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Beware! SecureEarn has been moved to Problem status due to selective payouts! Do not invest!

Hi everybody! Hope your Sunday’s been going well for you so far, just like the rest of your weekend. I still have a couple of new programs on my monitor to get through over the next couple of days so before today’s news update I’m going to look at something a little different from those reviewed over the last couple of days. It is however still a program that will have a very familiar appearance by now to anyone with an interest in short term HYIPs. It’s called SecureEarn and is the latest in what could almost be described as a conveyor belt of short term investment projects with almost identical features by now, many of which have become highly successful.

Starting as we always do with the plans, as you might expect SecureEarn has a pretty big array of them, mostly very short term, reasonably profitable for smaller to medium sized deposits, and worth a gamble if this is the sort of thing you’re into. SecureEarn also have one longer term option though to be honest it’s probably best avoided. I’ll get to that in a moment anyway but first let’s look at the more likely ones to get you a profit.

The majority of SecureEarn‘s six investment plans make one single payout on expiry. Like the first one for instance, it runs for a term of just 1 day and costs a $10 minimum to join. So if you sign up today you’ll be counting your winnings by tomorrow (in 24 hours to be exact). The payout will include your principal as part of it so will not be returned separately. The total return including the principal for deposits between $10 and $200 is 105%, or 5% profit. So in other words spend $100 today and get back $105 tomorrow. Or if you prefer a bigger gamble then the following rates will come into play:
106% for deposits between $201 and $500, 107% for $501 to $2,000, and 109% for anything between $2,001 and $5,000. Larger investments are of course taken, but if you’re curious about going past $5K then check your SecureEarn members area for the figures available on that.

The second plan sees SecureEarn offer payments on expiry after a 2 day term. You can sign up for a $10 minimum deposit and for anything up to a $200 spend can expect a repayment of 110.5%, principal included. That includes your principal so it’s a 10.5% net profit, or $110.50 returned for a $100 investment. Only marginally more profitable than let’s say reinvesting in the one day plan for a second cycle, but if you just can’t be bothered more often than is absolutely necessary then I guess you might prefer this option. Anyway, for bigger investments expect the following rates:
112.5% for $201 to $500, 114.5% for $501 to $2,000, and 120% for $2,001 to $5,000. Again as with the previous plan you can check the members area for information on what’s offered on anything above that. Not that I’d advise spending that kind of money myself, remember.

SecureEarn‘s third plan works just like the last two, paying once on expiry after a term of 3 days. Interest payments are made just once on expiry and will include our principal. The minimum cost of joining remains an affordable $10 and for anything up to $200 you are offered a return of 116%, or 16% net profit on your initial investment. If you want to risk a bigger deposit then the following rates are available from SecureEarn:
119% fro investments between $201 and $500, 121% for amounts from $501 up to $2,000, and 135% on deposits larger than that up to a $5,000 maximum. For the rates supposedly paid on deposits bigger than that you can check your members area from the program’s website.

Next up is a plan carrying a far higher risk than any of the previous ones. It runs for 10 days and to be blunt when you break it down to profit per day ratio it really has little to recommend it over any of the others so I can’t see as the risk is justified on your part. On the plus side however it still only costs a $10 minimum to join so in financial terms that risk needn’t be particularly big. Interest payments are made once on expiry and will include your principal. Anything from the aforementioned $10 minimum up to $200 will earn you 160%, or 60% net profit on top of your original investment. SecureEarn offers the following rates for larger deposits:
170% on $201 to $500, 180% on $501 to $2,000, and 250% on $2,001 to $5,000. Again for higher rates check the SecureEarn member area.

Next up we see SecureEarn change direction completely for their fifth plan. The term drops back to 2 days and in contrast to the others they make daily interest payments over the two day duration. These payments have your principal included as part of them. You can still join for a $10 minimum and the total profit earned is only very marginally bigger than the other two day plan paying on expiry. The rates available are as follows:
55.5% per day on $10 to $200 (111% in total), 56.5% per day on $201 to $500 (113% in total), 57.5% per day on $501 to $2,000 (115% in total), and 60% per day on amounts above that to a $5,000 maximum. You can if you wish spend more than that, and if you do then see the SecureEarn members area for the rates.

