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Today another program based on X-HYIP script has been launched. LRStream offers you three investment plans: 105% after 1 day, 110% after 2 days and 120% after 3 days. As you might hve figured out from the name, it only accepts LibertyReserve.

All the LRStream features are common to many HYIPs based on this script and possibly came from the same organization (the one to compare it with is Point4Invest). So their common features are:

1) BlackLotus protected hosting. It’s a very important factor that allows LRStream to perform flawlessly for a long time protecting them from harmful downtime and DDoS-attacks.

2) SSL-encrypted connection protects members’ data from stealing, hacking and other malicious attacks.

3) X-HYIP script that is secured and licensed and allows stable and consistent operating of the LRStream program.

4) Payouts are processed within 12 hours after the request and there are no payouts on Sundays.

There are also some differences between them, amongst which I would like to emphasize:

1) The plans are VERY short term: only after 1-3 days you can make 5%-20% profit. It’s surely more risk but considering that LRStream is only 1 day online I would go with it.

2) Only LibertyReserve is accepted as a payment processor in LRStream. Of course this factor will cut off many investors that prefer e-gold. But at the same time it will make the admin’s work easier as it will surely lighten his workload as all e-gold deposits should have been added manually in X-HYIP script.

3) The minimum deposit is $5 and the maximum is $100. You can make up to 10 deposits so the maximum allowed for 1 member is $1,000 with maximum of 3 withdrawal requests allowed daily. It will go someway towards protecting LRStream from hit-n-runners and allow it to run longer.

4) A very short cycle of 1-3 days will surely make the lifespan of LRStream even shorter and I would expect 2-3 weeks duration maximum.

Bottom line: even with a shorter lifespan LRStream has a very good opportunity to become one of the hottest short-term programs. With so many scams online all programs based on X-HYIP script were always different by allowing the members to play the game for some time and make some good profit when playing smart. Just don’t try to put too much there and treat LRStream as a game. Then your profit is almost guaranteed as in my opinion, there is a bigger chance to make profit in honest games than in dishonest HYIPs. That’s why I made LRStream my next “Pick of the week” while the previous program (iNC) is temporarily offline.

Other news for today.

Last night it was extremely hard for me to connect with iNetCapital website and make a withdrawal. After many attempts I was able to do this but today iNetCapital site was inaccessible for the whole day. I contacted Stephen immediately and almost instantly got this message from him:
Here is the situation of what’s going on. I have been on Live Chat along with my staff throughout the day. We are reachable via that method when we are not away from our desks. Anyways just to let you know the host is saying that our Apache Server is getting too many connections. For this reason they have to contact cpanel support to see what this issue is. Again I want to clarify a point I saw you made in one of your earlier posts about iNC: we are not hosted on BLCC. As far as I have heard that company is great with hosting and DDoS protection. I will consider moving the site over to them in the next 48 hours if this issue is not resolved. In the mean time I am still here & I’m not going anywhere. Please post this update as many places as you can. I cannot send out an update to members via email because we cannot access the site just like everyone else nor can I process payouts since the withdrawal list queue is unreachable. Again I apologize for this inconvenience and I will keep you personally updated on the next procedures as we move forward. Thank you for your understanding.
So all we have to do is wait and hope that Stephen will resolve this issue soon. It was really my mistake that I mentioned in my review that iNetCapital was hosted on BlackLotus. It appears they only registered their domain with them. I really hope that for the sake of the stable future of the program without downtime Stephen will make a decision to get hosting with BLCC DDoS protection. I will update you here about the current situation so stay tuned and don’t worry as it’s too soon to draw any conclusions. Considering the fact that iNetCapital had similar problems before and got over them without any significant losses we can hope that this time will be no exception either. Anyway, I had to put iNetCapital to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page but as soon as it gets back online I will gladly put it back to “Paying” status.

Unfortunately I had to downgrade FastProfitNetwork to “Waiting” status as it’s unclear to me why the admin had multiple accounts on MMG forum and had been banned for this. His program was also put to the “Closed” section. There are also suspicions that he used to open other one-day programs to pay to the members of FastProfitNetwork. Of course, I can change my mind if I hear some logical points from the admin regarding this. But until then it’s NOT recommended to make upgrades in FastProfitNetwork. I have sent an email to John and I will update you if I have a reply from him.

The good news came from OG Fund today. The site returned online after more than two days of continuous DDoS-attacks. Here’s the update from the admin regarding this:
For the past 48 hours we have been under a series of colossal DDoS attacks, which caused the complete downtime of our website. We are now happy to inform you that we have solved these issues and will continue to work in order to prevent such inconvenience from happening ever again. We are also keen on developing new security features and pushing the safety level of our website even further.
The next monthly newsletter was published on OG Fund today that informed the investors how well the program performed in April:
“Over the past few weeks we have also adopted new strategies to stabilize the daily yield percentages for our investors. OG Fund has succeeded in presenting investors with stabilized yields during the 15th, 16th and 17th of April (1.53%, 1.46% and 1.34% respectively), leading OG Fund experts to the conclusion that April will most likely surpass March in terms of profit gain results. During this month the highest daily yield was accumulated on the 3rd of April (1.81%) and the lowest was achieved on the 7th of April (0.56%), indicating the lowering fluctuation rate for daily profits.
OG Fund – an online investment platform designed for carrying out swift investments on a daily basis. OG Fund offers a distinct absolute return driven performance fund that offers an always positive return on a daily basis.

OG Fund is a really stable program that has been paying me for about two months. The rates are not so high and paid only on weekdays but the stability matters much in this case and that’s why I chose OG Fund. For further details please refer to my interview with the admin of OG Fund David Sansom that is published here.

Other payments were received today from SafeAtom, AcmosTrade, UltimateHYIP and Point4Invest. So these programs are still performing well in my charts.

That is all the news for today. I hope you enjoyed the interview with DTM forum admin from my last post. I will publish more interesting interviews soon so stay tuned. Of course, I will also publish daily news and you can be sure you will always be on the money with my blog. See you tomorrow, guys!

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