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I would like to review ApolloInvestGroup today and to warn you from the beginning that although the program seems to be run by professionals, some points just left me confused. But let’s start our review with the plans because it’s the main topic investors want to know about. And it’s reasonable because in my opinion before joining any program you should carefully consider the probable risks and count the possible profit you might earn.

So ApolloInvestGroup offers two plans:

1) AIG Summisse – daily plan where you can earn from 1.8% to 3.0% daily for 77 days depending on the amount invested (the minimum is $25). You will get 10% Bonus on your first investment and the principal will be returned to you after 77 days. Note that you will get your daily interest only on business days. On Saturdays and on Sundays your deposit doesn’t earn daily interest. You can choose any compounding percent between 1% and 100% anytime you want. Bear in mind that if you invest less than $1,000 into this plan you will be in profit only after 55 business days when you principal is returned. 1.8% x 55 business days = 99% plus principal back after 77 days.

2) AIG Valens – a more profitable weekly plan with a higher minimum of $50. From this plan you can earn from 12% to 22% every week during 11 weeks depending on the amount deposited. So even if you invest less than $1,000 you will be in profit after 9 weeks. After 77 days (11 weeks) your principal is returned back to you. Of course, the same features as in the daily plan are available for the weekly plan such as compounding option and the 10% bonus on the first investment. This plan suits you if you are ready to put $50 minimum into it.

Now let’s analyze the features I like in ApolloInvestGroup:

1) The wide variety of e-currencies accepted. ApolloInvestGroup accepts 5 different e-currencies: e-gold, e-Bullion, LibertyReserve, Pecunix and V-Money. So every investor can choose the e-currency of his like when depositing in ApolloInvestGroup.

2) The script used in ApolloInvestGroup seems to be original and customized. The members’ area is SSL-protected so every transaction made is secure. Though it’s written on the site that the withdrawals are virtually “instant” you should wait fro a couple of hours anyway before your withdrawal is verified and processed to your e-currency account. I guess it’s made for security purposes and of course it’s understandable.

3) The design of ApolloInvestGroup looks professional and stylish. It’s obvious that a great team of designers worked on it. From the right side you can see the Live stats where you can see all the necessary statistics in real time.

4) ApolloInvestGroup is monitored by many popular monitoring services and it’s clear that the program has some advertising budget. This fact will surely prolong the lifetime of the program as first the owners must break even before they start to make profit from fresh investments. You should also consider other expenses on script, design, etc. which are decent in my opinion.

We looked into the features which I like in ApolloInvestGroup. Now here’s what I don’t like about it:

1) The majority of the texts are stolen from other sites. Mostly you can find the similarities from this site www.my-investment.com. Some pages in ApolloInvestGroup are a word for word repetition the same pages from the above mentioned site. I also found stolen texts from Wikipedia and even from the site of Tradelite. I’m sure you will uncover more similarities if you google their texts. Most of them appear to be stolen. I consider it as a major drawback to ApolloInvestGroup. This will surely stop many investors from depositing especially if you consider that it’s an obvious fact that has already become known on forums. Really, why should one invest in a company that can’t write original texts for itself and just steals it from other websites? Well, if you obey HYIP rules and consider all the programs as games it can even be an advantage to some. Why? Because it will take more time for ApolloInvestGroup to regain the trust from investors by stable and timely payments and it will somehow prolong the lifetime of this program. And I have no doubt that many investors will deposit in ApolloInvestGroup despite the texts because for the majority of people the most important thing that matters when investing in HYIPs is a good payout history. And since the program should recoup their investments made in the creation and the promotion it will take more time to do it and it will surely be great for smarter investors. That’s why I chose to invest in ApolloInvestGroup and I hope it was a good decision. Anyway, we will wait and see.

2) The second disadvantage in my opinion is that ApolloInvestGroup is advertised by spam emails. I got one spam email today and I guess the admin should take some appropriate measures if he wants to keep his good name and not to be accused of spamming promotion tactics.

As you can see there are some good features and bad features in ApolloInvestGroup and if you want to invest here or not you should decide by yourself. In my opinion, the program is worth our attention and the small drawbacks will only make it stronger with time. Just remember that you will be in profit only in two months and if you are willing to risk from $25 to $50 (the minimum investment in daily and weekly plans respectively). All in all, I consider ApolloInvestGroup as a good choice for investing and I hope my review was useful for you.

Other news for today.

Some very good news came today from BristolCapitalGroup. As you might have noticed the site was offline for some time today but there’s nothing to worry about. On the contrary you should be glad as BristolCapitalGroup has successfully changed their servers and is now officially protected by BlockDos – the leading company in anti-DDoS protection. I can give you an example of another BlockDos client – Tradelite. And yes, BlockDos protection will cost you a lot but if you’re here for a long time and with serious intentions it’s surely a must to provide you with 100% uptime. So I got even more confident about BristolCapitalGroup and that made me put the program to the #2 spot on my monitoring page. Here’s the update from BristolCapitalGroup: “Today we are glad to announce that our website is fully DDoS protected by BlockDos.net and now complies with highest security standards.” The review of this high-quality HYIP can be read on my blog here and the interview is coming soon.