Finally, and I include this plan purely for informational purposes as I can’t see anyone other than the admin making a cent out of it, SecureEarn offer a plan that runs for 33 days and will (we are told!) make one single payment on expiry. There’s just one single rate offered to all deposits regardless of size, subject that is to a $10 minimum. The rate is 2100%. granted it need only set you back $10 to see if that’s a bluff or not, but I think we’ve seen enough of these things by now to know that the ten will find a better home in your wallet than the admin’s so if you really want to spend anything on SecureEarn at all you should stop wasting you time and do it in a plan that will actually earn you something. Save the long shots for the race track, eh?

Payment options are pretty basic and exactly as we might expect from a program like this. SecureEarn take LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon. Unlike similar programs however, SecureEarn does not make instant payments. They will need to be requested from within your members area and once done you will need to allow the admin up to 24 hours to get everything processed.

SecureEarn is up to a reasonable industry standard in terms of design and security. The website is SSL encrypted and also running off a script under license from GoldCoders. They are also hosted on a dedicated server from AntiDDos, who despite having shall we say a somewhat limited client base have yet to suffer any serious problems that I am aware of with the programs they’ve hosted since last year. If you need to contact the admin with any questions you can do so by filling out the support form found on the contacts page and submitting it.

A short selection of brief, badly written and garbled words will greet you on arriving on the SecureEarn home page making some cryptic references to making money trading currencies. I would as most of you know by now dismiss that immediately anyway and proceed with SecureEarn like any other anonymous online based venture. And that’s with extreme caution, but not without an awareness that it requires a high risk to make a high profit in the online HYIP industry. There’s no guarantees of course so make sure to keep all investments comfortably inside a modest spending limit that’s affordable to you, and try to keep SecureEarn as a small part of a wider more diverse portfolio.


First of all, I would like to apologize for maybe scaring somebody off by moving HitNRunMasters to Waiting status on my monitor yesterday and by warning my readers about it last night. Well, the payment came through to me eventually and it was done within 48 hours. The admin also got back to me finally and apologized for the delay and for not processing the payment on the previous night. Anyway, I still think it’s better be safe than sorry and you know that I’m very strict about programs that fail to send payments on time, especially when I can see the payment reports on forums which raises the suspicion of selective payouts. I’m glad to say that was not the case with HitNRunMasters which is still paying 1.5%-2.8% daily for 365 days with principal return on expiry to both LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. You can read my full review of HitNRunMasters here, and possibly soon I will have an interview with the admin (well, the questions have already been sent).

