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For the first three days online LRStream has already became a very popular program with many new investors joining LRStream daily. Maybe it’s because of the fact that the program is based on X-HYIP script that seems to be very popular among online investors. Maybe it’s because of the extremely attractive plans (105% after 1 day, 110% after 2 days, 120% after 3 days). Maybe it’s because of an extensive advertising campaign on monitors and forums that was just started. Anyway, LRStream has a bright future ahead though you should remember that it’s just an HYIP game and play it accordingly. But the chance to be in profit is much more than average in my opinion especially if you join it now when LRStream is very new. Below is the interview with Rick, the admin of LRStream. Enjoy!

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and tell us if you have any experience in running HYIP programs or doing any online work.

Good day. My name is Rick. Yes, I have experience in running online programs. Special thanks to all members for their choice.

2. Why did you choose X-HYIP script for LRStream program? Is it secured and licensed? What custom features does it provide to investors compared to other scripts?

It’s because of easy installation, extended administrative tools. Yes, it’s secured and licensed. The main feature: everyone can see full detailed statistics online.

3. The programs that are based on X-HYIP script are famous for their longevity and stability and as a rule last for several weeks. How much time do you plan to stay online provided you have investors’ support?

I’ll be honest. In the HYIP world, no 100% guarantees, but I guarantee qualitative service for every member. I guarantee to stay online as much as I can, I guarantee qualitative promotion for LRStream project, I guarantee payments on time for everyone.

4. Please tell us about your investment plans. Why does one of your plans say “120% after 3 days” while on your banners it says “115 for 3 days”?

105% after 1 day
110% after 2 days
120% after 3 days
Referral Commissions: 3%
Banners will be re-designed soon.

5. Why did LRStream accept only LibertyReserve as a payment processor? Do you have plans to add more payment processors in the future?

It’s because LibertyReserve is a HYIP friendly payment system without any restrictions. No, I will accept LibertyReserve only.

6. Is LRStream website fully protected from DDoS attacks that occur quite often even with good programs nowadays? What provider do you use and why did you choose it for your program?

Sure, DDoS protection by BLCC. You can check it by clicking on verification seal.

7. What promotional strategy will you use to make LRStream known to your potential investors? How many new members joined your program during the first days?

Promotion on: MMG, TG and DTM forums, of course, on popular monitors, on PTR, PTC and PTP sites and on blogs. We have 120 new members within 3 days.

8. What differentiates LRStream from similar short term programs and what makes it unique?

I think it’s payouts on time for any amount, qualitative support. Unique? Everyone can see full detailed statistics online.

9. What would you like to say to all the investors that are reading this interview right now to encourage them to try your program?

I’ll be honest. Don’t invest more then you afford to lose. This is the simple golden rule, because there are no 100% guarantees in the HYIP world.

I will receive my first payment from LRStream on Monday but I can see already many posts on monitors from the members that have been paid already. I would advise you to go with 3 days plan as it’s the most profitable one and the chance to be in profit from LRStream is very high now. As usual I’ll see you tomorrow on my blog! Thanks for your attention!

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