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29/01/2011. MNOFridays (twelfth issue) and Daily News from the Industry


Hi, guys! You are probably aware by now that my approach to running MNO is based on honesty and on not hiding anything from my readers. Of course I have a private life which I don’t discuss in public as I believe in keeping that separate from work, but for anything connected to how I run MNO blog, monitoring, forum and chat I’m an open book to all my readers. All the rules of monitoring are on exposure, all the advertising prices and all the rankings are displayed to the general public. I always try to honestly answer your emails or give you a helping hand on MNO chat and try my best to monitor the programs that advertise on MNO in the most honest fashion. That means no selective payouts allowed, no banners are displayed for not paying programs, no discussion of “real” (ie alleged) investment activities in my reviews and no delays in moving problematic programs to their genuine status with the compulsory update about that on my daily blog post.

I am aware that not every single monitor or blogger shares my core principles and values. I understand that they have to work hard to earn money for their sites and sometimes it looks so tempting to forget about your policies and to accept money for something you don’t usually do: putting a program higher in your ranks, displaying free banners and pretending they are paid ones in order to encourage real purchases from HYIP admins, artificially inflating your Alexa rating for the same purpose, running and harboring your own ponzi-programs you’re secretly running, and all other stuff – be sure that I know how it’s all done and be sure you won’t find it on MNO blog.

Some readers also wonder why I don’t accept HYI programs for free like some other bloggers do (or say that they do). The reason for that is simple – I’m doing this because I value my time and promotional efforts as I do consider myself a professional in this business (I’m doing this for years, you know). I have already made enough money from HYIPs in the past as I had enormous earnings in such huge giants like GNI and GeniusFunds amongst others which I invested wisely (no, not in more HYIPs!) and secured my own financial future once and for all. That’s why I don’t see any reason why I should accept and praise cheap scams for free and waste my precious time on them. Trying to make a couple of easy bucks for yourself is one thing, but at the expense of your downline is simply unacceptable. I made one single exception for CherryShares whose admin was absolutely ungrateful and despite my promo efforts spread all types of lies about our “advertising” agreement which never in fact existed. In addition, I find it strange why some programs should pay money to get listed on MNO while some others won’t. I think it’s only fair that I will not show favoritism and remain unbiased which you see in my reviews and evaluation of any particular program regardless of how much money they paid for advertising on MNO. However, sometimes the money the admins spent for advertising on MNO blog is quite substantial as I try to position myself as an elite monitoring service site only for the best and highest quality programs that are ready to pay for the results. There is no such blog in the industry with higher prices for advertising and I’m not going to reduce it (the only exception was the low season this summer) just because I want more programs to come to MNO and pay me more money. Again, I don’t want quantity, I want quality.

But what would be my definition of a quality program when it concerns to HYIPs? Well, the first and main thing I appreciate in a program is an admin experienced and honest enough. The admin must be experienced because it will reduce the risk of any technical issues with the site and any problems with payment processors which in turn will make the program run longer. The admin must be honest because the investors (at least those who really know how the industry works which was thoroughly discussed in previous MNOFridays issues) are smarter than you think. At least if you talk about the MNO audience, they are the last ones to believe all those funny stories about fish farms and fields of gold. Well, from my experience since GNI there was not one single program that managed to persuade me that they are involved in real business. And after my investigation regarding the easy process of purchasing a certificate of incorporation in the UK (read the article here) that even further strengthened my position on the matter of HYIPs and real business which have absolutely nothing in common.

The thing that HYIP industry is actually a gambling industry shouldn’t put you astray though. We all know that even in casinos you will win if you’re lucky enough or if you have your own winning strategy and follow it diligently changing it from time to time to suit your needs best. The same for HYIPs: you should read and investigate all aspects of any particular program thoroughly before jumping to a conclusion and spend your hard-earned money in them. Remember that the task of any HYIP admin is to make you deposit your money, and to make as much money as possible for himself. Your task is always to figure out if this investment would be profitable for you and try to outsmart him. This is how things work in this industry and that is why sometimes the admins try to persuade investors by telling them their money is invested somewhere to give them a false sense of security that will help them part company with their money believing they are investing in something real. Such treatment of HYIPs is pretty dangerous and will lead you nowhere. That’s why you should always treat ALL the high-yield programs as a form of gambling.

