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BEWARE! BruyetteInvestment has stopped paying and has been moved to Problem status! Do not invest!
Hi everybody! I hope you’re all having a nice weekend so far wherever you are in the world. As you might know I’ve been on vacation myself in Germany recently but before I go home next week I decided to jump on a train to Warsaw for a long weekend and so far it’s been pretty good, especially the old part of the city which has quite an interesting history to it, and even more so in recent times. But anyway, I still have time for all the main news stories from the industry as well as a closer look at a medium term program called BruyetteInvestment.

While not entirely a new program, BruyetteInvestment has been monitored on MNO since late August as part of the Basic List. They’ve been running for even longer than that by the way and first opened way back in early July. But as the admin has now seen fit to upgrade his listing there I’m going talk you through some of the features there and you can see if you like it or not. Why exactly it took him this long to upgrade I really don’t know, but I suspect it has something to do with the investment plans being completely overhauled and re-calibrated recently.

I suppose it’s more exact to say that BruyetteInvestment have just the one single investment plan, with the only variations being that the more you get deposit the more you get paid. The plan itself runs for a term of 40 calendar days and can be joined for a minimum of $10. You will then receive a daily interest payment from the program for the plan’s duration. Keep in mind however that BruyetteInvestment will factor your investment into those daily payments, so don’t be expecting them to return it on expiry as they’ve already included it.

As for the actual rates, well, for a deposit of the minimum $10 up to $999 which is about as high as most investors (assuming they could afford it in the first place) would be prepared to go anyway, BruyetteInvestment are paying 4% interest per day. That allows you to break even (ie earn back an amount equal to your original investment making it impossible for you to lose money) after 25 days and finish up with payments totaling 160%. As that includes your principal it means your left with a tidy little profit of 60% for yourself.

If you’re prepared to go further than that then for an investment between $1,000 and $4,999 the offer is 5% interest per day for 40 days, principal included. This should see you break even after 20 days and complete the term with 200% in total, or double your money. And for the really big spenders risking $5,000 up to $10,000 BruyetteInvestment are offering 6% per day which if it works out would give you a final return of 240%.

The list of payment options available to you is as good as anything you’ll see in the industry at the moment with BruyetteInvestment taking all the popular ones. AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay all make the grade, and even the not so popular ones are included as well with GlobalDigitalPay propping up the list.

BruyetteInvestment is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by Koddos. They are also using SSL encryption for more secure transactions. If you need to contact the admin you can do do directly via the e-mail address provided. He also has a google address for chat and a telephone number that’s specified for SMS messages only. You can also fill in the ticketing form you’ll find on the support page and submit it there. And finally they list a postal address in the US (Shreveport, Louisiana to be exact) though in my own experience these things inevitably turn out to be hosted offices serving as message collection centers. And given the questionable legal status of HYIPs in the US is probably even more true in this case. BruyetteInvestment also have a Live Chat feature by the way but no information as to when if ever it actually gets turned on.

As for the business plan behind BruyetteInvestment, well, there isn’t one. Or if there is then they’ve decided not to tell anyone about it because there is precisely zero background information about them on their website. So I think we al know what that means, right? It’s an online HYIP, nothing else, and if that bothers you then you probably shouldn’t even be reading this. But for the thousands of people here who do like a gamble and do know exactly what they are getting themselves into, then that’s BruyetteInvestment for you. Online since July but very much under the radar until now, so it’s hard to say what kind of affect that will have on where the program is going next. But whatever happens always remember the mantra of keeping your investments under a strict spending limit that’s comfortably affordable according to your income and if you want to be a player then try to keep a diverse portfolio to protect you from heavy losses.


To start the news today I would like to mention a problem you might face in your LibertyReserve account which happened after the scheduled maintenance earlier today. It looks like there was some technical issue sending verification codes and confirmation emails which are either not being sent at all or remain undelivered. Consequently you are not able to see your transactions and if you use an additional layer of security which detects changes in your IP-address you might not be able to login to your account at all. Well, nothing can be done about that for the moment and I can’t access my main LR account but after chatting with LR’s Live support I have received the following update:
Please note that our system is experiencing technical issues at the moment. Our Technicians are currently working on the problem. During the next hours you will be able to access the account normally! If you still having difficulties to access the account during the next 6-12 hours please dont hesitate to contact us! We apologize for this inconvenience and we are thankful for your understanding!
So let’s hope the problem will be solved by LR technicians service is resummed within the next few hours as promised. Meanwhile, if you also have a dynamic IP-address like me you might want to disable your IP-security in your LR account temporarily, at least until the issue is fully solved. I know it’s not very secure but you can re-enable it later once the problem has been fixed.

