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SushiProfit has closed due to a hacking attack!

Hi all! Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. I’m spending it in the nice old city of Utrecht in Holland before getting the train to Berlin on Sunday and so far it looks quite a lively spot. Still time for the usual news update though, and today looks to have been a busy one in the industry. I’ll move on to that in a moment but first I want to start with a brand new short term game just added to my monitoring page yesterday (indeed it only launched yesterday as well as far as I know) called SushiProfit. As you can probably guess it’s decorated in a light-hearted seafood style theme, though of course there’s nothing funny about the real nature of the business at hand which as always is you taking a gamble with your money in hope of a profit. I can confirm however that the first of SushiProfit‘s six investment plans has already started paying out, putting the first investors including myself into profit. So let’s see what they have to offer.

On the face of it SushiProfit looks and feels a lot like any number of short term HYIPs that have hit the net in recent times and experienced players will find no surprises there. I do like the fact however that there’s no pretense about them being some big Wall Street corporation, ForEx traders, or any of the other HYIP admin buzzwords. It’s exactly as it’s presented to you with nothing to trick you into thinking you’re joining something you’re not. It’s an online HYIP, nothing else and nobody’s telling you differently, so there’s no real excuse for not being aware of what you’re getting involved with here.

So now that we have that out of the way let’s see the investment plans. As I said SushiProfit have six of them, all of which pay on expiry of terms of varying length. What I guess will probably be the most popular due to it having the lowest risk runs for just 1 single day. So in other words join today and get paid tomorrow. The minimum investment is $10 and for anything up to $300 a return of 105% is being offered. If you’d care for a bigger gamble then 106% is the return available on deposits from $301 to $800, and 107% is available on amounts from $801 to $2,000. There’s no maximum placed on how much you’re allowed to invest, but if you really think it’s a good idea to spend more than that check the SushiProfit member’s area for further details. All returns include your principal, by the way.

Not all SushiProfit’s plans come with the same relative low risk as we shall see, and some are frankly best avoided as they are highly unlikely to ever pay anyone other than the admin. But having said that there are other shorter term options still worth a gamble. Though to be honest when you break them down on a profit per day basis I can’t really see the extra profit being significantly higher enough to justify the risk of joining them. I guess what I really mean is that the alternative is to just re-invest in the one day plan for several cycles – the risk is lower but the earnings are almost the same.

Take the second plan for instance. It runs for 3 calendar days and can still be joined for the same $10 minimum. Payments will be made on expiry and will include your principal. A rate of 116% is offered on all deposits between $10 and $300 (compare that with what you can earn by re-investing in the one day plan for three cycles to see my point).
For larger deposits SushiProfit offers 119% on deposits between $301 and $800, and 122% on amounts from $801 to $2,000. There’s no upper spending limit but go to the SushiProfit member’s area for information on deposits bigger than that if interested.

Following that is a plan that runs for 7 calendar days. Payments are also promised on expiry and the minimum spend is $10. Anything up to $300 gets you a return of 137% which again compared to re-investing in the one day plan for seven cycles brings little advantage other than not having to withdraw every day. For bigger deposits SushiProfit offer 144% on amounts from $301 to $800, and 151% on amounts from $801 to $2,000, all of which of course include your principal. There’s no maximum limit placed on deposits, but for anything bigger than $2K check the SushiProfit member’s area.

From this point on plans get decidedly riskier, paying on expiry of longer and longer terms. SushiProfit‘s next offering runs for 15 calendar days, paying a return of 180% on deposits ranging from a $10 minimum to a $300 maximum, principal included. Otherwise for a larger deposit the rate is 195% on amounts from $301 to $800, and 210% on anything between $801 and $2,000. Check the SushiProfit members area for information on deposits over and above $2K.

The fifth plan runs for 30 calendar days, paying 270% on expiry for deposits from $10 to $300, 300% for deposits between $301 and $800, and 330% for deposits between $801 and $2,000. It’s your money we’re talking about here so dispose of it as you wish, though personally I’d only be looking at the shorter term options here. Still, the choice is yours. For information on what SushiProfit are offering deposits over $2,000 see the members area. Again there’s no stated maximum.