Most of the admins still try their best to make their programs look real but most often they can’t even provide a shred of evidence about what they are doing or explain it properly. Well, if you’re trying to run a program with some legend to back-up your claims at least have some basic communication skills to talk about it, because sometimes the “Forex experts” haven’t even got the most rudimentary understanding of the business they claim to be making millions of dollars from. Yes, it is important to try best to make a program look more professional and sometimes it’s important to have a story that goes with it as well but you have to back-up your words, otherwise you and your program will look hilarious and you will deserve the reputation of a liar which will be hard to deal with in the future. I guess that is why many long-term programs with not-so-educated admins try to avoid MNO at all costs – they simply don’t want their lies to be exposed by me in the reviews and discussions of their programs. Such cowardice is understandable, even excusable of course as I have no interest in such programs. Because usually they are low-quality anyway. I have my own principles and try to follow them regardless of anything.

You must know that MNO didn’t become a success overnight. When I started my blog I had dedication, total commitment and passion for what I’m doing and that is what helped me survive the first six months online when I had absolutely no income from advertising and just made some money from my own investments and trying to get myself educated. I think it’s very important to learn all your life and use your experience in what you’re doing. I’m not one of those self-proclaimed experts who run or used to run their own HYIPs and then comes along to teach others where to invest. I only have only my own experience as a regular investor and as a monitor, I never ran or will be running any programs to “help” my readers make money, because eventually these HYIPs will close and you will have to build your business from the beginning. The worst thing, you can lose your reputation or the remnants of it, which I’m not going to do because I appreciate it too much and because I know how hard it is to establish yourself. I’m not hiding anything, not hiding my real name and not hiding the business I’m running or the way I’m running it. I for one am sick of other people’s lies in this industry and I will do my best so you will feel that MNO was and always stays honest with you at all times.

I’m also not afraid to show you my true opinions and speak openly about all the things I like. The fact that a program is listed on MNO doesn’t mean that its review will be flawless – it’s always unbiased and I always speak about its strong and weak points to give you the full picture. That is the point of MNO – that I want to make it as useful as possible for my readers to make their own reasonable and informed decisions. That is the reason I expand my services all the time and that is the reason why I introduced the MNO Forum last year and just recently the MNO Chat which has already become extremely popular among both readers and HYIP admins and will definitely be a smashing success once I add the Premium version of it within the next couple of hours. This will definitely be a useful tool for both readers and HYIP admins alike who are not afraid to come live and discuss their programs on a person-to-person basis. This way will be a good tool to distinguish between experienced and amateur admins. For admins it will be a perfect tool to advertise their programs on a new no-nonsense level and for the members of those program this will be a perfect chance to find out more about the person behind it. More features will be added to the MNO Chat soon, so stay tuned for more announcements on that, but I do hope this will herald a new and unheard of level of communication on MNO!

Despite the success I’m having there will be always somebody who likes what I’m doing and somebody else who hates it. And I’m totally ok with that because anyone expressing a point of view may be disliked by those afraid of those opinions being heard. That’s what typically accompanies popularity in this industry but the fruits of my hard labor is something I think I deserve for what I sacrificed in running MNO. And I will do everything possible to protect it and make it stronger day after day. And my main assets is not HYI programs and not how much money I made from them but rather my readers and its sincere appreciation of what I’m doing, what I have already achieved and what I am just trying to achieve. That is why my main reward is the level of popularity MNO has achieved and that is why I encourage you to vote for MNO as The Best e-Commerce Blog of 2010 in the poll located here. This will be the best support for my project you can show. Thanks a lot for reading and for supporting MNO. I will see you in the next issue of MNOFridays soon!