By the way, just a couple of days ago I have received a long response from the HitNRunMasters admin to my review. I respect his opinion and explanations but I must also add that there were no proof given whatsoever to what was said below and you can treat this information whatever way you like. A great story-teller does a great job in telling you how his HYIP operates but is it true? It may be more fascinating and original than the others but still lacks any shred of evidence, so I’ll stick to my opinion expressed in my review of HitNRunMasters until proven otherwise. Still I was quite pleased to read the explanation and response to my article and if you do want to find out more about HitNRunMasters and how it allegedly operates please read the below reply carefully:
MNO Review of HnRM is posted at the MNO Blog.
I sincerely appreciate the effort that Paul puts into his MNO blog. He has a business in the HYIP realm that outshines all others. In almost every case Paul is spot-on when it comes to calling it like it is. Almost every case – except this one that is. But it is not his fault. We have purposefully left details vague and will continue to do so in order to protect our strategies. However, we feel the need to enlighten you and clarify an issue that was raised during our MNO review so that readers can make an informed decision regarding their future as an HYIP participant, or become a casualty of this war on HYIP ignorance.
Allow me to dissect and expand on a few of the issues MNO raised in his most excellent review.
Paul said: Well, I don’t know about that but I tend to doubt that one admin, one group, or one program would hold that much sway over the entire industry.
You would be very surprised. The reality is, we are not One Admin, nor One Group and as a participant in HnRM your funds are not part of only One Program.
We are dozens of admin. We are dozens as a group. Our accounts number in the thousands.
I will describe to you a recent victory that will perfectly explain the collaboration we have in this industry and our ability to “have control’ in just a moment.
Paul said: The one thing about HYIPs that we can all agree on is that once you hand your money over to an admin you no longer have any control over the situation. Whether you get paid or not is now no longer your decision. It’s that of the admin of the program you just joined. He’ll scam you if he wants to, and you’re just taking a gamble that he won’t.
When we infiltrate a program, we do not do so with one account or one deposit and hope and a prayer.
Recently, several of our contacts at the payment processors informed us that one of the programs we were heavily invested in (having over 100 accounts there) was no longer simply holding investor funds but that they were beginning to remove funds in large amounts. We were also informed as to which exchangers this program admin was using. We contacted the exchangers and could quite clearly see that the funds were being removed and the program was now on the verge of collapse. In speaking with our insider at the hosting company, as well as confirming with respected monitors, we found the number of members joining the program had dwindled.
In this case it was clear that the admin, seeing his new membership numbers dropping and his new money deposits slowing was about to ‘RUN’ with the money.
We were not ready for this to happen. We needed a little more time to remove our funds. We decided to undertake a strategy that would encourage the admin to keep the program open. We had to take aggressive action. We immediately added this program to our associated PTC and Autosurf sites to increase the traffic flow. We then vastly increased the new member sign ups and added minimum deposits to some of those new accounts. We also increased the program’s exposure in various forums by adding it to a few dozen signatures and contacting some associated ‘paid posters’.
The result was spectacular. The admin of the program seeing all this new activity, decided to delay his out-exchanges and postpone his escape in the hope that these new members would begin to invest heavily. We are certain he must have thought “I have done it. They are finally arriving the way I knew they would. My scam is now working. Now the big money will begin to come in!”
This bought us the extra time we needed to remove the larger bulk of funds spread out over nearly 100 accounts we had infiltrated the program with.
Like we said… We have contacts in every corner of the HYIP world.
There is not one single decent program we have not successfully infiltrated.
Our strategies produce positive results almost all of the time.
Paul said: And that very same rule applies to HYIP admins who piggyback on other HYIPs because they can get scammed just as fast as anybody else. So despite the interesting story and the investment strategy explained by the HitNRunMasters admin (assuming it’s true) his investments are no more guaranteed than yours.
With our contacts and the insider knowledge we have developed over 10 years in this arena, we disagree. We have the ability to virtually guarantee the destiny of any program through a network of associates and contacts. If you think that this HYIP arena is operating 100% on chance, then you are not associating with the right .. shall we say… cartel.
We would like to provide you with an analogy. When you go to a casino, you know that the ‘house’ has the advantage. Depending on which game you play that advantage can be quite high. Slot machines offer the house the highest advantage. Craps gives the house a lower advantage (if it is played correctly). Nevertheless, the ‘house’ always has the advantage. That is unless you have bought the dealers, have the ability to count cards, and can perform tricks that rival David Blaine or David Copperfield. Only then you will be in a position to beat the house. Let’s call those described as having the ability to beat the house as …. HitNRunMasters!
Paul said: So with that in mind it has to be said that this program is exactly like everything else in the industry
We say, that with everything in mind, it has to be said that we are nothing like anything you have ever been privileged to in this industry and you only have two choices now. 1) Go to the casino and play slots, or 2) join the HitNRunMasters!
We are not a part of HYIP to have a program to secure your future. We have a program and are willing to assist you because we need to band together and remove the crap from HYIP. Don’t confuse this endeavor with benevolence. This is an endeavor spawned out of need to return HYIP to its roots and nothing more. The truth is, it will take a couple years or longer to accomplish it and if you band with us… you will survive it and you will prosper.
Paul also commented on our ‘Outsourced Support’
Paul said: The thing I have yet to be convinced about however is the admin’s claim that support has been outsourced to a completely different company who in turn is a sort of liaison officer with the HitNRunMasters admin. According to him it gives him a lot more time to get on with actually running the program, which is great for him. Less encouraging for you however because you never deal directly with an employee of the program, never deal directly with the admin, and at best can only get support from someone with no personal ability or authority to access your account and fix any problems you have there.
It will work. It is working. These guys seem to know their stuff and we are glad to have found them. We have collectively developed a support protocol that keeps us in contact. Every member that has used the support feature at HnRM up to this point will be able to attest to the fact it is truly first rate. The support staff at ESP has instant contact with me (Admin NB) as well as our programmers. All issues are solved very fast. Give it a try.
We have also added the shoutbox at the site so that you may interact with me anytime I am online. I try to check the shoutbox as often as possible, so please, if you need something, have a question, or want to just chat, stop by and hopefully our paths will cross there.
It is TIME we band together!
It is TIME we turn this arena around!
It is TIME to make the changes!
It is a NEW DAWN in the world of HYIP!
Are you going to emerge victorious… or… lie wasted as a casualty?
The choice is yours!!!
HitNRunMasters. The HYIP Destiny is OUR Choice!