Finally, and this is a plan I include purely for your information (if not amusement!) on expiry of a 60 calendar day term SushiProfit offers a totally unfeasible whopping 7670% interest on any amount between $10 and $50,000. Though I’m sure if you ask nicely the admin will accept larger amounts! It’s an impossible obligation to meet of course and obviously a plan aimed more at the newbies or just the naïve, though you sure could buy a hell of a lot salmon steaks and prawn tempura if it happened, lol! But because this particular plan is best avoided doesn’t mean that the program is. Like I said earlier, the first plan has put some investors in profit already so set your sights to a more realistic level and it may have a better chance of paying off.

Typical of a short term HYIP like this, SushiProfit accepts only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney as payment handlers. Payments are made manually and will need to be requested from inside your account. Once done the admin requires up to 24 hours to have everything processed.

Other than that all I can really add is that the design and security features are up to a reasonable HYIP industry standard. SushiProfit runs off a script under license from GoldCoders and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by Dragonara. Customer support if you need it of just have any further questions for the admin is available by filling out the online form and submitting it. Their website is also SSL encrypted for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

As I already mentioned there’s no claims being made about any sort of a business plan backing the whole thing up, so there’s really no need for me to overstate the point. Unless of course the SushiProfit admin is secretly running a chain of Japanese restaurants, lol! So you know what you’re getting yourselves into if joining, you know the risks involved, so I can only appeal to your common sense and ask you to act accordingly. Keep your investments strictly within a limit that’s comfortably affordable to you and try to use any HYIP you join as a smaller part of a more diverse portfolio.


Unfortunately I need to start the news with warnings against a couple of programs moved to Problem status on MNO due to selective payouts. They are LargeEarning and StraDox. As far as StraDox is concerned I got a verified complaint from a reader who had a few pending payouts from the program and therefore moved it to Problem status without hesitation. The admin is free to contact me anytime if he needs me to restore the status of his program. LargeEarning was apparently run by the same admin who also owned HotInvesting and SecureEarn which collapsed two days ago (though some useless monitors still show Paying status because they were paid and not caring about investors). MNO reacted very fast to the complaints against LargeEarning today and I moved the program to Problem status this morning after I confirmed the complaints. I have also contacted the admin of the program and requested an explanation for the selective payouts made only to monitors, but judging by his reaction to my warning about his other two programs yesterday I don’t think I should expect a response. Anyway, though LargeEarning lasted only 11 days it was still more than enough time to make a profit for some investors as they paid 105% after one day. I guess the recent collapse of HotInvesting and SecureEarn determined also the fate of LargeEarning which managed to outlive its predecessors by a day. Please do not invest in LargeEarning even if you see Paying status on other dishonest monitors as the MNO logo showing Problem status has been removed from the program’s rating page!

The situation with MGFunds is getting more cloudy as well. Despite restoring their listing last night after the assurance of the admin that he had paid to everybody today I received yet more complaints from readers. I guess MGFunds might not be considered as a safe program to invest just yet, at least I would wait until the admin replies to the email I sent him today. Hopefully he will pay those guys left waiting for withdrawals for several weeks already. I will keep you updated on this and within the next couple of days the status of MGFunds may change again. At this moment I would not recommend making any investments there until further notice.

Let’s get to better news from paying programs now. The first update is from a program exclusively monitored on MNO – FIPO (reviewed here). After just a few days online the admin sent the first official newsletter last night in which he greeted all new investors and emphasized once again that FIPO can be found only on MNO monitoring. FIPO has reached over 170 members for its first two days online and about 70 MNO readers have already joined after my review which was also mentioned in the first newsletter. I would like to briefly remind you that FIPO is paying on two investment plans – 2.2% for 22 days and 2.4% daily forever with principal returned – and currently accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting with a $5 minimum and AlertPay (by special request only). Here is the first newsletter from FIPO:
FIPO Newsletter!
It takes us great pleasure to contact you through our first newsletter from FIPO.
We have a couple of exciting news to share with you today! The first is the awesome speed with which we have covered the 170+ members mark in just 2 days! This really boosts our confidence while we work hard at perfecting everything and maintaining the whole system just so that you can always be a part of FIPO for a long time to come.
We also wanted to bring to your attention, a special feature exclusively added for all our members. Even if you have not invested in FIPO as yet, you can still make money by referring others to our program! We pay 2% referral commission for all our FREE members.
But of course, being an active member in FIPO would entitle you to a 4% referral commission for every new member you bring to FIPO
You would also want to be aware of the new review that has been put up at the money-news-online blog. The link to the review is:
Please be informed that FIPO is exclusively monitored by money-news-online and we are part of any other monitors online.
Do feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.
Regards! Administration. FIPO”.

