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Recently I updated my Top 7 list of the most recommended programs. I decided to do so after some reflection and careful analysis of the current state of things with the programs listed on my blog. So I decided to remind my readers about these programs and why they are listed in my Top 7.

1. BristolCapitalGroup. The first program on my list now is BristolCapitalGroup – a low ROI program with the plans starting from 1.5% for 90 days with principal return and the minimum to invest is only $20. Having original and customized script with SSL-protection and being hosted on the leaders in anti-DDoS protection BlockDos servers BristolCapitalGroup is surely a great choice for an online investor looking for the safe haven for the investments. Being online for only a month BristolCapitalGroup has already became one of the most popular low-ROI HYIPs although it’s not new when it comes to investments. The program is legally registered in Great Britain since November 2006 and this fact surely adds some credibility. Constantly developing its features (extending the list of payment processors accepted, introducing compounding option etc.) and growing in popularity allow me to say that BristolCapitalGroup is a perfect way to invest your money and is certainly is here for the long haul. You can read more details of BristolCapitalGroup in my interview with the admin published here.

2. Tradelite. The second choice is Tradelite – a program that is widely known now and nedds no itroduction unless you’re a newbie in this industry. It was clear from the beginning that Tradelite was going to become a huge program with hundreds of investors spending thousands of dollars. Starting in April Tradelite could achieve such great results by offering a customized investment platform to its investors with an option to deposit in three main plans: 118% after 20 days, 147% after 40 days and 194% after 60 days. Of course, Tradelite wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t offer instant withdrawals, the possibility to instantly receive your cancelled contract with a 10% fee applied, superb protection provided by BlockDos and official registration documents and an office in the Republic of Panama. I must say that Tradelite is aimed only for serious investors and I mean serious when it comes to the minimum of depositing in Tradelite which is $50. But I can honestly say that such programs like Tradelite are a real rare find in this industry. When it comes to the original plans and the concept and the flawless performance Tradelite is definitely stands out from the crowd. You can read more if you like in my interview with Tradelite project coordinator Martin Mitchell published here.

3. UniCreditInvestment. Number three in my Top list is given to the short-term program UniCreditInvestment. And it’s not only because of the stable plans it offers: 13%-14% for 8 days, 120%-128% after 8 days or 130%-144% after 10 days. And it’s not only because of the licensed GoldCoders script and DDoS protection provided by BlockDos. Mostly it occupies such a high spot on my list because of the experienced and dedicated admin Ingrid who really did her best to pull UniCreditInvestment out of so much trouble in its early days on a previous hosting with a corrupted database. So she was not only able to do it but Ingrid managed to take her program to a higher level. Everybody knows in this industry that if an admin strives to make her program better, spends so much time, money and effort on achieving great results, providing the fastest support and response to all the members’ queries it will definitely lead to growing popularity. In my opinion such a program as UniCreditInvestment can become a model for all short-term programs that want to achieve the same success. Of course, Ingrid was a very nice person and she answered all my questions properly for the interview published here.

4. CapitalizedInv. Another program from an experienced admin that once had a great program that ran for 4 months is CapitalizedInv. The admin Paul invests the money collected as capital for bulk buying of gadgets such as mp3, mp4 players, optical mice, and more cheap gadgetries. From the profits he pays the profits for the members of CapitalizedInv which varies from 6%-7% for 20 days to 110% after 12 days. In Paul’s opinion these profits will help him sustain the payouts in the long term. You can actually read more about CapitalizedInv by reading my interview with Paul published here.

5. EliteMoney. EliteMoney is #5 on my list because it’s the first program that offered direct payouts (no withdrawals) to the e-currencies it accepts. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to track your deposit by allocating a unique ID to it when you make your investment. Now you can be sure that you will not lose any earnings and will always keep track of your investments. From 15 different daily, weekly and monthly plans EliteMoney offers I’m sure you will be able to find something that will suit your needs as an investor. If you want to find out more about EliteMoney and the plans it offers including my detailed analysis please refer to the review published here.

6. SafeAtom. SafeAtom is one of the most popular programs now because you have the opportunity to increase your money tenfold from it if you apply the rules of compounding that were highlighted in my article published here. The only drawback I can see here is that the program is online for 5 months which certainly decrease the chances to be in profit. Apart from this 2% for 150 days, 5 payment processors accepted and stable work without any major interruptions are the definite advantages of SafeAtom. I just hope SafeAtom will last for some time that will allow us all to make some good profit with them. You can read the review of SafeAtom on my blog published here.

7. MaxShare. MaxShare is a stable autosurf with a dedicated admin that has been running 5 other sites, some of them for more than a year already. Maybe this fact allowed him to set up such a low rate of 3% for 40 days and still stay popular. Today MaxShare added AlertPay to the list of the payment processors they accept. So if you have an AlertPay account but didn’t have the opportunity to join MaxShare yet you can try it now. I remind you that MaxShare is an autosurf with controllable growth and every week the maximum to deposit is increased by $10. Starting this Monday the maximum to deposit is $105. You can read more about MaxShare by reading my detailed review of the program here.

Very close to making it into my Top 7 were AgriFund, e-Confidence and LargeSum. They are really great programs as well and worth a look. You can find out more about AgriFund by reading my review here, e-Confidence review can be read here and LargeSum review was published here.

By the way, today I joined another potentially great program which I’m sure will soon occupy a place in my Top 7. TrustyPig is an autosurf based on a profit-sharing model with the possibility to earn 130% on your upgrade and the maximum is 13% daily. Profit-sharing is not really what I like nowadays but I just couldn’t miss such a quality site as TrustyPig and I will explain to you why in my review of TrustyPig that will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned for that!

Unfortunately I had to move 12Daily.Pro to “Not Paying” status on my monitoring page as there’s still no news from the admin and it’s clear to me that the second round has failed to attract investors. Apart from that I received payments today from: e-Confidence, AgriFund, CapitalizedInv, SafeAtom, BristolCapitalGroup, MaxShare, UniCreditInvestment and Tradelite. See you tomorrow on my blog!

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