I have also to give a response to the admin of ComoditiesCapital whose program was added to MNO a couple of days ago and will be reviewed on MNO blog early next week. In his latest update he stated that I got his intentions wrong and that he knew how to spell the word “commodities” correctly and that was not the reason why he used it in the name of his program in the first place:
I read MNO and i saw the mentions regarding our program. So i thought to clarify some things. The misspell of commodities was not because we don’t know what they are (as we really do trade them daily) but because we wanted this word into our domain name and all combinations with correct spell (that we could think off) were taken. So we choose this form to take a domain with this word included after all. Sorry for not thinking to clarify this before to you. Thank you all for your support and please don’t forget to take advantage of our promotion. All details regarding it are in our news area. Also i’d like to ask our members and specially our monitors to post their payouts in forums so others to see we’re paying. Thanks.
Regards, James”.
Well, I also have something to say about that. When talking about the misspelled word “comodities” I didn’t mean the domain name. I’m aware of the fact that all the good names are already taken, however, it doesn’t relieve you of the responsibility to make your site at least look professional and make the name of your program and especially your advertising banners suitable for more educated people. Domain names and a program names are two totally different things in my opinion, and many programs in the past have called themselves one thing but not always had an identical internet domain name. So I tend to doubt that the admin of ComoditiesCapital actually was aware of the correct spelling of the word when he created or approved the design of his website containing this misspelled word all over the place. It might be ok for an HYIP which is known as a Ponzi-based game but it’s neither alright for a program that is allegedly trading commodities nor the person which is supposedly involved in trading them which is I highly doubt is true either. Anyway, just to remind you ComoditiesCapital is a program accepting LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay and offers the following investment plans to its members – 1.8% for 100 days (principal back), 3.2% for 45 days, 5% for 30 days, 6.5% for 25 days. More on the program read in the upcoming review on MNO very soon!

I imagine the admin of Opulentia Daniel (interviewed here) is probably receiving a lot of inquiries about the new limited short-term plan launched by the program in preparation for the official celebrations of their six months online which is coming up in a few days. So he’s decided to clarify some important questions regarding the new plan offering 125% after 7 days and also confirmed the limited status of the plan which will not be available after August, 6th. So here is the all you need to know guide about the new investment plan in Opulentia:
OPULENTIA: Celebratory short term plan
We want to clarify a couple of things about our Celebratory short term plan that are not clear to a certain number of our members.
The plan lasts for EXACTLY 7 days, and it means that if you invest on August 1st at 12:00 PM, you’ll get profit + principal on August 8th at 12:00 PM. You will receive principal + profit on your account balance, and then you can request the payment using the payment processor.
Profit is 25%, meaning that if you invest $100 on August 1st, you’ll get $125, and that is your principal + 25% profit.
The minimum is the same as in our other plans, which is $1, and there is no maximum. We accept LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, GlobalDigitalPay, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay.
This plan lasts until August 6th, after which it will be closed for new investments, but of course, all people who invest before August 6th will receive their payments, as it was explained in the previous paragraphs.
A lot of you are asking that this stays as our third plan even after August 6th but unfortunately that is not possible. This is a promo plan that was created to celebrate the 6th month of our online work. But the two original plans will, of course, remain as always.
Thank you for your trust.
Best regards, Daniel Beletzky. CEO at Opulentia”.
Just to remind you that Opulentia was first reviewed on MNO here and it originally started with two investment plans paying daily (2.15% on every business day for 365 days) and weekly (11% for 55 weeks) returning your principal on expiry. After an impressive 157 days of monitoring on MNO Opulentia holds the #4 position and hopefully we will see still paying for many weeks and months to come.

