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BristolCapitalGroup is another promising program which I’d like to review today. Well, it was a long time since I came across such a high quality website like BristolCapitalGroup. It seems really impressive and different from other similar HYIPs. First let’s take a closer look at the plans before analyzing the site itself.

BristolCapitalGroup accepts LibertyReserve only and offers 3 investment plans to online investors:

1) 1.5% for 90 days. The program pays you the interest daily until your investment term matures. Then you’re free to withdraw your principal if you like. The minimum deposit for this plan is $20 and the maximum is $1,000.

2) 1.8% daily for 120 days plan is offered for larger investors willing to deposit from $1,001 to $5,000. The principal is returned back in the end of the investment term.

3) 2.2% daily for 150 days is intended for the richest investors that are ready to risk amounts ranged from $5,001 to $20,000. Of course, you will receive your principal back in this plan as well.

Note that in every plan in BristolCapitalGroup you can request your withdrawal daily and the interest will be paid to your LR account very fast. I have tested the system already and the performance is great. Now let’s break down the main features that will help us understand what BristolCapitalGroup is made of.

1. The script. The script of BristolCapitalGroup site is customized and easy-to-use. You will not find any excessive functions here. There are only the necessary features available: “make a deposit”, “make a withdrawal”, “deposit and withdrawal history”, “referrals history” and “edit profile” feature. Before you make your first withdrawal please make sure that your LibertyReserve account appears under “edit profile” tab. Unfortunately, compounding is not allowed but the admin promised me to add this option in the near future. Also I’d like to mention that your connection is secured via SSL so all your transactions made within your member’s area are secured. The overall design of BristolCapitalGroup site is vivid and refreshing and it’s clearly made by professional web designers.

2. The company. You might have noticed that BristolCapitalGroup domain is registered from the year 2006. And it’s not a coincidence as BristolCapitalGroup claimed to be a real trading company being online from November 2006 and even promises to provide proof to the registered members upon request. That’s what is stated on the website: “Bristol Capital Group Inc. is a private investment company which was established in November 2006 by a group of experienced foreign exchange brokers and analysts. Bristol Capital Group inc. is officially registered in Dominican Republic with office located in Bristol, United Kingdom.” Moreover, the BristolCapitalGroup identity and hacker proof service are insured by Comodo. For those interested and willing to verify their real address here’s the company’s address for your verification purposes: 34-19 Park Street Bristol, Avon, BS1 5JG, United Kingdom.

3. The blog and remote trading education. This is definitely the most unusual feature which I haven’t seen in any other online investment program so far. The BristolCapitalGroup blog was opened in June 2008 and you can read about the different trading strategies there. Of course, I’m not an expert in this field to judge about the quality of the presented strategies but the very fact that they run their own blog on this topic ensures me that BristolCapitalGroup knows how to make money from trading. Moreover, the trading educational program is in its development stages now and you can actually take part in the survey on their site and vote if you like to be just a silent investor or want to participate in the educational program. Duration of the education program is 4 months and the estimated cost — $2500-3000. You will be provided with all the necessary materials for the successful learning process and with the support during the first two months upon the completion of the educational process. It’s really an interesting feature and I’m going to ask the admin of BristolCapitalGroup in my upcoming interview with him.

4. Advertising. As you can see on many monitors and forums BristolCapitalGroup site is highly advertised and as a rule the program occupies the most compelling spots there. The program is monitored by the most popular HYIP monitoring sites. In my opinion, too much money and effort was spent to create and promote BristolCapitalGroup website. That’s why I’m almost sure that the program is here to stay for a long time. Of course, there’s still some level of risk involved and you should remember about it but if you are ready to risk your money for 67 days only (for 1.5% plan) or for 56 days only (for 1.8% plan) you will be in profit from BristolCapitalGroup.

The conclusion: BristolCapitalGroup is a site that in my honest opinion meets all the standards for a high-quality online investment program. If you’re looking for a program that has a real office in England, a customized and secure script with SSL protection and offers reasonable low-ROI plans that can be sustainable for a long time then your choice is obvious – BristolCapitalGroup. The only drawback I could find in the program is the fact that they accept only LibertyReserve, but since it’s the most popular e-currency now I think it will not be a problem for the majority of investors. Anyway, since BristolCapitalGroup looks so promising I’m going to request an interview with the admin which hopefully can be read soon on my blog.

Other news for today.

