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Well, today I’d like to discuss a couple of tactics the scammers and spammers are using to part unsuspecting people from their cash. Even the admins of the online investment programs are occasional victims. In my opinion, one letter doesn’t really make a difference and those two words (scammers and spammers) are closer than you think.

The first program to allegedly fall victim to scammers (spammers) is ProfitsAddict. Many members have been receiving strange emails for the last couple of days. That was really strange considering the fact that the program itself could be accused of paying selectively. So I would not be surprised if it was a premeditated plan to to get money from unsuspecting investors. Anyway, today I got an explanation from the admin of ProfitsAddict regarding these emails:
Please be careful with FAKE SPECIAL OFFER!!
Someone tries to spoil our reputation by sending fake special offer claiming from us. Pay attention that e-mail addresses came out of our official e-mail address.
Please note: We will NEVER send any special offer privately through your mail, Any news and updates about our program can be found on news section.

It’s strange that ProfitsAddict admin dared to speak of the good reputation which they lost a long time ago when they chose to pay selectively. Of course, you can profit from this program but only if you invest small amount (less than $100). I and many other investors are still being paid but considering the fact they admitted the occurred selective payouts ProfitsAddict cannot be considered as a good choice to invest large amounts of money.

There was also a strange coincidence that occurred during those 36 hours that the spam emails were received. There were no sign from the real admin warning investors about fake emails. But when they stopped, suddenly this warning appeared! I know how they play these games but to use spammers’ tactics to prolong the life of your program is very low and even disgusting. Just to give you an example of one such email I will show you one that I received myself. (Really strange btw how the spammers could obtain the database from ProftisAddict site):
Due to a lot of interest in our special plan, deadline for investments has been extended until the end of day. It means that you have another 1 hours to invest! ACT NOW! In case that you have missed previous update: As you may know, we are processing withdrawals with no delay and everything else is running smoothly as well! But, now we have even better offer for all of you! We got an excellent offer from our FOREX trader: All who wish can achieve 150% profit in just 2 days! This opportunity will not last long, so you must react quickly. Deposits are accepted until today 23:59 GMT. It’s around 1 hours to make deposit if you are interested! One unit in this special program is worth 100 dollars. The minimal deposit is 1 unit ($100) and the maximal deposit is 100 ($10000) units per member.

I’m sure most investors are smart enough and would not buy into such scams. But what should the admins of the programs do if they receive such spammer’s threats like the admin of MaxShare received today? Here’s this email sent from this address oferengi11@googlemail.com (you can report this email for spam as well):

First, I must tell you that I know that your program is scam. But, I don’t care as long as you are ready to cooperate with me. Well, This is my offer: I have list of 97,651 emails of HYIP users, which I extracted from different hyips in last few months. Price: $200 ONLY! You can use this emails to promote your own program. Just imagine how great this offer is and how many investors you can get! You have two options. First option is to decide to cooperate with me and buy email lists from me. Second option, which I don’t like, and I believe you will not like it either: I have emails of about 150 thousands emails of SpamCop members. SpamCop is spam fighting tool. Well, all these people hate spam and they report every spam mail to SpamCop. SpamCop automatically reports every link from spam mail to hosting provider which hosts its site. What it means? Well, if I “promote” (spam) that people with your site address in message body, they will report you, and your hosting provider will receive thousands of spam complaints. They will be forced to shut down your site! I don’t like second option. First is much better for both of us. But if you refuse me offer, I will be forced to move to the second option. So, I hope that you will choose what is better… If you don’t reply within 24 hours, I will understand it as refuse and I will start working on ‘second option’. Regards, Oskar

Well, to tell you the truth, I hate such spammers that extort money from honest admins. Of course, the MaxShare admin will not pay this extortionist and he may as well do whatever he likes. I simply want to let you know how many people probably being scammed in the past are becoming scammers and criminals themselves. I hate spam and if I get anything from this extortionist that promotes it I would report him for doing so. He’s a most stupid man selling criminally obtained databases of email addresses to promote spam and threats to site’s admins to close their sites due to spam complaints. What a jerk he is! Anyway, if you pay him or not you will be accused of spamming which is his specialization. I suggest to give Oskar to this Oscar – he’s a really talented jerk, spammer and scammer!