As you might have noticed LibertyReserve was not available today for a few hours. It was technical maintenance not usually announced on the LR blog but was mentioned only if you checked your account within the previous few hours. That means that you can expect delays in payouts from some programs the admins of which might not be able to pay you during this maintenance, so take that into consideration when checking for payments. Due to the downtime the admin of JPDaily announced an occasional day off today when according to his terms he can take from time to time as the interest from his program is variable anyway (read more about that in my detailed review of JPDaily published here). He also said that he would process all pending withdrawals to LibertyReserve as soon as the payment processor is back to normal. Here is the latest update from JPDaily:
Daily Result: Day Off for JPDaily
Daily Report:
I’m going to announce todays result tomorrow.
LR still isn’t loading for me; and its getting late and I want to go out!
I’ve processed all the pending AP withdrawals. LR I can’t do until it comes back online.
We’ll resume tomorrow.
And i’ll do the weekly referral payments then as well.
Regards, Rich”.

You have probably noticed that I’m still working on my new monitoring page which was only first presented to readers and HYIP admins a few days ago. I have to say that there will definitely be a few more minor changes made over the next few weeks. Today I just wanted to tell you what’s been going on since I started it. First off, the new monitoring codes and buttons were added and sent to the admins. I hope that the majority of them have already changed the codes by now and the new egg-shaped MNO seal will be a welcome fresh appearance in the HYIP world (thanks to my designer Andrew for his idea and all his hard work). Second, the renewed rules of advertising on MNO have been posted which include the newly added Exclusive listing to which only programs that do not advertise anywhere else except MNO will be added. The payment processors section was also updated to reflect the fact that AlertPay is no longer accepted by MNO and is not recommended in general for use by HYIP admins (considering the latest malicious attacks against such popular short-term programs as EarnGroups and MaxiEarn whose accounts were frozen and money stolen by the shameless AP). Third, some details were added to the program’s list on MNO monitoring including the date since which the program was first seen online (it’s a new feature that will distinguish between when the program was first added to MNO and when it actually started). The forum thread on MNO Forum where you can submit your payments and discuss the program’s performance has been also added to each program. Also you can see now a number which shows the rating of every program which is listed on Premium status on MNO. I hope that now makes it easier for you to determine which program is higher in ratings and what place it holds on MNO. Many investors also welcomed the addition of the Breaking News running line which you can see on top of my monitor informing you about the latest news from the industry in a sort of “news ticker” style. More changes are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more and check back often for more info.

With so much work and all the other news from the HYIP industry I had to postpone my article about AlertPay. Add to that some personal business and I haven’t had much free time recently. I have decided that it will be the best to publish the article when I’m ready when I’m afraid is not today. I hope you understand that I work on my blog alone and without days off, so I need more time to complete the article. Which I can promise you is it’s coming no matter what because such a damaging payment processor should be given a lesson and the admins and investors must be aware of the danger that surrounds it if you decide to use it when investing in HYIPs. Again, sorry for not delivering this article to you on time and thanks for your understanding!

For the record I was paid today from the following programs listed on my monitoring page:
EarnGroups, GorgonProjectInvest, BrantonsGroup, EurexTrade, SafeDepositary, Opulentia, HitNRunMasters, FeoCash, HyperCompound, PowerfulStrategy, StableAssets, ViscoCorp, LibertyHoard, HotInvesting, SecureEarn, MaxiEarn and TopsFund.

Thats all for this rainy Sunday, guys. Stay with MNO as tomorrow I’ll have a review of OnlineInvestmentBank which has been online for quite a few months and daily updates from the industry as usual. See you all then!

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