And it looks like I was not the only one having difficulties with LibertyReserve today as the admin of the program exclusively monitored by MNO FIPO also mentioned about it in his latest newsletter. He cites this as the reason for not paying withdrawal requests to LibertyReserve for the last few hours. Usually it takes him just a few minutes to process them. The members of FIPO are required to wait until LibertyReserve technicians deal with the situation. I remind you that FIPO was originally reviewed on MNO here and it offers investments into two of the following plans – 2.2% for 22 days and 2.4% daily forever with optional principal return after 22 or 24 days. Along with LibertyReserve FIPO also accepts PerfectMoney and limited AlertPay deposits and I believe this LR issue shouldn’t affect the payouts to the two remaining payment processors. Anyway, I will definitely keep you updated on my blog. Meanwhile, you can read the latest official newsletter from FIPO below:
FIPO Newsletter!
Hello FIPO Members,
This newsletter will be more of a quick update for members who invested through Liberty Reserve.
After the scheduled maintenance of the Liberty Reserve website today, we were not able to login due to some Liberty Reserve technical errors. We contacted their LiveChat Support and they asked us to reset our password and also mentioned that the Liberty Reserve outgoing mail feature is not functioning and that was expected to be restored in a couple of hours. That was said more than 5 hours ago and it still shows errors.
We are keeping a close watch on Liberty Reserve’s progress and as soon as it works, we will immediately process all pending payouts.
This is very unfortunate for us as we have always been processing payouts within minutes as far as possible. We hope that this problem with Liberty Reserve will be resolved as soon as possible.
We thank you for your patience and kind co-operation.
Regards. FIPO Administration”.

Due to the LibertyReserve downtime which lasted for at least three hours some programs paying instantly were not able to fulfill the payouts during that time. The admin of WinnerEarn, for instance, issued an update informing his members of this event today and promised to pay all the pending withdrawal requests submitted during that period of downtime straight after LibertyReserve is back online:
LibertyReserve Maintenance
Dear members,
LibertyReserve website is now under maintenance for 3 hours. If you requested your LibertyReserve withdrawal during these 3 hours, please be advised that I will process it as soon as LibertyReserve website is back from maintenance.
Best Regards, WinnerEarn Admin”.
Well, I can confirm now that the payments to both LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney from WinnerEarn are processed instantly again now. You might know that WinnerEarn (reviewed here) is currently one of very few programs running off a licensed GoldCoders script still practicing instant payouts. It might not be such a big deal but I believe it’s the reason why WinnerEarn managed to attract so many members during its first two weeks online. They offer the following investment plans – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-219% after 3 days, 137%-600% after 7 days, 180%-1075% after 15 days, 270%-2550% after 30 days, 8890% after 60 days. And I’m glad to announce that I have just received the answers from the admin to my interview questions, so I’m planning to publish that on my blog tomorrow.

I guess one of the major competitors to WinnerEarn in the field of ultra short-term programs is AuruMoney (reviewed here). Unlike them, AuruMoney doesn’t process payouts to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney instantly but usually the admin is quite fast, rarely taking more than 12 hours. AuruMoney has been online for six days but its popularity is growing with over 1800 accounts now from which over 1200 members are active in one of the plans – 105%-128% after 1 day, 128%-240% after 5 days, 165%-500% after 10 days, 200%-800% after 15 days, 1000%-2000% after 37 days. Today the admin, Jack, issued a brief update about some possible delays in processing LibertyReserve withdrawal requests in response to their announced downtime and promised to issue another major update on Monday. I can see also that he had some issues with receiving my emails for the last few days, so he didn’t manage to receive the questions for the interview which I had to resend to him via the site’s support form, so I hope to publish that not later than next week. I will announce it within the next few days, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, you can read the latest short newsletter from AuruMoney below:
AuruMoney News
Dear investors, first of all thank you for supporting AuruMoney. I would like to inform you that LibertyReserve website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and there will be small delays with a LibertyReserve payments. Anyway I processed most of them before they went offline so there is not so much pending right now. I really hope they will be able to finish scheduled maintenance within a few hours and we will able to continue our wonderful investment service. Of course as soon as they back all LibertyReserve pendings will be processed asap. There is no problem with PerfectMoney payments and they are processed as usual on time.
I wish you all great weekend, have some nice rest and be ready for a new week. I am sure next week will be awesome for all of us. I will be back on Monday with some important news, as we are currently working on AuruMoney website update.
Best regards, Jack
AuruMoney Support”.