Nearly five months online and ranked #5 on MNO monitoring – not a bad result for PrimFix (reviewed here) which proved to become one of the most popular programs around now. They have over 10 thousand registered members with deposits in one of plans paying to AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney of 120% after 15 days, 160% after 30 days, 210% after 45 days. They really are just one of those rare gems found online so I’m glad that the admin of PrimFix added his program to MNO from day one. During the first five months online the program had no issues whatsoever and always pays like clockwork within 24 hours of request. I truly hope that PrimFix will be able to continue well into the high season which is only starting now and I don’t see any reason why they can’t achieve even better results. The admin Derek (interviewed here) has showed himself as a true professional throughout many months online. And I’m not alone in thinking that as many members will support this position as they have generated enough profits from PrimFix which they can see on my blog (or any other advertising source the program is listed with). Anyway, the latest newsletter from PrimFix is quite long so I think it would be easier if I just break it down into points with my own comments. So, let’s start:
1) Some huge stats of over $1.4 million dollars in total investments from over 10,000 investors. I do not know if that is true as HYIP admins have a propensity to exaggerate, but in the case of PrimFix which is one of the biggest programs I tend to think it might be closer to the truth than most online programs.
2) A reserve fund was mentioned which would take care of members’ deposits if something goes wrong. Well, I heard this one before from I don’t know how many admins but it can never be verified independently, as well as the arbitrage betting activities which is supposedly what PrimFix is involved with to make money for investors. So this information is up to you to believe or not.
3) A new investment plan has been launched paying 15% weekly forever. Actually in this case “forever” means that you will be paid until you decide to withdraw your principal which you can do for a 15% fee after at a two week lock-in period. Unfortunately this weekly plan is out of reach for regular investors as the minimum to invest is $10,000 (!). Well, even if you’re a millionaire I would still discourage investing such amounts in any HYIP, even if it’s a good and seemingly strong one as PrimFix. Of course there is always a possibility that you can make money out of this plan but I honestly do not believe it will find even a bare handful of takers at best because the risks are really high. Even if you are considering investing $10K I would suggest doing it via SolidTrustPay as it will allow at least a partial level of protection. All in all, I do not believe that the introduction of this plan will have any great affect on the program’s performance in the long run.
4) There were some more charts posted which don’t really have all that much importance to the program that I can see. So I’ll skip on this though I would agree with the admin on certain points.
5) Finally, the most interesting thing is that Derek finally announced that the long-anticipated betting platform which was announced several months ago and which is supposed to become a platform where members can make their own bets and will be launched soon. The exact timeframe was again not mentioned but I guess if we really see this platform in action I would believe some investors will believe that PrimFix is really somehow involved in arbitrage betting, something supposed to be risk-free according to the admin. I will keep you updated on my blog as soon as there is more news because it’s definitely a not-to-be-missed event.
If you want to read the whole update from PrimFix please take your time and see it below:
5th month results
Dear investors
This time, we decided to put our monthly results report together with a newsletter full of great news. PrimFix has over 10,000 registered members and we crossed the 1,400,000 (1 million and 4 hundred thousand dollars) mark in total investments. You are a huge part of this, PrimFix wouldn’t have achieved such amazing results in only 5 months if it wasn’t for your hard work promoting it. Our cash flow has never been better, the balance between money coming in from new deposits and money going out for withdrawals is excellent, which allows us to place the bets in a much safer way, since we don’t need to run against the clock to generate the profits. As many of you know, we keep a reserve fund for PrimFix, in case something goes wrong. Our reserve is also bigger than ever and although we don’t foresee any problems with PrimFix in a near future, should something happen, we will easily get back on track with the reserves we have.
During our five months of existence, we got many requests for daily paying plans, we have to say that is completely inapplicable as it takes more than 24 hours to move our funds between e-currencies/bookmakers, place the bets, wait for the games to happen, collect the profits, move the funds back to our e-currency accounts and pay your share of the earnings. Sometimes we place bets a week before the match happens, sometimes even longer, there are many things to be considered when betting on sports and we need to remember all of them. We tried to come up with a solution to that problem, so we’re launching our new X plan that pays weekly for bigger investors. We have had to realize that we can’t accept small investments for it because of its very dynamic nature. We’ll need to exchange these funds a lot more often than our general investment funds so we’re setting a minimum investment of USD/EUR 10,000 and a maximum of USD/EUR 50,000 for it. This plan will pay 15% weekly indefinitely, that means lifetime earnings for you. If you want, you can request your principal back after a minimum of two weeks by paying a 15% fee on the principal. For example, if you invest $10,000 in plan x and request your principal after 5 weeks, you’ll have made $1500×5 = $7500 of profit and get $8,500 back from your principal (15% of the $10,000), that means a net profit of $6,000!
Now let’s take a look at our charts from last month and see what kind of profit we’re talking about. We changed our funds distribution a bit this time but our total profit was great, way more than what it takes to pay our investors profits. Our profit from bets trading increased if we compare to July’s results, we’re finding this sort of investment very profitable. Of course it’s still something new but within a few months, we’re sure there will be some big money being made out of this market as our current cash flow and total invested amount will allow us to explore many different markets in the future.
We’ve been getting some questions about the risks involved with PrimFix so we’ll talk a little about that. As you know, arbitrage betting is a 100% risk free investment but of course there’s a risk involved when it comes to general betting and we believe that is the kind of risk you were referring to. We can tell you we’re working with very skilled professionals and as it was mentioned earlier, PrimFix has a very decent reserve fund now so you don’t need to worry about it. Just keep up the great work support our program and enjoy your profits, we will take care of the rest.
You may have heard on the news that the entire world is going through a giant financial crisis, but you should know it doesn’t affect the type of business PrimFix is running. The entertainment world, such as sports betting, wasn’t much affected by this crisis. The stocks and commodities markets are having ups and downs every week and the Forex market is being directly affected by the crisis. Fortunately we’re not into any of those businesses, PrimFix remains completely safe from the crisis and our business go on as usual.
As you may also know, we hired a new team of programmers to build our betting platform so you can expect it to be ready very soon, we know we’re running late on that but it will be worth the waiting.
We wish you all a great week and we hope PrimFix will change many lives in the very near future.
My sincere best wishes, Derek Rochester
PrimFix team”.