Today was not a very good one for some programs listed on MNO at all because there’s been a few closures over the last 24 hours. Some of which were pretty unexpected, one being YourPrivateLottery. Probably the admin couldn’t digest the truth about his program which was published in my blog last night, but hey, don’t try to outsmart me or my readers next time. The program managed to survive only two weeks after being listed with the major forums and was only listed on MNO for 5 days which didn’t even complete one cycle. Therefore, we can consider this program as a total flop because it’s obvious that their model of simultaneously running short and long-term plans proved to be unsustainable. Well, I have to give the admin at least some credit because he had the decency to remove his website as soon as the instant payouts stopped. He even issued a farewell update to his members or those who were so unfortunate to believe in their new concept. The reasons behind the program’s failure were not mentioned except the depletion of its main accounts in LR and PM processors:
Hello to all dear members,
Our Perfect money funds are depleted already, LibertyReserve left not so much. To be honest I can’t sustain this program anymore. Who managed to be in profit – congratulations, you have won. Who not – well, you must try your luck somewhere else. I have made a decision to close YourPrivateLottery, goodbye see you around.

The most unexpected closure was made by the admin of AllianceAdavantage Jeff whose site is already offline. I thought everything was cool with the program till last night when the usual daily payouts didn’t come through. But I guess after a regular newsletter received this morning I was bit more confident the program might survive as they announced the winners of the recent referral contest (me being one of them) and promised to have a more detailed update on what’s going on with the program soon. Here is the latest official newsletter I received from AllianceAdvantage early this morning:
Hello. I would like to announce the winners to the referral contest that we had this month.
As you know, the members that referred people with the highest amounts would be the ones that would win first, second and third place.
Our winners are:
First Place: highlife $500
Second Place: moneynews $200
Third Place: freedomgate $100
The winners will receive their money credited to their account and they are allowed to do whatever they wish with it. I would like to personally thank everybody that contributed with efforts to the referral contest and say congratulations to all three members for such a great job done!
The contest went really well and third place was really close. The 3rd place winner will have only won by a $1.62 lead. The difference between that member and the next one was only $0.38! A lot of them were so close but we had a lot of different people that made several referral commissions and the referral commissions made during the contest have all been paid.
I just got in to the office so that is all I have time for today but when I get caught up with my work, I will send another newsletter later this weekend with all of the AllianceAdvantage updates etc.! I hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon.
Thank you for your support!
Best Regards, Jeff. AllianceAdvantage

I woke up this morning and found that my pendings were not paid for over 24 hours already. And of course the first thing to do is contact the admin of in order to find out what was wrong because I knew for sure I was not the only one who had them. I was answered pretty fast and the admin apologized for the delays but he didn’t exactly explain the reason for it. After pressing on him a bit he admitted that the program was problematic now and that MNO is entitled to put AllianceAdvantage to Problem status due to the delayed payouts. The admin also mentioned that he would be removing the site completely so nobody would be able to invest anymore. I’m not sure if he will be processing payouts while the site is offline (currently it gets redirected to another site) but he promised to send a newsletter when the situation is clearer. I will keep you updated if I get more information about the future of AllianceAdvantage which at this moment doesn’t look too bright.

Now get to the two expected collapses from BetBankFund and EasyCashGrowth. The programs were clearly run by the same administration and were extremely successful. BetBankFund ran for nearly a month and EasyCashGrowth lasted for 25 days. Provided all the safe plans to invest ran for 1-3 days we can conclude that many investors were in good profits from them. Actually it was also predictable that since many of us were aware that the same admin ran two other programs – MoneyInternetWorld and BigCashExperts which were obviously used in conjunction to fund two earlier programs – it was already reported by me after an extremely quick collapse of another almost identical program from the same syndicate – FinIntCorp. Some monitors are probably still getting paid by all those programs but the admin decided to ensure nobody would find out about selective payouts and has already changed the logos on the rating pages of all four sites. In addition following the usual scam tactics the updates were issued about the too-good-to-be-true plans starting with a $500 minimum deposit. I won’t even bother to post here what BetBankFund and EasyCashGrowth programs sent to their members today but just wanted to warn you from investing there. These programs are scams already and have been put to Problem status on MNO!

