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Today I would like to present another autosurf program that is really different from others in terms of longevity and stability. I’m talking about MaxShare – a relatively new autosurf that is only a month online. So why do I think it’s unique and what really differentiates it from the others?

Well, first of all it has a dedicated admin with the right mindset who is currently running 5 other sites including LibertyReserveShare (268 days online), AlterGoldShare (140 days online), ExponentialEarning (566 days online), EGoldShare (416 days online) and SharePro (4 months online). As you can see all these programs are long-lasting ones created with one aim in mind – stability and longevity.

I actually heard some very good things about both the programs and the admin. That they provide great value and low but sustainable returns in the long run. His latest project MaxShare is also built to stay with us for a long time.

Actually the one surfing plan MaxShare offers is 3% for 40 days with daily payouts. Is it sustainable in the long term? Definitely yes. But wait, that’s not all. The idea behind MaxShare is controlled growth – very slow and gradually increasing the maximum to upgrade with week after week. So how does it work?

In the case of MaxShare the program started about 5 weeks ago and then the maximum to upgrade was only $25 (1 unit costs $5). Each week the admin increased the maximum allowed upgrade amount to $10 till it reached $65 this week. Starting on the 7th of July the maximum allowed upgrade will be $75 and so on. Such controllable growth is very important for the MaxShare‘s longevity. And it’s not BS I’m talking about. Just look at how much time online his other programs are: the longest is 566 days online and it’s more than 18 months (!!!). That’s what I call real longevity and sustainability.

Other autosurf programs can’t even dream about what the admin of MaxShare has already achieved with his other 5 programs. Falling down after just being online for a couple of months they don’t leave their investors a choice but to join these rare gems like MaxShare.

Even if you consider 120% in 40 days is a low return just look at it from a different angle. It can look low but if you consider the history behind all the above mentioned programs and the professionalism of the admin you will understand what I’m talking about.

And I’m sure MaxShare will be here for months if not years ahead. That’s why I’m proud to be an investor there and to monitor this program on my blog. It’s really a rare occasion in the autosurf industry when such a program like MaxShare comes online and be sure it shouldn’t be missed.

You may notice that the design of MaxShare is very similar to that one AcmosTrade is using. But in my opinion it doesn’t really matter as AcmosTrade script proved itself to be stable in the long run. Moreover, the autosurf functions were added to the script as well so I can probably say that the admin either knows programming well or uses the service of some freelance programmer. Anyway, as the admin of MaxShare told me: “Similarity in design doesn’t really matters since AcmosTrade is a hyip but what we’re running here is an advertising site.

The rules in MaxShare are really simple and there’s nothing special about them: $5 minimum and $65 current maximum to upgrade with, request your cashouts daily if you reach the necessary $0.10 for minimum cashout, upgrade and withdraw using LibertyReserve and AlterGold, surf 15 sites every day to earn your daily rebate. One thing is not typical though: you can earn $2 per each 5000 unique visitors you will direct to MaxShare site. The feature is in addition to the nice 8% referral commission that you can earn as well if you wish to promote the site.

When looking through the forums I noticed that MaxShare already has its own share of fans that follow the admin in every program he starts. That is good in my opinion and only 93 accounts with a little amount of $1,000 in upgrades shouldn’t scare you off if you know that MaxShare is advertised mostly by word of mouth and has some amount of supporters that will deposit in every program that is created by this admin. I’m really looking forward to conducting an interview with the admin of MaxShare to find out the secret of his success and I hope he will agree to answer some questions for my blog soon.

You can see that he recently bought a sticky topic in the Autosurf section of MMG forum. I guess he did it because MMG offered a good bargain and in my opinion it will surely make the program more popular. Apart from this MaxShare is still flying under the radar which is good as long-lasting programs don’t need too many investors to sustain the payouts. In my opinion, an experienced admin and controllable growth are the main features that make MaxShare unique and align it with relatively low returns. So if you are looking for an autosurf that will run for a long time and offer low yet sustainable returns than MaxShare is definitely a program which you should keep in mind.

Other news for today.

Well, guys! I was wrong yesterday when saying that there was no red flag for me in Surf-Redefined when delaying the payouts to LR. Even though I got paid today it seems the program is in trouble now and the admin just disabled the upgrade button until some solution is found. The thing is after 51 days online of pure success and daily payouts the members seem to withdraw more than they upgrade. So the funds are greatly depleted for the last few days. So the real purpose of yesterday’s update was to collect more to prolong Surf-Redefined‘s life. But as it is clear now this attempt has failed! So I’m putting the program to “Waiting” status on my monitoring page until some decision is made. I don’t know what it will be and you’re welcome to join the discussion dedicated to the possible future of Surf-Redefined on MMG forum. But I would suggest to the admin that if he’s honest to pay the rest of the money to the members and start over with Round 2 like 12Daily.Pro did. We all knew from the beginning that Surf-Redefined was a game so it would really be a sign of honesty that would attract more new members to Round 2 if it occurs soon.

It seems that I was not only wrong about Surf-Redefined last night. I was wrong suspecting that 8DailyForever would not pay me. Well, though with a slight delay, I was paid today. I’m going to reupgrade soon but my opinion about how the admins manage 8DailyForever will stay the same. I think they run their program in a newbie manner and don’t reply to member’s concerns and suggestions. So I will only upgrade with the minimum there. And definitely I can’t recommend 8DailyForever program to you anymore.

Having temporary problems with accessing his STP account SourceLinkAds‘ admin Robert decided to allow the members willing to withdraw their money to LibertyReserve instead use the contact form on the site and notify him regarding this. Well, I think it’s a fair decision until the issue is fixed and I have already been paid to LR all my STP pendings. In addition, there was some glitch with missed earnings in “neversay” autosurf script today that made several members of SourceLinkAds to report to the admin about that. As you can see the admin is quite busy now with all those issues but he promised me that he would send me the interview really soon. So I hope it will be published on my blog by tomorrow.

If, like me, you received some strange emails today allegedly from ProfitsAddict admin with a strange offer to make a deposit straight to their E-gold, AlterGold, E-Bullion or LibertyReserve accounts please ignore them as obviously they were made by scammers. I checked ProfitsAddict website and the accounts to deposit from there are different. Of course, such a ridiculous offer like 150% in just 2 days and the minimum of $100 is very obviously from scammers and you should know that well. I guess they somehow obtained the database with the hundreds of customers of ProfitsAddict. It is surely not advisable to make deposits in this program anymore. As you should know ProfitsAddict make selective payouts so don’t put there more than you can afford to lose!

I received some payments today from different programs including Tradelite, LibertyInsider, Surf-Redefined, SafeAtom, 8DailyForever, AgriFund, SourceLinkAds, AcmosTrade and MaxShare. I’ll see you again tomorrow on my blog!

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