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Beware! SapaInv and RapyWealth have stopped paying and have been moved to Problem status on MNO! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! The industry has been coming to a gradual wind down as usual for the weekend – which I hope you’re enjoying by the way – though there is a couple of news stories you might want to hear about. I’ll be getting to them in just a few moments, after I take a closer look at a brand new short term program called RapyWealth that was just added to my monitoring page yesterday, which was the first day the program opened for business. I’ll try and describe the plans for you here as well as some of the other features, and you can see if you think it might be suitable for you.

RapyWealth is similar in many respects to a lot of the new short term programs that have started to dominate that side of the industry this last year. It has a slightly less cartoon like appearance to it but the plans will be instantly recognizable to a lot of investors, varying from ultra short term with quite plausible interest rates to longer more far-fetched plans unlikely to do much other than raise easy money for the admin, so do try and be realistic with your expectations before committing yourself to anything.

There’s four investment plans in total, running for terms of varying lengths and all paying on expiry. Interest rates are fixed and will be calculated according to how much you deposit and for how long. RapyWealth place a fairly affordable minimum price for joining on all of them so you don’t really have to take that much of a financial risk if you do see a plan you want to take a chance on.

So starting with the first one, it runs for just 1 single calendar day. And with payments on expiry that means join today and get paid tomorrow. You can do that for a minimum spend of $10, and for anything up $500 you can earn a return of 105%, principal included. So that’s 5% net profit for yourself. For a more ambitious gamble 106% is offered to those willing to invest from $501 to $2,500. To see the rates available on deposits larger than that you should check the RapyWealth members area.

The second plan can also be joined for just $10 and pays on expiry of a 5 calendar day term. For a deposit between that and a $500 maximum RapyWealth offer a return of 126.5%, principal included, or 26.5% net profit for yourself. And for a larger spend between $501 and $2,500 you can earn a return of 131.25%. Rates offered to deposits bigger than that can be viewed from the members area.

Following that RapyWealth‘s third plan pays on expiry of a 10 calendar day term. More of a risk this time but as it need only cost you $10 to play then it’s up to you how big it really is. Anyway for a deposit up to a maximum value of $500 the total return on offer is 155%, principal included. For a deposit between $501 and $2,500 the rate is 165%. For anything beyond that you can check out the RapyWealth member’s area.

The fourth, final, and highest risk plan offers to pay out once on expiry of an investment term of 25 calendar days. The rate available to deposits from $10 to $500 this time is 250%, while an even more unfeasible 275% is offered to anyone prepared to spend from $501 to $2,500, principal included. See the members area for the rates being offered to amounts larger than that.

Payment processors are a bit basic and limited to just LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. That means no refunds and no questions asked so factor that in when deciding how much to spend. On the other hand payouts are instant, though will have to be requested from inside your RapyWealth account. For security reasons payouts are subject to a five minute delay, but after that you should have them in your preferred account.

Unfortunately I have to say now that I have some mixed feelings about the security set-up with RapyWealth. The program is running off a custom made script, but by no means a unique one. We’ve seen it in use a number of times by other programs recently and it has to be said it was fairly effective, so that much is fine. The website is also SSL encrypted so that much is OK too. The problem is that the site is hosted on the same Staminus server which hosts another online HYIP, which means that a) a problem for one means there’s going to be a problem for the other whether anyone intends it that way or not, and b) the information given to investors that RapyWealth is hosted on a dedicated server is NOT accurate. I mean maybe that will change in the future, I really don’t know, but that’s the way it is as of today. If you have any questions or comments for the admin then you can reach him by filling in the online ticketing support form on the contacts page and submitting it.

Texts are a copy/paste used many times before by other online HYIPs. Not that a real investment company could ever have sustained the rates being offered by RapyWealth anyway so were it any other way I’d still be advising the same course of action as with any other HYIP – never under any circumstances spend as much money that will cause you problems were you to lose it and try to keep RapyWealth as a smaller part of a diverse portfolio if you do insist on being a HYIP player.


