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Hi, my dear readers! Here is the interview with the admin of Point4Invest that is 2 days online only but already my choice for “pick of the week”. Why do I think Point4Invest is worth your attention? Well, you can find that out in my review of the program that you are able to read here. The other details will be mentioned by the admin himself in the following interview. Enjoy!

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us what experience you have (if any) in running your online projects. How did you come up with your own HYIP project?

Well. My name is Paul Jones. Special thanks to all members of the Point4Invest. I have good experience in programming, protection and administration of online projects. I opened the Point4Invest as a shared point of investments. Your Support Point.

2. I noticed that Point4Invest is based on X-HYIP script. There was a lot of speculation connected with the programs that were operating on this script. Many investors believe that they are actually from the same admin. The last event was when you were banned from MM forum without any reason beig offered. Can you comment on this?

So many peoples and so many opinions or speculation. Everyone can buy script, everyone can open own project. Regarding MMG, I think you need to ask them first, but I’m sure, they start to ban Admins as earlier E-gold started blocking HYIP accounts. This is my opinion only. Maybe I’m mistaken, I hope, but I can’t see other reasons. Clear IP, 1 post and as a result – ban. No multiple ID’s, sure.

3. Why have you chosen X-HYIP for your site and BlackLotus hosting as your provider? Do you think this will help Point4Invest run for a long time?

If you wish to build a fully transparent site, then use the X-HYIP script. The BlackLotus (BLCC) is a good hosting for HYIP projects. Reasonable prices, good responsive support, fast servers, upgrades, domain registration etc. Yes, I plan to work for a long time.

4. What investment plans does Point4Invest offer for its investors? What bonuses and referral commission do you have on your site?

112% after 4 days
120% after 5 days + 1% temporal bonus
126% after 6 days + 2% constant bonus =128% after 6 days
RC (1 level): 3%
Withdrawal: manual, after expiration, 1 payout request per 24 hours
Withdrawal processing: within 12 hours after request

5. What e-currencies do you accept in Point4Invest? Why is the maximum deposit in all the plans only $50? Do you plan to increase the maximum deposit in the near future?

E-currencies: E-gold, LibertyReserve, V-money. To prevent the “hit-n-runner” (“hit-n-hunter”) activity and protect loyal and honest members and of course Point4Invest site at all, I set limits for maximum amounts of deposits. No changes will be in the future.

6. What promotional strategy are you using to make Point4Invest known to your potential investors? Are you satisfied with the program’s growth so far?

I advertise on public forums, banners, monitors, PTR sites, PTC sites, autosurf sites, PTP sites, safe lists, blogs, third party promoters etc. Yes, I’m satisfied with members’ support, but I plan more.

7. How much time do you plan to stay online and what are your plans for the near future?

I’ll do my best as I can as an admin to keep Point4Invest for a long time. I have one plan in mind – everyday advertising.

8. What differentiates Point4Invest from similar online programs based on X-HYIP script in your opinion?

Good question. More reliable plans and the stabilization rules (1 payout per 24 hours, $50 maximum for deposit), I think.

9. What would you like to say to all the investors that are reading this interview right now to encourage them to try your program?

I would like to thank you for your time and attention and welcome to the Point4Invest site. Your Support Point.

10. What is your opinion about my blog?

Nice place for advertising, nice place for investors. Keep it up. Good luck, Paul.”

I would like to thank Paul for his time and the interview and wish him the very success with his program Point4Invest. I’m sure this program will be here for a long time and let us all make some good profit from it. Tomorrow read an interview with the support staff of a new payment processor AlterGold – it will be interesting and informative for sure. Stay tuned!

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