The admin of ViscoCorp (his program was originally reviewed on MNO here) issued a short update stating that the minimum to invest in the 30-day plan paying a totally unsustainable return of 450%-600% after 30 days had been reduced to $500 instead of the previous $1,000. I don’t think that by accepting only LR with such a high minimum the plan found any takers. I would not recommend joining it anyway as this and similar plans in ViscoCorp paying for 900%-1350% after 90 days and 1260% after 180 days are extremely risky and I’m 100% sure you won’t be paid if you invest in them. It’s always better to stick with the plans paying daily like the other two currently offered – 0.8%-1.5% daily forever and 22%-23% daily for 5 days – as they will provide you with much better chance to be in profit. Here is the latest short message from ViscoCorp‘s site today:
30 Days Plan Updated
Minimum deposit now is set to $500, 1 unit instead of the previous $1000, 2 units.

AlertPay has become the third payment processor (after LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney) accepted by BetForInvest (reviewed here). The program has been paying for three investment plans – 1.5%-1.8% for 20 days, 1.6%-1.9% for 30 days, 1.7%-1-9% for 60 days with principal returned on expiry – for over three weeks now and I received my first deposit back yesterday very fast. Please note that in order to add your AlertPay account to BetForInvest (if you are already an existing member) you will have to contact the admin of the program and he will do it for you manually. Probably for security reasons the change of payment processors accounts is disabled in the member’s area of BetForInvest. Anyway, after my request my AP account was added very fast by the admin and I’m sure there will be no issue for you if you wish to do the same. Here is the latest from BetForInvest regarding that:
AlertPay Added!
Dear Members,
BetForInvest administration informs you that they have added AlertPay payment processor to the list of payment systems available for the program members.
Creating a deposit and requesting withdrawal are now available with this payment processor now.
Members are invited to ask questions to support about using this payment system, if they have any.
BetForInvest Admin”.