I was paid today on expiry from the admin of ProfitsRaise Andrea. I joined the shortest possible plan in the program paying 115% after 5 days while two more plans with 145% after 10 days and 170% after 15 days returns are also available. AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are the payment options and you can read more about them in my review published here. Today it was reported that due to temporary difficulties with AlertPay’s API system some payments were missed, so just look into your payment confirmations and report to the admin if you were affected by that. This was the main topic of today’s short newsletter from ProfitsRaise:
ProfitsRaise News
Dear Investors,
I hope you are enjoying your weekends and having a fun before a new week, by the way I need a respond from some of you as quick as possible. During last few days AlertPay masspay system working not so well as usual and I received a few emails from them that masspay work was interrupted during the transmission and as result some of the payments were missed. If you didnt received your AlertPay payment but in your account payment marked as processed, please contact me asap and we will fix this problem. Thanks.
Best regards, Andrea
ProfitsRaise Support”.

There is a new feature available now for all the promoters of EliteGain (reviewed here) called a Splash page. It was created for the convenience of those wishing to advertise a referral link which is linked to the page where everything is given in brief and accompanied by graphics intended to attract the attention of potential investors. The admin assured us in the latest newsletter this feature is only the first of many. EliteGain accept AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney payments to plans of 3%-5% for 40 business days or 7%-14% weekly forever:
Splash Page
This is a short update to inform you about addition of all new “SPLASH” page, this is an especially created landing page which is designed to enhance results of your promotional efforts. In the same time, we have also made enhancements to our referral tools page due to its increasing length. You can preview and start promoting thru SPLASH page immediately:
At EliteGain, we are planning to add more of such features so we can appreciate all of our investors, supporters and hard working promoters. Therefore we will keep up with enhancements in our website as well as constant addition of new features along with better financial planning and strategies. Also I would like to remind that, Tomorrow, top 3 of most dedicated promoters will be rewarded by our very first “Weekend Hands-on Contest” program.
Jessica. Administrator, EliteGain.
By the way, anyone with the silly idea in their heads that they might actually win a prize in the ongoing weekly cash contest please can forget about making any further effort, ever! Don’t waste your time as this so-called contest is as fake as the admin’s name (“Jessica Parker”) and the prize money is not going to be redistributed among anybody except the admin. I can say with 100% certainty that the results of the contest are rigged and if you analyze it yourself you will see that I’m right. Just look at this page where the supposed results are to be shown to the general public and you will see that there are three first spots occupied by the names of “Abdul zaman”, “Hasib ul hassan” and “Nancy qaid” – all obvious made-up fake accounts created by the admin within 11 minutes of each other. Is it a simple coincidence that such members outperformed all monitors including MNO within just a couple of hours of being No.1? No, I don’t believe in such coincidences at all. Anyway, I wonder why the admin bothered launching the contest at all. Genuine members will see that it’s rigged and this will only have the counter-productive result of making them less inclined to make any effort whatsoever after that. The winners of this crooked venture will be made-up names every week. Ball in Sarah-”Jessica Parker”’s court, my friends, lol!

Unlike EliteGain, I hope the admin of PaidJack will be more honest when it comes to crediting the members with bonuses which will be assigned to the every 100th member of the program as stated in the website:
We are giving away 100 bonus investments worth $5 for every 1000th member joining PaidJack.
Starting #1001 to #1100; #2001 to #2100 and so on”.
I have to remind you that PaidJack (reviewed here) was really considered a slow burner by many industry experts and that the admin is running his program not just for fast money. One fact confirming this – the admin of PaidJack approached me a couple of weeks ago to pay for a banner spot on my monitoring page for 15 (!) months in advance. I don’t think he did this just because he doesn’t know what else to do with his money but rather because he has a long term serious plans for running his program well into 2012. Anyway, since PaidJack offers quite a conservative 7% weekly forever plan I cannot see them having a cashflow problem this year. PaidJack accepts AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $20 and one of the main advantages of the “no expiry” plan is that you can request the original principal back anytime for a 10% fee.

Here is the full list of the programs featured on the MNO’s monitoring that paid me for the last 24 hours:
ProfitsRaise, StableProfit, PerfectLottery, SoaretInvestment, UnitrustDirect, BrantonsGroup, ReProFinance, EurexTrade, RapyWealth, NeoProgress, WorldwideCapital, HitNRunMasters, GlobalFxTrades, GeniusIncome, HyperCompound, SapaInv, FelminaAlliance, ViscoCorp, EliteGain, PokerProfits, LargeProfit and SuperHotPay.

That’s all I can think of for today, guys. Tomorrow I think I might take a day off from publishing a news update but you will still be able to find something new on my blog as the interview with the admin of SoaretInvestment (reviewed here) will be available. So stay tuned for that and see you all then!

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