EliteMoney recently started to accept e-Bullion, while AgriFund is already accepting PerfectMoney. Both of these programs are great earning opportunities with direct payouts. It means you just need to deposit and don’t need to request your withdrawals daily. They will be automatically made to the account you deposited from. In my opinion, it’s very convenient as the databases are not on the servers. That excludes possible hacking issues that can destroy other programs. In EliteMoney there are 15 different plans available and you can choose whatever you like for your needs. More details of the program you can read in my review of EliteMoney that was published here. As for AgriFund, it offers from 1.1% up to 3.5% daily depending on the plan chosen but the best part is that you can choose literally any term of your investment from 3 to 250 trading days. It’s just completely up to you. A detailed review of AgriFund can be found on my blog here. And I just forgot to mention that your principal will be returned back to you both in EliteMoney and AgriFund. Such flexibility in terms and the registration documents in the offshore zones that are available on their sites make these programs interesting and different from others.

I received another payment last night from another great program – Tradelite. I was paid for my 40 days plan and reinvested again in the same option. Of course, the withdrawal was processed instantly as per usual in Tradelite. What more can I say about Tradelite? This program simply rocks, guys! In my opinion, it’s one of the best HYIPs in 2008 and I hope it will stay in this status for a long time. Tradelite pays 118% after 20 days, 147% after 40 days or 194% after 60 days. You can choose any contract you like with the minimum deposit of $50 that can be made via LibertyReserve, AlterGold or PerfectMoney. The best part is that you can cancel your contract at any time and be paid your investment back excluding 10% fee. All the payments in Tradelite are instant and the script is safe and secure. More details on Tradelite program can be read in my interview with the admin Martin Mitchell published here.

I can name yet another great low-ROI program AcmosTrade that recently got a second wind after a long-awaited move to another server. Here’s the update regarding this event that was published on their site: “Dear members. Our website was successfully transferred to the new server and we just upgraded our security settings.” Well, it means that after the long and unfortunate experience with BLCC Gold the investors can finally breathe easily as the website is running perfect without any glitches. While they were hosted at BlackLotus it was not a pleasant experience at all for all their members who sometimes couldn’t get into their accounts for weeks. Thank God it happened, and it’s better later than never. This event made me recommend AcmosTrade for investing again as I consider this program which is online for more than 5 months as a safe and trusted haven for online investments. The plan of 1.15% for 210 business days with the return of your principal in the end of your investment term may seem to you not very compelling. But on the other hand AcmosTrade has gained a perfect reputation already for being online for such a long time and by consistent payments to its members. I guess my interview with CEO of AcmosTrade Jack Williams can be useful for you if you have been thinking of investing in AcmosTrade (read it here).

8DailyForever announced that Phase 3 was just around the corner and would probably start by the end of July when the number of members is going to exceed 3,000. I remind you that in Phase 3 you will be able to earn up to 8% daily from your upgrades made in 8DailyForever. You continue earning until you decide to make a withdrawal. Therefore theoretically you have the opportunity to earn any percentage on your investment. The thing is you decide when to withdraw your principal and profit accumulated. To read the details on how to earn better in 8DailyForever please refer to my review of the program published here. Here’s the most important part of the latest update from 8DailyForever admin:
Hello to All 8DF members, and a special warm welcome to our recent registrants. You have come to one of the fastest growing advertising sites online! We now have over 1400 members, and would like to thank all who are passing on the good word about 8DailyForever, and thus helping ensure that PHASE 3….and the opportunity to earn 8% forever…..will be in place by the end of July (or when we reach 3000 members.) Together, we can do it!

Remember that I told you about the spamming tactics being used to bring good sites down? In this article I told you about the strange spam email that was received by the admin of MaxShare. Well, it seems he wasn’t the only one to receive such awful emails. Robert, the admin of SourceLinkAds also contacted me and said he had a similar email but from different email address. Well, somebody is trying to extort money again which is not exactly new in the autosurf industry. But I doubt he will get something from these admins and I’m sure he is going to fail. Both SourceLinkAds and MaxShare are highly recommended autosurfs and for more info on them you can refer to my interview with the admin of SourceLinkAds published here or to the review of MaxShare published here. I can tell you that today I received payouts from both MaxShare and SourceLinkAds and am really glad that I joined them.

More payouts came to me today from EliteMoney, AgriFund, Tradelite, LibertyInsider, SourceLinkAds, SafeAtom, LargeSum, 12Daily.Pro and BristolCapitalGroup. Tomorrow I’m going to review another program I joined recently – ApolloInvestGroup. The program just started 6 days ago and has two plans: daily (1.8% – 3.0% for 77 days with principal return) and weekly (12% – 22% for a period of 11 weeks with principall return). The minimum to deposit in daily plan is $25 and in weekly plan – $50. ApolloInvestGroup accepts all major e-currencies: LibertyReserve, e-gold, Pecunix, V-Money and e-Bullion. Among all the great features I would lay the emphasis on instant withdrawal feature and 10% bonus on the first deposit. But not all the info regarding ApolloInvestGroup is positive and all the details can be read in my review that will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned and see you on my blog!

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