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Hello everyone! It’s been another slow day for news which seems to be becoming the norm this week, though I still have a couple of updates for you on a couple of events that happened over the last day or two.

Customers of SolidTrustPay might have noticed recently that there were some changes in your account area. From now on account holders will be able to send and receive money in six different currencies straight from their account. The following currencies are now available, joining the ever present US Dollar – Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, and Australian and New Zealand Dollars. I think it will make the experience with STP easier for members using those currencies by depositing money and withdrawing as well. More details on how it’s all done can be found on the official blog of SolidTrustPay, the latest article from which I’m republishing below:
NEW Expanded Account Area
ANNOUNCEMENT – SolidTrust introduces multi-currency account balance options!
SolidTrust has always offered the ability to hold an account balance in the currency of your choice, but very soon (within 48 hours) members will be able to hold balances in 6 popular currencies simultaneously, exchange easily from within their account area and send to any member or merchant from any available balance contained in their currency accounts.
no need to set your account to one main currency only make any deposit or withdrawal in the currency of your choice. EXAMPLE – if you send a EUR deposit to your account, it will automatically go into your EUR balance. If you send in USD, your deposit will automatically go into your USD balance. If you request a withdrawal from your available EUR balance, we will send you EUR (saving you exchange fees!!) do exchanges between your currencies instantly at daily market rates right within your STPay account members are, as always, able to send in their own country currency. If your country’s currency is not in our new Currency Area, it will be automatically applied to your USD currency account.
We are pleased to offer this new option to further enhance your SolidTrustPay processing experience.

The admin of SoaretInvestment Josh (interviewed here) could possibly be described as a model of inconsistency among HYIP admins. Literally within a matter of mere hours of changing the plans for his program from 5% daily forever to 2.5% and 6.5% daily forever there was another email completely backtracking. Now the 6.5% daily plan has been scrapped and all that remains is a single plan offering 2.5% daily forever, which is a massive 50% reduction on what investors were originally offered before joining. To date no refund has been offered to members who joined under the old terms and conditions. Here is the hastily issued email sent a few hours after the first change:
Dear Friends and Partners of SoaretInvestment,
Today we added a new plan and since the addition of this plan we have received emails from members stating their dissatisfaction about this plan, a meeting was helped among our team members and some investors and we reached a conclusion to completely cancel the new plan which was added, we are online to satisfy our members and we place them first in decision that we take and since a lot of our members are not happy we cannot ignore their views hence we have taken this bold step. We will hold on to a single plan which pays 2.5% daily interest and we hope our members stay through to SoaretInvestment. We apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
All payment requests have been processed and we continue to make our members our first choice in whatever decisions we take. Have a lovely week
Thanks, SoaretInvestment Team”.

As discussed in the last issue of MNOFridays (read it here) it’s pretty dangerous to trust any admins. Investors should look deeper into the real reasons why changes in a program are made I would suggest you analyze this message further and look for an answer as to why SoaretInvestment decided to slash payments from 5% to 2.5% daily and see whether it’s fair of the admin to do so.
The first thought that comes to mind for experienced investors might be that SoaretInvestment has a severe cashflow issue and that continuation of the old plan would endanger their ability to survive. We should remember that after three weeks online SoaretInvestment reached a point when the first investors should be in profit and reap the rewards of their decision to join at the start. At the same time we all know that SoaretInvestment is a ponzi-game regardless what the admin has to say. So the investors already in profit should be paid from the new deposits the amounts of which might not really be sufficient at the moment considering the general state of things in the HYIP industry which was shaken recently by some major closures and the subsequent domino effect that goes with it. So in response to that the admin of SoaretInvestment (reviewed here) simply had to do something in order to sustain the payouts which he mentioned again in yet another email sent to seek investors’ approval for that one-sided decision. I remind you that SoaretInvestment recently conducted a poll on asking investors’ opinion on launching one more investment plan and seemingly even got a general approval on the matter. However, there was no question of slashing the current plan which might not be taken so lightly by the investors who spent their hard earned money expecting the promised 5% daily forever plan and then without asking them are given 2.5% instead. It is understandable that the admin is looking for a solution to the reduced cashflow and probably really wants to make his program more sustainable (so possibly he really has best intentions in mind) but we should remember that trust is severely undermined at the moment and who’s to say that after reducing interest once he won’t do it without warning a second time? You can expect the unexpected at this stage and Josh gives the impression he cares less about what investors had to say about it. In my opinion, the only reason why the 6.5% daily forever plan for deposits over $250 was cancelled was simply not to look like they’re desperate for new money in order to pay to the old investors which they so obviously are. But for me it’s clear – the program is definitely struggling to pay now and by changing the plans to less profitable and (especially!) applying the new plan to the old investors who joined the program just because of the higher plan 5% daily the admin of SoaretInvestment might be just delaying the inevitable collapse that might happen pretty soon. Therefore despite his attempts to calm investors I don’t believe it would be a wise decision to invest in this program at the moment when such strange emails are being issued like the one you can read below:
SoaretInvestment Update
Dear Friends and Partners of SoaretInvestment,
Although we may not have made the best choices in the past 24hours but we hold on to say we are still one of the trusted and reliable online paying program in the industry, Our initial investment plan was slashed down with the added plan cancel, this is a way to sustain our project online for more months to come, we don’t want you to experience what is noted as “Black December”.
As of today SoaretInvestment operate one single investment plan which pays 2.5% daily profit forever with a return of all initial principal after a lock in period of 15weeks, we offer 5% Referral commission and quality support service to all investors. We have been operating under 10minutes withdrawal processing since opening in September and please to inform you that a lot of our members are in profit and experiencing success with our program strategies.
We apologies for the slash in our investment and promise to continue a strengthened paying status, contact us if you have inquiries and know we are ever ready to answer all questions.
Note: Our website would be undergoing changes in the next hours, although we would be fully operating and do not envisage any break in operation. Request your withdrawals and we are mostly pleased to process your payments. As of now there are currently no pending withdrawal request and we wish to keep up the great paying status.
Thanks, SoaretInvestment Team”.

Please note that ViscoCorp has been moved to Problem status on MNO (already for the third time!) as I have received two more complaints about non-processed withdrawals. I have already contacted the admin about these issues but in the interests of investors have moved the program to Problem status to warn them from spending there. Also I noticed that a few other monitoring sites have already moved ViscoCorp to Problem and even to Not Paying status. I’m not sure if they also had some verified complaints from their readers but until the issues are solved I would not recommend joining ViscoCorp in any way! I will update you on my blog if something changes later on.

To finish today’s news I would like to give you the full list of programs listed as Paying status on my monitoring page that paid me for the last 48 hours. They include:
ReProFinance, AudivaTraders, SoaretInvestment, BrantonsGroup, EurexTrade, ProfitsRaise, NeoProgress, RapyWealth, OnlineInvestmentBank, SuperHotPay, BaseBucks, EliteGain, GeniusIncome, HyperCompound, SapaInv, StableProfit, TopsFund, OneInv, FixedMonthlyIncome, MirexGroup, PerfectLottery, FelminaAlliance, WorldwideCapital, PokerProfits, KistFunds, LargeProfit, TopInvesting, TradeQ, GlobalFxTrades and UnitrustDirect.

That’s all I have to report to you today, guys. Hope to see you here again tomorrow with another installment of daily news from HYIP industry and the most popular programs listed on MNO blog.

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