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It was quite a busy day for me as I have a lot of updates to publish. Well, mostly the news is good so I’m writing it in a good frame of mind. For example, Tradelite continues to amaze me with great new features being added on a regular basis. After the addition of AlterGold and PerfectMoney to the list of their accepted payment processors Tradelite decided to give investors the opportunity to diversify their currencies portfolio. So from now on you can deposit not only with US Dollars but also with Euros (it applies only to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney). Now when choosing your investment contract in Tradelite you are given an option to deposit via LibertyReserve USD, LibertyReserve EUR, AlterGold USD, PerfectMoney USD and PerfectMoney EUR. The reason for this was explained in the recent newsletter to members:
You now have to possibility to participate in our investment contracts using Euro (EUR) currency. The US dollar has fallen in value by 44 percent against the Euro over the past seven years. The continued weakness of the US currency and several requests from European members of our platform lead to the introduction of Euro currency on Tradelite Online Investment Platform.
Tradelite Finance Corp.
This update was given by the Tradelite project coordinator Martin Mitchell. He also gave an interview to my blog which can be read here. If you want to read more about Tradelite program, considered the hottest HYIP by many investors now, you’re welcome to read my review here.

By the way, Tradelite is not the first program that allowed their investors to deposit with Euros in LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney payment processors. SafeAtom also did it. Their program offers 2% for 150 day plans with daily withdrawals. SafeAtom is online for more than 4 months and so far it hasn’t missed one single payment to me. It’s really a great program that accepts 5 major e-currencies including e-gold, e-Bullion, LibertyReserve, AlterGold and PerfectMoney and the minimum deposit amount of $1 is affordable to any investor. You can read more about SafeAtom in my review published here. I just wanted to add that I’m glad I joined SafeAtom more than 100 days ago. It earned me some good profits and has been a wonderful experience with this amazing program. I really wish every HYIP was so stable and long-lasting as SafeAtom!

Let’s get to the autosurfs now. To my great pleasure I was paid today from 12Daily.Pro and of course reupgraded. That event made me return the program to my list of “Paying” programs on my monitoring page. By the way, if you’re an active member you might have noticed that your earnings from the 1st of July may be removed. So if it’s happened you’re entitled to write to support and I’m sure Brian will fix this pretty quickly. Here’s how he explained what happened: “We had a server change yesterday night that is why your earnings might not be up to date. Please contact us if you miss any earnings for the 1st of July and we will fix it ASAP.” If you’re interested 12Daily.Pro is in Round 2 now and you have the opportunity to get 12% for 12 days (Surf plan) or 10% for 14 days (No Surf plan) with payouts made on expiry. The rest can be read in my interview with the admin of 12Daily.Pro Brian published here.

It’s strange but at the same time of returning 12Daily.Pro to the list of “Paying” programs I had to move 8DailyForever autosurf to “Waiting” status. In my opinion, it’s not good that the admins don’t make any updates on the forums for the last couple of days and don’t answer the members’ emails with concerns regarding difficulties accessing the site. It really decreases their credibility level. If you add the fact that 8DailyForever admins actually invested our money into such programs as ProfitsAddict or ProfitBroker you will be able to understand my worries regarding the program. I really hope it’s not the end for 8DailyForever, but in my opinion such unprofessionalism and ignorance sometimes can not be forgiven by their members. Many members have not been able to login to their accounts for weeks and this issue is still not resolved because of some problems the admin of 8DailyForever has with BLCC hosting. Of course, there is no reply from them regarding the interview I sent them a week ago. Also I requested my cashout more than 24 hours ago but it’s still pending. I would like to advise you to exercise some caution from now on when dealing with 8DailyForever as it’s clear to me their model is failing.

By the way, not only 8DailyForever had some difficulties with the members’ access to the site. AcmosTrade also is receiving some complaints from their investors regarding not being able to log into their accounts. As you have probably guessed AcmosTrade is also hosted on BLCC. The support staff of AcmosTrade even published the following update regarding this issue:
All clients, Please note that we can not check all forums every hour and search for members who have problems with their accounts. Our support e-mail is support@acmostrade.com just send us an e-mail and we will solve your issues right away.
If you have problems with logging in (please note that we have +2000 members right now) you need to contact our support (via e-mail) with this information:
1. Your user name (login)
2. Your IP address (if you don’t know your IP – check it here: whatismyip.com)
3. Your browser version
4. Add our support@acmostrade.com e-mail to your contact list
We will check every account and reply to your e-mail ASAP. We recommend you to add our support e-mail to your contact list because some ISPs like hotmail can block incoming mails from unknown e-mail addresses (because of spam filters).
If you will see a fellow member having a hard time – please post this information and help him out.
We will do our best and our hosting support is already working with this issue.