The admin of CommoditiesCapital James (interviewed here) keeps sending regular updates on the program’s performance and in today’s one he shared some stats about the total amount of investors which I believe is exaggerated and told us more about the ongoing Facebook contest where you can win some prizes if you’re quick and smart enough. Here is the latest from CommoditiesCapital:
The winner for today’s question on our Facebook wall got his prize already. Stand by for tomorrow question. Starting from tomorrow, i will pick up the winner after 24 hours after i’ve posted the question, so everybody will have time to give an answer and a chance to win.
This questions are good for us too because we got to realize what members like or want. So because we saw members are curious about stats we can tell you that we reached 3081 members (and growing) from which over 1800 are active members and over 800 invested in our 4th plan. The top referral stats you can see in your members area. We hope that by tomorrow we will also have our forum and testimonials area implemented on our site too. We will continue to do our best to improve our site every day and to learn how to please our members. Thank you all for your support and trust.
Regards, James. CommoditiesCapital”.
CommoditiesCapital pays on four investment plans – 1.8% for 100 days (principal back), 3.2% for 45 days, 5% for 30 days, 6.5% for 25 days. More about the program can be read in my review posted here.

The admin of UnitrustDirect (read my recent interview with them here) summarized a few new features and updates the program had for August and the beginning of September and issued an entire update dedicated to the topic. All the existing members of UnitrustDirect will be able to read it in their respective member’s area section with internal emails which is part of the unique script the program is using. Here is the latest newsletter from UnitrustDirect about the addition of multilingual support service and the new daily paying plans officially announced yesterday:
News for September
We are thrilled that you chose our investment service, and appreciate the trust you have placed in us. We would like to take the opportunity to inform you of important updates and new implementations of August and September that are already available in your investment account.
Multilingual support service
We believe that non-English speakers deserve the same quality of support service that is provided to English-speaking clients, therefore we are pleased to introduce the multilingual support service. Please find the list of currently supported languages on this page. The number of supported languages is growing daily, kindly accept our sincere apologies if your native language is not supported yet.
New investment product line
A new product line has been launched this week – investment products providing daily interest payouts to internal account balance available for instant withdrawal or re-investment at your earliest convenience are now open for depositing. Duration periods vary from one week (7 calendar days) to 4 months (120 calendar days). Please feel free to find more information on new investment products with an option of daily interest payout and calculate daily return on your investment here.
Thank you for taking your time to read the important updates of last two weeks, if we may be of further assistance please contact us at your convenience.
Customer care department”.
By investing in UnitrustDirect you can count on instant payouts to your LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney account for a wide variety of investment products with professional customer support and an extremely secure website. The former plans paying on expiry were fully discussed in my review of the program here and since yesterday plans include the following – 14.7% for 7 days, 3.9% for 30 days, 2.91% for 60 days, 3.1% for 120 days, 102.5% after 5 days, 107.1% after 10 days, 123.8% after 25 days, 194% after 65 days, 403.4% after 125 days.