DollarCommerce might be in trouble as well but I don’t want to make any premature conclusions or speculate on that. The fact remains that my withdrawal request to LibertyReserve made from DollarCommerce last night remains unpaid while all the withdrawal requests to AlertPay are being processed instantly as promised by the admin in his previous newsletter. It’s funny that I received this email from him explaining the reasons for the delay with LibertyReserve cashouts:
Hi, Paul! In case if people are concerned about pendings, I am currently at a weekend party. Please do not worry about them and all withdrawals will be paid within next 24 hours when I am back at home.
Enjoy the weekend. Chris
Well, I will give Chris the benefit of the doubt and will wait till tomorrow morning before moving DollarCommerce to Problem status on MNO. Something tells me though that everything may not be rosy in the garden with DollarCommerce at the moment. That is why I suggest to wait till tomorrow if you consider reinvesting there. For now DollarCommerce will remain on Paying status on MNO blog and monitoring.

EDIT: Since publishing this update Chris has completed all pending payouts to all payment processors by Sunday morning.

Whew! I think we finished with all the bad news for today so it’s time to take a look at some of the properly paying programs listed on MNO.

The most recent update from the highly successful RevenueBuild (reviewed here) dealt with the earlier announced new surfing plan that was about to be introduced soon. The plan will be paying 9% for 13 days and therefore with a pure profit of 17% it will become the most profitable plan offered by RevenueBuild. I remind you that the program pays on expiry for three investment plans – 105% after 2 days, 107% after 3 days, and 110% after 5 days – so you see that the 117% plan will be the most profitable. All in all, I don’t believe it will become popular due to the surfing requirements which one will have to make daily in order to qualify for a payout and because by reinvesting in the 5 day plan you will be able to reach 20% profit in 10 days only. I hope by the time it launches that Steve, the admin of RevenueBuild (interviewed here), will reconsider the percentage or least make some adjustments in already existing HYIP plans to make the new surfing plan more attractive to members. In other news Steve also announced the five lucky winners of their article contest and invited everybody to visit the program’s official forum thread on MNO (click here to check it out) for more updates and support if you have any questions. The most recent newsletter from RevenueBuild commemorates 75 successful days online – an achievement which many short-term programs could only dream of. Here it is:
Dear Revenue-Builders,
I hope you’re enjoying the weekend as we progress towards 75th day of our existence. We are very proud to announce this that we are celebrating our 75th day today. Yet, it feels the journey has just begun and we have a long way to go. We have a good amount of updates today so let’s get into it directly.
1) Revenue-Surfers Plan: We are working on this with our programmers and designers as there needs to be some files that needs to be installed additionally to make this all done. Once we install all the files correctly and test the functionality well, then we’ll be good to go. The main idea behind this plan is to provide the surfing community a platform to join us and advertise their stuff with us and earn the rebates at the same time. The new Revenue-Surfers plan will be much stable with 9% rebate for 13 days (117% in total) with payments being carried out on a daily basis. Our goal is to extend our business into the Advertising field as well where we look forward to generate some revenues using the advertisers so that it will become a part of the multiple income streams we have already. We will cover much on that in the future newsletters.
2) Winners of RB Article contest: Well, I’ve to admit we got tremendous response from a pool of 360+ members what we have. I feel pleasured and lucky to be the administrator of RevenueBuild. We are just opening up our wings and are excited that we are managing it well. I would choose all of them winners, but have to choose 3 to make it fair for now and they are as follows:
1)User-id#338, 2)User-id#261, 3)User-id#103
We will be posting their stuffs in the Testimonials section created today. Additionally, please do write back to us if you want to submit your testimonial to us and we will put all those into the Testimonials section on your preference. All the winners have been credited with 5$ each in their Accounts which is withdraw able.
Also note that our official forum partner is MNO where I’ll be posting all the updates on a daily basis. So do visit us there and let’s chit-chat over there in your free time. Let’s make it a special place unmatched to anyone and I Personally will look forward to see you there.
With that being said, I’ll keep this update newsletter short and get going with the work that’s pending with the programmer. Congratulations to all the winners once again and have a grand weekend.
Until the next newsletter,
Warm Regards, Steve, RevenueBuild Administrator.