Surf-Redefined is experiencing some difficulties with payouts to LibertyReserve right now, according to the admin. He says they can be delayed. As you might remember last week Surf-Redefined had the same issues with cashouts made to STP and AP. Of course, this was all defined from the start. The fact is that you can only withdraw to one e-currency but to make an upgrade you can use anything: be it SolidTrustPay, AlertPay, e-gold or LibertyReserve. So the problem starts when somebody upgrades a big amount with one e-currency but withdraws the profit to another one because he has no other option. I hope the admin of Surf-Redefined John Keller will think hard about how the issue can be resolved permanently instead of delaying the cashouts. Anyway, I can’t see any red flags here and in my opinion Surf-Redefined grows steadily so there’s no reason to worry. If you want to know more about this famous autosurf please refer to my review with John Keller published here.

Here’s today’s update from Surf-Redefined issued by the admin to celebrate 50 days online:
It has been a long time since I sent you an update. Hey, we reached 50 days online now & we have 710+ members already. I just wanted to inform everyone that the traffic rate of our website Surf-Redefined is growing steadily over the weeks, same is true with the number of members who sign up everyday. We do however, need to promote more or re-upgrade if you can, to continuously support our program.
You all know that you need to vote after getting paid for your cashouts, or if you can post on the forums that is a lot better.
I am asking everyone to re-upgrade if possible, this is not only for your sake of making more profit, but also for the sake that we will grow even further and expand our memberbase.
Today I would like to ask for your help to support and promote Surf-Redefined. If you cannot re-upgrade, please vote or post on the forums for SR.
E-Gold, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay cashouts are processed normally, while LibertyReserve cashouts are going to be delayed a little bit, just like what happened with our AlertPay & SolidTrustPay cashouts a week ago.
We have reached 50 days of being online with your help, so let us achieve more and make our program even hotter by helping me advertise our program.
I am always at the forum at MMG, visit me there. Thanks for your support. John Keller

As you may know if you login into your SolidTrustPay account using the wrong password three times from the same IP your account may be blocked to prevent somebody from accessing it. So this is probably what happened with SourceLinkAds admin today and he explained: “Obviously some eager member was trying to log in the STP of SLA. I have to wait until 08:30 EST in the morning to call STP office.” So as you may have been noticed already today that all upgrades and withdrawals to STP were temporarily disabled in SourceLinkAds. I really hope this issue with the STP account will be resolved quickly and apart from that I have nothing to complain about. All the pending requests to LibertyReserve, AlterGold and e-gold have been paid already. Of course, it applies only to 13% for 9 days plan as the other plan 144% after 18 days is paid on expiry and as SourceLinkads program is too new, nobody from this plan has been paid yet. If you want to know more regarding this new autosurf program please refer to my review of SourceLinkads published here.

By the way, if you have a SolidTrustPay account you may be interested to read the following exciting update which I received recently to my email from SolidTrustPay site:
Happy 1st of July and 4th of July holiday to all our Canadian and US members! Please note that phone support will not be available on June 30. We WILL be open for phone support on BOTH July 1 and July 4.
NEW SolidTrustPay VISA debit cards !!
** available early July via your account area
** card cost = $30 (including registration fee, activation fee and postage)
** card cost for FedEx shipping = $45 (including registration fee & activation fee)
** fees: $4.50 monthly fee; flat $5.00 loading fee ($3500 max per load); $1.50 per transaction fee
** Verified members ONLY are eligible
** OFFSHORE protected card complete with online members’ area and card to card instant transfers
UPDATE on NEW FEATURES – we are very close to our target date of July 1 to launch the new site design and new account options. We cannot give an exact date at this time, but it will definitely be early July.
PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES – when the new site launches, you could WIN in our daily giveaways – every day for 10 days! Each 100th transaction and each 100th new member AND their sponsor (if applicable) will win $10 added to their STPay account. The last signup of each day AND their sponsor and the last transaction of the day will all win $100!! Winners will be announced daily.

Finally, payments were also received today from Tradelite, LargeSum, LibertyInsider, AcmosTrade, EliteMoney, AgriFund, SafeAtom, SourceLinkads and 12Daily.Pro. I’ll see you tomorrow on my blog!

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