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Hi! Today I would like to bring your attention to one of my favorite low-ROI programs that has already been paying me for more than 2 months. It’s called UltimateHYIP and offers you three different plans: 1.3% for 90 days, 1.5% for 150 days and 1.7% for 180 days. The plans are really different from other HYIPs and don’t work the way you might think. To find out more please refer to my review of the program here. By the way, as far as I know the admin Chris still offer $1 in deposits just for joining his program. He’s a really hard-working admin that knows what to do with funds to multiply them. You can send him any question about the investments he’s making or just refer to my interview with him here. I’m sure UltimateHYIP will be here for a long time and can highly recommend it to you if you are serious about your investments.
By the way, UltimateHYIP had some difficulties last night with LibertyReserve payments but the admin fixed everything and I received my payments today. The update I received was the following:
I’d just like to inform you that we cannot process LibertyReserve withdrawals at the moment. Both automatic (SCI) payments as manual transfers are producing the following message from LibertyReserve: “Transfer Failed Unexpected error. Please make a note of this situation and contact support for more information. Thank you for your help. We have contacted LibertyReserve’s support and hope to hear from them soon. I will try to process the payments as soon as this issue is resolved. All other withdrawal requests have been processed. With best regards, Chris, Admin“.

If you are a member of Point4Invest (my best performer now) then you should know that from now on the admin Paul will pay you $0.10 for every post after you get paid on three main money-making forums: MMG, TG and DTM. You will be paid directly to your e-currency account after emailing the admin and notifying him about your posts. I think this is a good oppurtunity both for better promotion of Point4Invest and for the members who will get the opportunity to be paid an additional $0.30 after all payment from Point4Invest. I remind you that to know more about Point4Invest (112% after 4 days, 121% after 5 days, 128% after 6 days) you can refer to my interview with the admin Paul here.

You should also keep an eye on Tradelite – the new program with medium-term plans (118% after 20 days, 147% after 40 days, 194% after 60 days). The review of this program you can read on my blog here. And though I haven’t been paid yet Tradelite looks really promising to me. At least they spent a lot of money on the design of the website and a unique and secure investment platform. Soon you will be able to read the interview with the admin of Tradelite as today I received a reply from their support: “Thank you for your interview questions and your interest in Tradelite Finance Corp. Your message has been forwarded to our Project Coordinator.” As soon as I get a reply from their Project Coordinator I will publish the interview.

Just FYI: I have been paid today from AcmosTrade (read the interview here), OG Fund (read the interview here) and SafeAtom (read my review here). I hope you will consider investing in low-ROI programs too as sometimes it can be a very lucrative experience. The admin of EmmaInvest issued more refunds today and I hope soon more members not in profit will get paid.

As you may know I was in search of a program that is not very profitable but honest and not a complete ponzi. Well, I found one autosurf called Lay4You, the admin of which claims to back his plans with a real betting business run by a team of professional gamblers. So far Lay4You program is only two days online and accepts all major e-currencies. The rates are not very lucrative but today a new plan of 8% for 15 days with payouts upon expiry was added. The plan is only for testing purposes and maybe withdrawn at any time (the maximum to upgrade there is $100 with $10 minimum). Definitely Lay4You is aimed for the long run and if it’s backed by real betting it may run successfully for a long time. Anyway, I’m preparing a review of Lay4You and hopefully tomorrow you will be able to read it on my blog. So stay tuned!

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