The admin of AccessTomorrow was not satisfied when none of his clients availed of the services of some kind of financial advisor which they hired to provide better service to the investors. If it’s true I don’t think they will find anyone interested in taking financial advice from an online HYIP but still the admin reminds everybody that it’s there. Also in the latest newsletter AccessTomorrow which is paying 1.8% for 50 days, 1.9% for 60 days, and 2% for 70 days to LR and PM mentioned the fast customer support they provide clients and thanked all the members supporting their program. Here is the latest email from AccessTomorrow (reviewed here):
Subject: News Update
A couple of days ago, we announced we have employed the services of a professional advisory service. We have yet to see anyone use this service. This is your service, and since we pay a weekly retainer fee (small, though, in comparative term), we wish to encourage you to use the service.
On the other hand, if you sent us any messages on Thursday the 27th and we did not reply, please resend the message. We had a slight problem with our email relay service but it has now been fixed.
It is our habit to reply to every message as soon as we received it. Monitor admin messages? Sorry, we do not look into those as we reckon there are more than 1500 monitors out there and replying each of them soliciting to provide us with monitoring service will take out a valuable chunk of our time. So sorry Monitor admins. Every legitimate message to us receives a reply within 24 hours at the latest.
AccessTomorrow has had a very good week, thanks to your efforts. We have been very surprised with the participation of investors from France, Germany, India and Nigeria. Someone informed us a news magazine (Success Digest) had featured an advert about AccessTomorrow in Nigeria. We are most grateful for this noble dead.
As you know, we work on weekends as week. So we look forward to service you as usual.
Have a nice and fulfilling weekend.
Best Regards. Admin. AccessTomorrow.

The admin of InvestPlatforms contacted me today and explained why they currently pay a 2% promo cash bonus only to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney for new deposits made in 1.2%-2% daily variable plan (read more on that plan in my review of InvestPlatforms published here) and ignore AlertPay deposits in the same plan. Here is the explanation provided:
Dear Paul,
Just to clarify your concern written on your blog, the only reason we are giving the promotion for PM and LR is because firstly PM is a newest accepted payment processor and LR because we are looking at other promos in March for LR account holders as we have done enough research that LR has the highest traffic pertaining to emoney popularity.
We would gladly include AP into the promo but as the traffic flow of investors coming in with AP is quite consistent and due to the slower exchange service provided by them, we would put more focus on LR and PM at the moment.

I find this explanation satisfactory enough and following their official newsletter where they asked all monitors to update the list of payment processors accepted by InvestPlatforms I did so on my own monitoring page. Actually I noticed that when I last checked my account with InvestPlatforms yesterday and updated that although the official newsletter was received by me only after the regular daily news on MNO had been published. Here is the latest from InvestPlatforms anyway for the attention of all its investors:
Dear Admins and Valued Members,
InvestPlatforms is now available for investors whom are considering using PerfectMoney as a payment gateway. Any deposits made during this 1 month promotional period is entitled to a 2% cash bonus which will be transferred to their PM account within 12 working hours.
We are now accepting these various modes of payments:
1) Perfect Money
2) Liberty Reserves
3) Alert Pay
4) AP (business) – VISA, Master Card, American Express
5) Western Union
For monitor and forum admins, please kindly add and update the new payment processors which has been left out before. We appreciate the kind gesture and support.
Mr. Ken Lim will be looking through the list of marketing platform and choose the active ones to work with throughout this year 2011. He wants to convey that the shortlisted ones will be notified through mail within 2 weeks with a monthly banner budget.
Lastly, please stay tuned for more updates as we enter into a year of breakthroughs and prosperity. We hereby wishes everyone a prosperous new year!
Best Regards always, Sandy Lam.
Support Manager. InvestPlatforms