Speaking about scammers I couldn’t mention John Keller – the admin of Surf-Redefined. In my opinion, he’s not the one of them as he disabled upgrades and was on the forums to answer any questions from the investors of his program. It’s not the usual way scammers behave – they just disappear and leave sites to collect more money. John was honest with the members and admitted Surf-Redefined had difficulties and that he couldn’t continue as if nothing happened: “Due to lack of new upgrades, Surf-Redefined is closed! Please watch out for our new program with different plans. You may still surf and advertise your websites here.” In my opinion, 51 days of stable daily payouts is worth our appreciation and I will consider joining John’s new program which he’s going to open soon and will notify my readers about it. Here’s what John wrote on MMG forum: “New program website is being made now. At least not all who lost in SR are upset about what happened and they are open-minded indeed, which is very important when joining these kinds of websites. But this time around, I will look into investing funds to make some profit even if not totally to fill in how much profit needs to be paid to member upgrades, but at least not everything will be taken from new upgrades to pay expired“. So I guess there will be no refunds from this Surf-Redefined program but the new site will be created as not a complete ponzi which I find encouraging.

Yesterday some of you might have seen this message on the AcmosTrade homepage: “Dear members, We will transfer our website to a new server in the next 24-48 hours. Please notice that if you can see this message it means that you are still on the old version (old server) and you still have to wait for up to 24-48 hours.” Well, the transition was made due to the fact that BlackLotus couldn’t provide a great company like AcmosTrade with good enough protection and hosting. Being on their server the site sometimes was loading extremely slowly and sometimes was even unavailable. I think it’s the best choice AcmosTrade could make and I wonder why they didn’t make it earlier. I remind you that some big sites including Tradelite and AlterGold were extremely unsatisfied with the services provided by BLCC and had to move to other hosting companies. So I guess it was the logical decision by the administration of AcmosTrade (you can read my interview with AcmosTrade admin published here). You can see now that both sites of AcmosTrade load extremely fast now and I finally have no problems at all in accessing my account.

After publishing the interview with the admin of SourceLinkAds yesterday I received some positive feedback from many readers that were hoping like me that it can become the next big autosurf. If you didn’t read the interview you can do it here. I would also like to add that Robert notified me last night that SourceLinkAds site is now working with the new 3rd version of Firefox browser. So the users that upgraded their Firefox browser shouldn’t expect any difficulties from now on. I remind you that SourceLinkAds is only paying on business days so the next payouts can be expected on Monday. But the best part is Robert provides support on holidays as well. So you can ask him using the contact form or on forums. Soon a referral contest will take place so be ready to join SourceLinkAds and promote it then.

Yesterday and today I received many payouts from almost all the programs I’m a member of: AgriFund, ProfitsAddict, LibertyInsider, SourceLinkAds, 8DailyForever (and made another upgrade), 12DailyPro, AcmosTrade, MaxShare, LargeSum, SafeAtom and Tradelite. So the status of all programs presented on my monitoring page is “Paying”.

I have joined another program today called BristolCapitalGroup. I believe it can become the next big low ROI program soon. BristolCapitalGroup only accepts LibertyReserve and the plans vary from 1.5% for 90 days, 1.8% for 120 days or 2.2% for 150 days depending on the amount you deposited. The minimal deposit is $20 only and they pay only on business days. BristolCapitalGroup started just a couple of weeks ago and I feel its potential is enormous. More details on BristolCapitalGroup can be read in my review which will be published on Monday as I decided to take this Sunday as a day off work and to spend it with my family. I wish you all a nice weekend and see you on Monday, guys!

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