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Hi, guys! For the last couple of weeks I’ve started to notice that many different quality programs are coming online almost daily. And among them there are programs that definitely stand out from the crowd. VideoAdSurf is obviously such a program with a unique concept behind it.

What would you say if I told you that the autosurfing industry could be revived by the simple showing of video ads instead of static pages? Well, it’s really possible. And one guy, the admin of VideoAdSurf is trying to prove now that this will work and bring him more clients and more revenue. So video advertising is a totally unique thing that VideoAdSurf tries to implement.

Moreover, the admin is offering a special promo till the 8th of August and if you want your site or product to be noticed you have this perfect opportunity. All you need to do is just to contact the admin and one flash video ad will be made for your business. In addition, the video will be played on the VideoAdSurf website for one week for free. This way you will be convinced that it works and probably will order an ad campaign from the VideoAdSurf team. I think it’s a perfect opportunity for your product to get more exposure and for the site to make more revenue. So it’s really a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Compared to other autosurfs VideoAdSurf really looks different because of its concept. But the other rules to participate are plain and simple. You should surf 13 sites daily to earn your daily rebates. All in all, VideoAdSurf is a classic autosurf, DDoS protected and neversay scripted, that offers you a chance to earn a 10% rebate during 13 days until your upgrade expires. So you will be paid 130% on your investment on expiry. Don’t forget that you also pay 1% upgrade fee when depositing the money. So far all the payments in VideoAdSurf are made via LibertyReserve but the admin is really looking into adding more payment processors in the near future.

The admin of VideoAdSurf is really supportive and you can always contact him using the contact form on the site. He’s also often on the forums especially TalkGold where VideoAdSurf bought a “sticky” topic to get more exposure. I’m sure that the program will get the attention it deserves and get even more clients after the first payouts are processed. Since VideoAdSurf is only 8 days online it will happen really soon.

The program has already started its advertising campaign and you can see their banners in many places on the Net. I believe that VideoAdSurf can become the next big hit in the autosurfing industry offering totally different advertising options to its clients. That’s why I’ll try to get the answers to my questions from the admin of VideoAdSurf and publish an interview with him very soon on my blog. Stay tuned for that!

Other news for today.

Some people noticed that LibertyReserve went down and is not loading now. Before that it also experienced some troubles with their mass payment script which probably caused some problems with payouts in such programs as e-Confidence and AgriFund. There’s no notification on their sites regarding it but I’m sure it will be done soon. Also I’d like to warn you that SourceLinkAds seems to be in some kind of trouble because the admin didn’t pay today yet and there’s no explanation for it. I would understand if it was somehow connected with LR payouts but the payouts to other payment processors (including STP that was not stable for the past few days either) have not been completed yet either. Let’s hope for the best but until the situation is clear I will move SourceLinkAds to the “Waiting” status on my monitoring page.

MaxShare admin also noticed that LR has been unstable for the past few days. This is his update regarding this:
Please be informed LR is acting erratically for the past few days. Some members have received multiple payment through our masspay script for a single request due to not being able to fetch batch numbers from LR. Would appreciate if members refund those multiple payment received as soon as possible.
I should remind you that MaxShare is a unique autosurf site with controllable growth. So starting today the maximum to upgrade will be $85 (every week the admin ads $10 more). Also good news for PerfectMoney clients – MaxShare started to accept PerfectMoney as their third payment processor along with AlterGold and LibertyReserve. Read more details about MaxShare in my review here. I’m sure you won’t want to miss such a program.

I decided to give the admin of ProfitsKey (and of the recently closed Surf-Redefined) another chance to prove me wrong about him. So I will monitor his program (ProfitsKey) on my blog again because the ugly speculation were not confirmed by anybody and because there was a promise from John Keller to issue refunds to the members of Surf-Redefined not in profit:
I know it will be hard but I really have plans to do refunds for the members who lost in Surf-Redefined. You see, I just did not want to give exact details, as to when because I don’t want anyone to expect when I cannot deliver yet.
You know I could have opened a new program under a new name and be a complete stranger but I am not that person, so here I am, no matter how bad the reputation I have for others views. I am still doing what I told you I will. I will run ProfitsKey like how I managed Surf-Redefined.
While Surf-Redefined was paying daily and lasted 50 days, ProfitsKey is paying on expiry, which should last very long if we have the support needed. You may join ProfitsKey if you wish or not if you don’t want to. No matter what, you will get your refunds.

So I decided to give John’s new program ProfitsKey the benefit of the doubt and joined it and upgraded today. ProfitsKey is really almost the same like Surf-Redefined was but with payouts on expiry. It pays 7% for 18 days (126%) but all the payouts are made on expiry (LR, STP and AP are accepted). Allegedly it was made for the stability and longevity of ProfitsKey. But you should remember that there’s always a risk involved in joining such programs because there’s a possibility that the admin is just here to collect some money from the loyal members of his previous program before disappearing. I have seen these tactics used several times before so caution here is a must. I would wait and see if the first payouts are actually done on expiry from ProfitsKey. Also in my opinion one thing is to declare refunds to the members of Surf-Redefined and the other thing if they are actually processed. I would like to say that I don’t know the admin’s real intentions and only time will tell if they are really good. So if you want my advice regarding ProfitsKey I would say “sit and wait”.

I joined another program last night which is surely going to become the next big HYIP among short-term programs. UniCreditInvestment has every possibility to achieve this. Judge for yourself: UniCreditInvestment has stable and well thought-out plans, dedicated admin, DDoS protection and a powerful advertising campaign. I will not follow with the details today as I’m going to write a proper review of the program tomorrow. I will only tell you about the plans in UniCreditInvestment. You can deposit via LibertyReserve or AlterGold and there are three main plans available: Daily plan (you will be paid from 13% to 14% depending on the amount you invested during 8 days), 8 Days plan (you will be paid 120%-128% after 8 days) and 10 Days plan (you will get from 130% to 144% on your investment). The minimum to deposit is $5 for Daily plan, and $50 and $100 for the 8 and 10 days plans respectively.

Despite some LibertyReserve problems I got paid today from several programs including ProfitsAddict, VideoAdSurf, MaxShare, Tradelite, LibertyInsider, LargeSum, BristolCapitalGroup and SafeAtom. I hope LR will be back soon and become more stable after these troubles. See you tomorrow on my blog!

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