But BristolCapitalGroup were notalone in upgrading their servers to more powerful ones. I’m glad to report that LibertyInsider is also hosted on a more powerful server now. The upgrade was necessary because as you may know LibertyInsider is mostly advertised by CPM and so you can imagine how much traffic is sent to the website daily. Well, now this feature is enabled again and you can advertise LibertyInsider and earn $1 for 1,000 unique visitors that are redirected by you to their site. I remind you that LibertyInsider is a hybrid of HYIP and autosurf and to read more please refer to my interview with the admin Cedric published here. The latest update from LibertyInsider was sent to the members today:
Our server transfer was successful and we just completed it. Do not be scared if you cannot load the website, it is not fully propagated yet, some people can already see it, some cannot, it will be available to everyone soon.
Those who used to send hits to get CPM money can start to send visitors again, CPM has been turned on again, so, start sending visitors again and enjoy your cash.
Once the new server is totally propagated and everyone can see it, we will let you know about some new stuff for the program.

In my opinion the perfect way to advertise LibertyInsider and earn some money for your promotional efforts is autosurfs. For example, you can put your referral link in the surf rotator of SourceLinkAds – the most popular autosurf program now. I remind you that the program pays you 13% for 9 days daily or 144% after 18 days paid on expiry. The more details can be read in my interview with the admin of SourceLinkAds Robert which was published here. Today the admin started a new referral contest the results of which will be available to the public on July, 23 and the first 4 winners will receive $300 total prize that will be divided by them. Anyway, the latest news from SourceLinkAds was covered in yesterday’s update:
I hope you had an exciting weekend. I am pretty sure you are even feeling better now as all Weekend requests have been processed and sent to your payment processors once again. Please be sure to check your accounts to make sure everything is correct. Also, do not forget to place your vote for SLA on the rating sites listed on our ‘Ratings’ page or simply use the instant vote feature in your accounts under the Member Menu.
We are moving steadily and growing step by step. Today we have reached more than 200 people in membership base and I just want to use the moment to welcome and congratulate all new members who became part of this successful project.
I am organizing all the details to start a referral contest on SLA. It will consist of two parts. One will be a referral contest based on number of active members referred to the program and the other one will be based on the total purchases (upgrades) referred.

12Daily.Pro also had some encouraging news for the members that were not in profit from Round 1. The refunds continue and the admin announced yesterday that all the members with ID’s ranging from 103 to 203 can check their accounts for the refunds that were credited. I remind you that you should be an active member (upgrade your account with at least $6) in order to request your refund. Round 2 of 12Daily.Pro is going great with more than 100 active members already. I’m sure this round will last for longer than the first one. You can read the more details bout 12Daily.Pro program in my interview with the admin published here.

Do you remember John Keller from the recently passed Surf-Redefined? Then you may ask me why I refused to upgrade in his new program ProfitsKey. Well, I don’t like that Surf-Redefined just ended like this without even pretending to promise refunds like 12Daily.Pro did for example. Also I didn’t see any evidence why his new program will be more stable then Surf-Redefined was. If you consider paying on expiry to be more stable than daily payouts I would tend to agree with you but not in the case of Surf-Redefined. In my opinion many members will join ProfitsKey just to hit-n-run because obviously that the admin didn’t meet everyone’s expectations in his first program. He also said that in his new program there would be an outside income that would make it more stable though he didn’t present any evidence of it so far. So I guess the outside income will be just piggybacking on other programs and it’s inappropriate in my opinion. So if you are considering joining ProfitsKey, I would advise to think hard before doing it.

Anyway, I think I found another great autosurf with unique concept behind it which is much better than ProfitsKey and I will hopefully present it to you soon. And the final news for today is that MaxShare – a great and sustainable autosurf program with controllable growth – increased the maximum deposit which is $75 for the whole week. You should definitely read my review of MaxShare that was published here and consider joining it if you are really serious about the stability and the sustainability of the autosurf plans. 3% for 40 days with daily payouts is the only plan that MaxShare offers to its investors. The program only accepts LibertyReserve and AlterGold but the admin told me that he was working on implementing PerfectMoney processor soon.

To close I would like to add that I received payouts today from such programs as SourceLinkAds, LibertyInsider, AcmosTrade, AgriFund, 12Daily.Pro, SafeAtom, MaxShare, ApolloInvestGroup, LargeSum and BristolCapitalGroup. See you tomorrow on my blog with more news and updates!

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