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July is here and we have passed the first half of the year 2008. There were many programs that came with supposedly good intentions and went into the abyss of unknown. Very few of them can say about themselves that they died with honor. And among the programs that are still struggling for survival I can name 12Daily.Pro whose admin was recently banned from MMG forum without any explanation from the staff. So another admin came there (or maybe Brian himself?) and introduced himself as Anthony: “Brian got banned from MMG for unknown reason so I will be handling the support here from now on. My name is Anthony and I am his partner.”

Well, it’s a really strange situation in my opinion and it’s not the first time MMG staff have acted like they can do as they please including breaking their own rules. Also some members from the Round 1 got impatient and asked for refunds and asked why Round 2 would be different. Here’s Brian’s answer:
We can’t share the details of our business with you. We can only tell that we already profit from the recent changes in our strategy and hope it remains that way.
We understand that everyone wants to get the refund here and now, but unfortunately this is impossible as we don’t have the money to refund you all at once. Please be patient and wait for your turn. Thank you.

My upgrade in 12Daily.Pro has expired today but I’m still waiting for my cashout. Taking into consideration the fact that usually the payouts were processed really fast I’m putting 12Daily.Pro to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page. Of course, I can get my payment anytime but until then I prefer to downgrade the program’s status. I don’t know if Round 2 will be successful but all I know it’s impossible without making refunds of at least 50% to all the members not in profit. If you remember recently the admin of 12Daily.Pro blackmailed BLCC hosting and therefore drew a lot of criticism on himself. But he also he gave me some interestnig material to write the article about BlackLotus that you can read here if you’re curious.

By the way, the admin of BLCC hosting agreed to answer some questions for my interview to clear things up and I really hope he will be honest. There is a list of unsatisfied customers which is growing after somebody opened the topic on TG forum. I had some info from a reliable source that AlterGold experienced enormous DDoS attack until they changed their hosting from BLCC to more reliable hosting provider. Moreover, after AlterGold switched to another hosting provider BLCC started suspending their servers and afterward blocked their SCI connection to the new server. So as you can see there are many questions which arose regarding their service. But I always try to be unbiased so I decided to give the admin of BLCC the oppurtunity to answer all these questions and concerns. I believe this to be the only way to find the truth and I really hope Jeffrey will be honest with my readers. Anyway, only you will be the judge of that so stay tuned for the upcoming interview with one of the biggest and most popular hosting providers for HYIPs and autosurfs – BLCC Gold.

More news for today.

Last night Cedric, the admin of LibertyInsider announced that their famous CPM system that allowed the investors to earn $1 for each 1,000 unique visitors for the website would be temporarily taken down for maintenance and no traffic would be counted:
I have a few notes for you today, first of all, the CPM system will be taken down in 24 hours from now for maintenance, so, do not send traffic for some time because it won’t be counted.
We have already received over 1.5 million hits with the CPM system, and now we need to do some maintenance because there are some overloads happening.
We are changing servers, and once everything is set to go, we will e-mail you telling to start sending hundreds of thousands of visitors again, and getting paid for it.
We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. The program is going very well, investments have never been better, and the program keeps growing, a big thank you to the ones who are helping us on that. More brand new and unique features are coming soon on LibertyInsider.

I would like to add that the result of this promotion was astonishing. Yesterday LibertyInsider site reached 40,790 in Alexa rankings and continues to grow having reached about 500 users that deposited over $5,000 for the first three weeks of the program’s existence. Not every website can cope with such a flood of traffic so it’s no wonder that LibertyInsider decided to change servers before the growth would be too big. In my opinion it’s a sign of professionalism and you can make sure of it yourself by reading my interview with the admin of LibertyInsider published here. You can actually decide in which of the four plans you would like to deposit in LibertyInsider: Surf (10% for 12 days with daily payouts) or No-Surf (three plans: 5% for 28 days, 200% after 55 days or 1%-8% daily assigned at random until you reach 150% on your deposit).

SourceLinkAds is the newest autosurf program on my list and it’s doing great. The growth continues and after only 7 days online it has about 140 members and already paid out about $1,000. In my honest opinion we are witnessing the next big autosurf and those who join earlier will get the most out of it in terms of profit. There are only two plans available in SourceLinkAds: 13% for 9 days with daily payouts and 144% after 18 days with payouts on expiry. The interview with the admin of SourceLinkAds Robert Hobson will be published very soon on my blog but meanwhile you can read my review of the program published here.

Surf-Redefined reached 700 members today after only 7 weeks online. The admin urges everybody to vote on forums and monitors after one receives his/her daily payment. I guess it’s every member’s duty to vote if he wants any program to be successful and provide it with the further growth. Surf-Redefined is an autosurf site that pays 9% for 14 days with daily payouts. The program seems to be very hot now and you can see the details by reading my interview with the admin of Surf-Redefined John Keller that was published here.

I’d like to report my payments today as well. So I was paid from SafeAtom, Surf-Redefined, SourceLinkAds, LargeSum, EliteMoney, AgriFund, Tradelite, LibertyInsider and ProfitsAddict. See you tomorrow on my blog!

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