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Yesterday I told you about a new short-term project with instant withdrawals called Profit-Family. If you haven’t read what I posted you’re welcome to read my review here. I myself received several instant payments already from Profit-Family and must add that all worked like clockwork. I really like Profit-Family program though it’s quite early to judge how long it will exist. That’s why I decided to publish the interview today in which the admin Joni will tell you why you should add Profit-Family to your investment portfolio and what the sources of income for the project are.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Do you have any experience in running an online investment program or any other site?

Hello! My name is Joni Taylor. Investments are my hobby. I was a professional investor for 5 years and have earned big capital. I have a command of professionals which work with the stock exchanges, valuable metals and other. We know how to do money.

It is our first professional HYIP project.
We have decided to help people who have no such wide experience and knowledge in this business. Everyone can earn the capital together with us. All together we are one family and we should help each other to develop further and to be better.

Our professional command uses your investments for work at a stock exchange, the purchase/sale of valuable metals and others. Using this money correctly we have good profit. A part of this profit we pay to you.

2. What plans does Profit-Family offer to its investors? What is the minimum and the maximum to deposit? Is compounding allowed? Do you think the plans will be sustainable in the long run?

When we created plans of payments we analyzed our weekly stable profit on work at the stock exchange and the purchase/sale of valuable metals. Then we analyzed plans of payments different hyip projects and have developed the average stable formula on which plans of payments were created. It is very important that you and us could both have a constant and stable income.

Here our plans of payments:

Start A – 10% for 12 days. You will be paid 10% daily during 12 days. So you will get 120% at the end of your investment term. The minimum for this plan is only $1 and the maximum is $1,000.

Start B – 120% after 10 days. You can’t withdraw daily in this plan but will receive your profit after 10 days. The minimum for this plan is $1 and the maximum is $1,000.

Premium A – 14% for 10 days. This plan is intended for larger investors. The withdrawals can be made daily for this plan.

Premium B – 140% after 8 days. It’s the plan for larger investors starting from $1,000.

Start A and Start B are plans for all. From the beginner up to the professional investor.
Premium A and Premium B are plans for professional investors who wish to earn good money.

When you choose plans of payments you should understand for yourselves with what purpose you have come to this project and what money you wish to earn.

3. Why do you practice instant withdrawals in Profit-Family? Don’t you think the security of your site will be compromised by doing it?

Instant withdrawals should be part of every project that respects their clients. Why force people to be nervous and wait for when the project will pay them their profit if it is possible to make it instantly. All depends on that how the project respects their clients.

About protection. We use all modern methods of protection against breaking. A basis of our protection is encryption 256bit ssl protected channel with which simply not probably to crack.

4. What payment processors does Profit-Family accept and do you have any plans in adding more payment processors in the near future?

We analyzed different payment systems and have come to the conclusion that LibertyReserve is the most convenient, reliable and stably working system on the Internet. LibertyReserve is widely used in the investment business. About other payment systems…. I think that we shall add some systems in due course if it will be necessary for our clients.

5. Does Profit-Family have any real sources of income apart from the new spends? If yes, what are they?

Of course we have real sources of the income. As I already stated we a command of professionals and we use your investments for work at a stock exchange, the purchase/sale of valuable metals and other. Using this money correctly we have good profit. A part of this profit we pay to you.

6. Why did you choose to use GoldCoders script for your program? Is Profit-Family site DDoS-protected?

As you probably already know the script from company GoldCoders is the best software for hyip projects. We use all the best and modern technologies for our project. We have a server with DDoS-protection and other modern kinds of protection. This should be a part of every stable project.

7. What sources will you rely on in making your program known to your potential investors?

We use the most popular kinds of advertising. You can see our project in lists of the best monitorings and forums.

8. For how long do you intend to run your program? What are your plans for the future?

We have very big plans for future development. We plan to work long and stably. I hope that many people can earn capital together with our project, with our help.

9. In your opinion what differentiates Profit-Family from other online investment programs?

Now in the market hyip projects, there are a lot of so-called scam projects which deceive people and it is not good. They make up almost 90 % of the HYIP market. People should learn to distinguish scams from the present project and then they can receive good profit on good projects.

We differ from other projects in the operational experience in the sphere of investment and a professional knowledge. We use your money correctly. It leads to good profit for you and for us. And your trust in our project will be earned by us with time and work.

10. What would you like to say to my readers to make them think about depositing in Profit-Family?

I wish to say that a good investor always will see a good project. To usual users I can advise to listen to your heart and intuition and it will always prompt the correct choice.

11. What is your opinion about my blog? Do you think it’s useful for an online investor?

I wish to tell to you Paul, you a good man! You do good work. You help people to make the correct choices and to find really good programs. I wish you success in your work and to investors I hope you find more good projects and to earn good money! Best regards, Joni Taylor

Ok, I hope you enjoyed reading the interview and will consider joining Profit-Family as in my opinion the program has good stable plans with reasonable rates, a secure website with licensed script and a professional admin ready to help if you have any further questions. All in all, I think that Profit-Family program will be a good choice for diversification of your investments. Let’s hope the program will run for a long time and we all will be able to enjoy some profits from it!

Since there’s no news today to report I guess I will see you on my blog tomorrow. Stay tuned for more exclusive info, interviews and reviews that I will publish for you soon! I’m working for you, guys!

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