it will not happen until the middle of April as the new business opportunity is still tentative and he doesn’t know for sure if it will really come to fruition soon.

You know that after 47 days online SurfLibertAd is the biggest autosurf with about 1050 accounts and almost a quarter of a million dollars in upgrades. It keeps growing at a steady pace mostly because of the members spreading the word about this wonderful opportunity to make some money. The admin clearly realizes the current state of things and knows how important it is for a program to demonstrate stable growth. This is what he told me recently about the promotional strategy he’s going to use to encourage member’s participation in April:

As you know, our referral contest is about to end this end of March, and I would launch another referral contest which should run for the whole month or April, and prizes would be a bit bigger than the current ones to excite everyone. I know there is huge room for growth this time around after the demise of some sites. I will think of more promotions as we move along, right now that is the one in my mind.

I surely hope that SurfLibertAd will not disappoint us as MoneyTrip and AdProsperity did recently. And I’m sure that the admin Robert will do his best to achieve the goals he set for his site as he’s a hard working and sincere person. He seems to me to be a very serious man in all things he’s doing especially when it comes to “bricks and mortar” kind of business and I wish him and his ventures the very best success. I hope this will bring luck to us all, the investors of SurfLibertAd and we will all be able to enjoy some profits from Robert’s program for a long time to come.

Other news for today.

Someone asked me last night if the admin of EmmaInvestand Invest4Games is actually the same person. I don’t have an answer for this but even if it’s the same admin I would be glad to participate in his/her new program. As you know Invest4Games lasted for 6 weeks and I’m only sorry that I joined too late. So even if it’s the same admin (which I have serious doubts about) I expect EmmaInvest to run for at least a month which is a very good term to make profit from three plans available (138% after 6 days, 125% after 5 days and 112% after 4 days). To read my interview with the admin Emma please click here.

The admin of BetHYIP decided to remove their test plan of 105% after 1 day. He reminded us that the initial purpose of this plan was to give investors a chance to test the program with a small amount but since now BetHYIP is 24 days online and more stable and attractive to the investors he didn’t see any benefit in this plan anymore. So now there are only two plans available in BetHYIP: 10% for 15 days (the main plan with $5 minimum) and 160% after 15 days (the minimum for this plan is $50). My first cycle was over today as I earned my 150% and I just redeposited. I think the admin Snaik is doing a great job and you can read my interview with him here.

YourProfitHere is still paying very fast but I recently noticed that its Alexa ranking is declining. So I think you should be cautious from now on and don’t put in any money you can’t afford to lose. Of course there is slight possibility that YourProfitHere has some outside income streams that can sustain more payouts daily but the chance is really weak. I’m playing with profits now and already got profit from two full 5 day cycles. The interview with the admin Marc can be read on my blog here.

Strangely MoneyTrip admin David appeared on the MMG forum after three days of complete silence and of course we shouldn’t have expected to hear good things from him. Well, it didn’t happen! Obviously the project is dead (though Orinto states the opposite) and I don’t believe all those hacking stories. I don’t know any refunds will follow but meanwhile please DON’T upgrade in MoneyTrip as the upgrade button is not disabled yet. Also there are many questions still left unanswered and I can’t answer them either. And the main question is: why didn’t David come to the forums and tell us anything for three long days after his last email? There is one opinion (which I find very believable) that David just couldn’t withdraw any money from his STP account and that’s why he returned for more. As you know the withdrawing process from STP takes time and since some members made complaints to Stella, David’s account was frozen with all his funds in it. I encourage you not to halt your attempts to get your money back via AlertPay and SolidTrustPay as I put my trust in David after his long period of silence. I repeat that there is too much uncertainty around MoneyTrip right now and I will keep you updated through my blog regularly. One thing I know for sure: despite all David’s words that the project is not closed MoneyTrip is as good as dead now and it will surely not be able to continue after all these strange events happened recently.

Finally, I’d like to tell you my opinion about P2P (Path2Prosperity) and especially 14DH (14days-hits-surf). There were many questions coming to me from investors that were curious to know more about these programs. So this is my official reply to them: I will NOT promote either P2P or 14DH. I know that they are hot now and have many investors but their main disadvantage is they are too old (and in my opinion have a good chance to collapse pretty soon). Moreover you should also remember that they are being promoted strongly by well-known scammer Kent Black who owns MyCashForum and stands behind 24SurfMonitor (food for thought, eh?). In my opinion it’s much better to choose SurfLibertAd that is only 47 days old now and has more than 1,000 members than to follow the scammer’s choice.

See you tomorrow with more news and updates! Thank you for reading my blog and my thoughts about the industry and don’t forget to become a subscriber if you haven’t done so yet.

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