I received yet another confirmation of the complete futility and pointlessness of voting on monitoring sites from the admin of OilCapital (interviewed here). I was always wondering why some members put so much trust in positive votes posted on monitors including the biggest ones like GoldPoll. Do you know that sometimes up to 90% of these votes can be fake? There are usually fake voters paid by an admin to post positive votes but sometimes there are extortionists demanding money and putting negative comments from different IP-addresses on famous monitors. That was the reason why I removed the voting option from my monitor as totally useless and sometimes even dangerous and misleading. It looks like OilCapital was approached by such scammers demanding money for their silence – i.e. they will be paid for NOT making any bad comments on GoldPoll and other monitors. Isn’t it a very convenient and easy way to make some money? I think so but the admin of OilCapital Jack showed some guts and rejected the demands and refused to pay the scammers. In the latest newsletter he’s asking for members’ support and states that OilCapital always pays instantly to AlertPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney in their only plan – 3%-4% for 50 calendar days (read more about that in my review here). So what are those complaints for? They are simply laughable. Here is the latest from OilCapital:
Dear Clients,
We were recently blackmailed by a group of fake bad voters, asking us to pay them the money they asked, and if we refused to do so, they said they would make a whole lot of fake bad votes on GoldPoll ( ). We did not agree to their terms, as we care for our clients’ money, and we do not intend to pay any blackmailers, just because they threatened us, because we know we have a much greater force to support us, and that is none other than you, our respected clients.
We are working very hard every single day, to provide our clients with the best service possible, and our instant payment feature is one such attractive feature. Still, you can see that some individuals are trying to harm our program, by making fake votes telling that their payments are in pending? How can this be possible when we are paying instantly, every single second, every single minute, every single hour of every single day?
We ask every client of OilCapital, to report any bad vote you may find in any of the monitors, to the respective administrators of the monitors. Also, please vote for us after you get paid from us. It will take only a couple of minutes for you to do so. Just as the payments you get from us are valuable to you, your votes for us are very precious and valuable for us.
We sincerely look forward for your valuable co-operation in this regard, and we hope you will take this matter into account seriously.
Warmest Regards,
OilCapital Administration

There was a short update received from the admin of 144CashAds today which was kinda unusual because I thought weekends were non-paying days for them (reviewed here). Anyway, it looks that all the pending withdrawals from yesterday have been processed only today and the admin of 144CashAds Lewies (interviewed here) sent a short update to let his members know about that:
Hi Thanks for your great support. Pls stay with us and help 144CashAds to grow and make best online project in 2011.
All pay out done and enjoy weekend
Thank you. Lewies. 144CashAds

For the last two days there were two brand new programs added to MNO monitoring which will be reviewed within the next few days.

The first program which was added last night is called SportBroks. The program is allegedly involved in “professional online sports betting and casino gambling” which is hard to believe of course. But at least to the admin’s credit SportBroks looks more interesting than the average program due to a unique script. Although the modification of the script should be familiar to those who are involved with GoldenShoesVentures (reviewed here) because the basics are all the same. After signing-up you will not see the regular Invest or Deposit button but instead a rather confusing Place Bets tab which offer you to buy $5 units which you can invest into two investment plans: 10% for 12 days (with the payments processed on expiration and $100 minimum to invest) and the less attractive 2.2% for 45 calendar days plan (pays your principal back on expiry and has a more affordable $20 minimum to invest). Which I like about SportBroks is the variety of payment processors you can use to join – AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve are all accepted. SportBroks is running on a dedicated Staminus server with Koddos protection. More on that will be available in the more detailed review which will be published on MNO next week.

The second program that was added just today is also brand new. It’s called SilverDigger and has a very nice silver themed design. The story here is even weirder and it looks like we are dealing with a venture based in Germany and allegedly involved in “acquisition and development of high quality silver properties and mines”. SilverDigger only accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney at the moment and has a low investment minimum of $5 for both investment plans on offer: 2%-2.5% paid on every business day and 11%-14% weekly interest. Please note that there is no expiry date on either plan but you can request your principal back anytime and will be changed a 30% fee from your principal. SilverDigger is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and has an SSL secured website hosted on a dedicated Staminus server DDoS protected bu DdosWiz. More on the program will be published in the upcoming review on MNO next week.

I have been paid today by the following programs listed on MNO:
ExtraIncome, GorgonProjectInvest, DollarCommerce, FutureTrails, ECashBroker, AssetManagement, AccessTomorrow, OilCapital, ReProFinance, GainBucks, GoldenShoesVentures, FondosMayores, Escaliva, Businex, IncomeLadder, InvestPlatforms, RevenueBuild and FxEconomy.

That’s all that I have to report to you today, guys. Enjoy the newly upgraded MNO Chat and its new features and I hope to see you back to my blog tomorrow when I’m planning to publish the long anticipated interview with the admin of GorgonProjectInvest Paul. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and see you all tomorrow!

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