The situation with GorgonProjectInvest is still unclear. However, since I have received a reply from Paul, the admin of the program last night and some readers reported successful payouts to LibertyReserve I have made up my mind to move them to Paying status this morning. I know that this decision will not be taken lightly by all investors, especially those still awaiting for payouts to LibertyReserve. But I know too that it will be supported by those who are paid regularly to SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney and by those also paid to LibertyReserve. Anyway, I think it’s fair to give the hard-working admin another chance and that was the main reason why I put the program back to Paying on MNO today. The most recent newsletter from Paul was sent to me last night and is posted below. I hope it will explain some things to GorgonProjectInvest members regarding LR pendings:
Hi Paul. Sorry for the slow response this time, I was just exhausted and its so full on I didn’t get any chance to reply.
It’s all settling down a bit now, (thank god) and we spent most of the day catching up with withdrawals and doing our accounts. As I mentioned on Twitter earlier, most payments are caught up except LR. We are waiting for a large order to be processed by our exchanger, but its been delayed as I had to send a bank wire and it seems its not been received yet. We should get at least a partial amount to start on the oldest LR withdrawals tomorrow.
I apologize for you bearing the brunt of complaints, unfortunately its also draining our resources with the amount of tickets we are getting, but that’s to be expected I suppose. We will catch up over the weekend with all the LR payments and everything will be running smoothly again.
Hopefully you will be able to return our status soon, but I fully understand why you had to change it. But, for the record, we have no intention of closing, we could have closed many times over the last few months, but that not our style, we have a long way to go yet, so please bear with us.
Cheers. Paul
P.S I will hopefully send a proper update tomorrow.
Even though there was no update today Paul was on briefly MNO Chat today for a short while and even managed to solve an issue one reader had for a long time. Unfortunately, by the time I got back home and logged into the chat myself after a surprising update posted on GPI‘s Twitter I didn’t see Paul there as he had already finished. From Paul’s messages I could understand that he was on the chat and is planning a full length session just like I suggested. However, I still didn’t manage to get a reply from him as to when this session will take place. I hope to get more information on that by tomorrow and of course will update you on MNO then.

By the way, it looks like many scammers are trying to take advantage of the recent issues and buzz surrounding GorgonProjectInvest lately and are trying to get their piece of the pie by asking investors to create an API in their LibertyReserve accounts in order to steal money. Please beware of such emails and do not create any API’s in your LibertyReserve accounts ever! This is an already old trick but since it’s so popular I believe that there are still some newbies falling for it it. The guy that created a free gmail account with the address tried his best to create some panic and announced that GorgonProjectInvest was allegedly closed and that the refunds would be issued only to those who will create API in their LibertyReserve accounts. The admin (real admin!) of GorgonProjectInvest was very fast to issue a counter-update and replied with the following:
We Are Not Closing!! More Fake e-mails
Hi. It has become apparent that a new fake e-mail purporting to be from us is circulating, saying we are about to close.
Please ignore the e-mail as it will likely ask you to give up your e-currency account details and you will be robbed of the contents of it.
Only believe news posted on this web site. If we send you an e-mail, a copy will also be posted here, so you can verify its validity.
Be vigilant!
Warm regards. Support Team

Here is the list of the programs that are listed on MNO monitoring and paid me for the last 24 hours:
MGFunds, InvestNetGroup, BrantonsGroup, EurexTrade, EarnGroups, PowerfulStrategy, ReProFinance, GainRace, PrimFix, CommoditiesCapital, HitNRunMasters, GlobalFxTrades, HyperCompound, FIPO, After60Days, ViscoCorp, BruyetteInvestment, TopsFund, MirexGroup, BaseBucks, StockBiz, MInvestment, NeoProgress, OnlineInvestmentBank, BetForInvest, PermanentProfit and SushiProfit (the first payments received).

A new program has been added to MNO today and hopefully will be reviewed over the weekend – SportEarn. Well, to tell you the truth the program is not so new and has been paying for over a week already. Currently it accepts deposits via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $10 which can be invested into the following plans and paid within 12 hours of request – 104%-106% after 1 day, 115%-120% after 3 days, 122%-135% after 5 days, 150%-175% after 10 days, 180%-220% after 15 days, 370%-500% after 30 days. AlertPay deposits might be also open soon, but the admin said that it might take some time before the installation of the proper AP module for its original script, which incidentally looks quite similar to GoldCoders. As you can see the investment plans are both high interest and high risk, therefore please make sure you do not invest what you can’t afford to lose. The cover story on SportEarn is sports betting with the results of mostly tennis matches listed on the main page aimed at proving their point. Personally though listing the result after the game is over proves nothing. Let’s see what they are betting on before the event takes place is what I say, especially if they want to prove their involvement there. The site of SportEarn is properly SSL secured and it’s hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by Koddos. For the last week the program managed to get only 150 accounts and I believe it has been flying under the radar since the start. Apparently the admin decided to try advertising on MNO which will hopefully give him more investors and give it a boost. For more info on SportEarn please read my detailed review soon.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I hope you all have a good weekend ahead, but don’t forget to check MNO for the newest updates from the most popular programs in the HYIP industry. See you tomorrow!

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