I’m glad to report that I have just gotten a response to yesterday’s news about the suspension of the AlertPay account in PokerProfits (reviewed here). Well, it happens that the AP account of PokerProfits is still suspended but the admin Lucas assured me that it wouldn’t affect his program in any way because the total AlertPay deposits didn’t exceed $1,000 and that even in the worst case scenario PokerProfits would be able to continue without AlertPay and the members that have pending withdrawal requests to them would be offered an alternative. The reason for the suspension along with the reason for not updating about it publicly was also given by Lucas and you can read it in the email posted below (please note that you will be further informed on MNO as soon as I get more info on the current AP situation):
Hi Paul. Just thought I’d send you a quick update on the Alertpay situation, which I saw you posted about yesterday.
Originally I didn’t post any update publicly about it because it only impacts about 10 members. In total less than 10% of our investments came from Alertpay (there were even more HD-Money investments!) so I thought it wasn’t relevant to the majority of users.
As a few users requested Alertpay withdrawals, I have sent them messages regarding their withdrawal, offering a few alternative withdrawal options if they did not wish to wait until early next week when I expect Alertpay to re-instant my account.
Basically what happened, the user mprod2 (who happened to be referred by MNO) invested roughly $200 into the program. A few days later, I was unable to login to my AP account. After speaking with them, I was informed that the payment from mprod2 was fraudulent, and that they had restricted my account because of it. They requested ID and utility bill documents (which were promptly provided).
mprod2 has informed me that he did try to reverse a payment that he sent to Alertpay, which resulted in all of his investments being reversed.
There is currently less than $1000 in our Alertpay account, so if there are any issues regaining entry it will have a negligible impact on the program. Furthermore, after the withdrawals made today (many processed already via alternative means), there remains only roughly $300 in accounts that was deposited through Alertpay.
As you can see, the Alertpay situation is rather minor, which is why I didn’t send out a mass update to our memberbase. I expect the situation to be resolved by Monday or Tuesday at the latest and things will be back to normal.
Lucas. PokerProfits”.

It looks like there is a huge possibility that the admins of 1MonthMillionaire (reviewed here) and IMakeMoneyNow (scheduled to be reviewed on MNO tomorrow) are one and the same person – the conclusion based on the first email sent from 1MonthMillionaire informing members about the scam emails currently circulating online:
Beware of fraud e-mails!
Hello, It came to my attention lately that some of you may received e-mail on behalf of 1MonthMillionaire with “You are prize money winner” notification. Please ignore such e-mails as we are not giving away any prize money at this moment. There is only one legal e-mail of 1MonthMillionaire, its Anyway, before any action always contact me using contact form on 1MonthMillionaire website.
I wish you great weekends ahead and some nice earnings with popular investment choice, 1MonthMillionaire!
James, The Head of 1MonthMillionaire.
If after reading this email you didn’t notice it then allow me to point it out – the admin of 1MonthMillionaire actually told his investors his email address is And even though in the follow-up email he possibly tried to cover up the error and placed the right email address he intended to mention in the first place – – the news is out there already. Although I believe it was purely unintentional from the admin’s side and that he runs two programs at the same time there would be kinda hard to deny now that 1MonthMillionaire and IMakeMoneyNow are connected to each other in more ways than he’s like you to know. Anyway, that would not stop my plans to review IMakeMoneyNow tomorrow as I was already successfully paid on the first plan 105% after 1 day. I hope this information will be useful in making your investment decisions but please keep in mind that the lifetime of one program run by the same admin can be totally different from another ran by the same person!

The admin of FelminaAlliance (reviewed here) to whom I have sent interview questions today issued the first weekly newsletter to members which from now on should be regular and inform you of any changes and new features in the program. To stay competitive longer term programs like FelminaAlliance have to offer some unique features to investors and constantly develop – only by this can they take business away from the currently popular short term programs. So FelminaAlliance does! In addition to Facebook account set-up to communicate with their members FelminaAlliance informed us of the addition of new payment processors soon (currently they only accept LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $20 to 1%-1.6% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry). I believe such a step will be taken positively by the investment community and those who prefer to invest in longer term projects via AlertPay and SolidTrustPay which hopefully will be added to FelminaAlliance soon. In addition to the original script the program is running off there will be deposit certificates available for issuing soon which I can already see in other similar programs. Of course it’s not a guarantee for your deposits in any HYIP including FelminaAlliance but such a solution can attract more members, as well as the planned German version of the site “catering to the needs of our German-speaking customers” as mentioned in the newsletter. The full version of the newsletter is below:
Weekly Newsletter
In the effort to keep you informed about the recent news and improve communication between you and us, from now on we will be sending out a newsletter to all our customers every week.
September has marked the beginning of the new business season, so we have our hands full with various tasks that we hope will enhance our website and the services we provide.
We have just launched the official page of FelminaAlliance on, world’s leading social network. The most up-to-date news, important links and useful tips will be posted on it every day. Everyone is invited to visit our page at and LIKE us.
We are also working on adding new payment methods to our system. We will keep you posted about any progress related to this.
It won’t be long before we start issuing certificates of deposits that confirm the deposits you make with us. We are polishing this and will issue a news update shortly once the option is added.
Also, in the next 2 weeks we will add a localized version of our website in German. Surely, customer support will also be available in German catering to the needs of our German-speaking customers. Further information will be posted and emailed once it is available.
More updates are coming shortly, so stay tuned.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.
Best Regards,
Marketing Department, FelminaAlliance Inc.

Since I have yet to get access to my LibertyReserve account I will update my blog with the latest payouts from the programs I monitor and introduce the new ones tomorrow when I’m planning to publish twice. Stay tuned and fully updated from the most popular programs online only on MNO! See you all tomorrow and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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