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Hi, my dear readers! Of course the main news today comes from LibertyReserve. Its downtime paralyzed almost the entire HYIP and autosurf world once again. Deposits cannot be made and of course withdrawals are delayed too. But it’s not another DDoS-attack or something wrong as you might think. It’s though prolonged but scheduled maintenance that was caused by further upgrading of LR software and developing its new features. That’s what was published on LR blog:
Dear friends, Please be aware that starting at 2:00AM (GMT -6) our web site will undergo a promised and long awaited system software upgrade. The upgrade process is scheduled to be completed in less than 12 hours. This important upgrade will provide you with faster and more robust web site performance, additional features and a slight face lift. This is part one of two upgrades that are scheduled this year. The second upgrade will be more user interface oriented. During this upgrade our web site may become inaccessible at times. We apologize for any inconveniences this upgrade may cause and appreciate your continued support and positive feedback.

The thing is I’m not sure this LR downtime will be completed in less than 12 hours. As a rule such downtime never ends this fast and I predict some longer periods offline. Of course I hope that such a long scheduled maintenance can be justified by the great features we are expecting to see in the future. I really wish LibertyReserve the best of luck.

One of my readers asked me where he can exchange his AlterGold to other e-currencies. Well, I’m glad to report that for some time already the exchange of AlterGold has been available on one of my favourite exchange services – SuperChange. On SuperChange site you can also exchange your V-Money, LibertyReserve, Pecunix and e-gold. All the exchanges are made instantly and automatically and SuperChange has a good reputation and perfect support. If you want to check the current rates of exchange you can always do it from the left sidebar of my blog or on the SuperChange website.

Speaking of e-currencies I just have to mention a new feature that is available now for verified credit card holders of SolidTrustPay: “Direct Credit Card Deposits NOW AVAILABLE: Verified Members ONLY may add up to $5000.00 cash daily directly into their accounts. Click on the Deposit Money link. Fees are 7.5% + $1.85 per transaction.” So if you really want to use this opportunity and fund your SolidTrustPay account from your credit card now you have the perfect chance to do so. Just remember this: “All credit card purchases are FINAL and NO REFUNDS or CHARGEBACKS are allowed. You will be required to sign a NO REFUND/CHARGEBACK waiver form at the time of purchase, and a purchase receipt as proof of delivery. Any attempts to acquire a refund or initiate a chargeback constitute theft and fraud, and are grounds for legal prosecution. Any member committing such actions will lose all funds remaining in their account, and be immediately suspended.

In my opinion the main advantage of using SolidTrustPay when participating in autosurfs is allowing chargebacks if you submit your complaint after you are scammed. Of course this process will take some time but even I was paid all my MoneyTrip upgrades within several months of the program’s closing. The most important thing is not to miss the right time and issue the complaints when the funds are still available in the program’s account of the scammer. For example, if you are scammed by Surf-Redefined and purchased your upgrades via SolidTrustPay you still can submit your complaint and all the admin’s funds will be frozen (of course if he has some funds left there). SolidTrustPay is always on your side when dealing with scammers so you have a good chance to get some of your money back.

Let’s face it. My gut feeling was not mistaken and I was right about ProfitsKey – the new program that was started recently by the former admin of Surf-Redefined John Keller. And I can confirm now after hearing some speculation about the admin that ProfitsKey is the program to stay away from. Of course I can’t say that any of it is true so I don’t want to discuss it in detail on my blog but one thing I know for sure – there’s no smoke without fire.

Other things that you should consider before joining ProfitsKey: John Keller, the admin of ProfitsKey didn’t even mention anything about refunds to the members that were in loss from Surf-Redefined and it’s surely sign of scamming in my opinion. Having opened a new program John tried to keep his distance from his previous program which he closed so suddenly and without making any refunds, at least partial. Now he has the perfect opportunity to make some easy money from the unsuspecting members whom he can easily scam by collecting some money for 18 days online pretending that he’s doing it for the program’s good. Such scamming tactics were used more than once in the past by many admins and allegedly by John himself when he was running his previous programs. I can’t say that it will happen for sure but in my opinion you should exercise some caution here. I don’t have any hidden agenda and just wanted to let you know and prevent you from being scammed from ProfitsKey.

This is all I wanted to report to you for now expect for my payments which I received today from BristolCapitalGroup, Tradelite, SafeAtom and SourceLinkAds. I hope LibertyReserve system will return online by tomorrow and there will be more news to report. Stay tuned and see you tomorrow!

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