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 Beware! HYIPla has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all having a nice weekend so far whatever you’ve been getting up to. There’s not much news to report today, and sorry but there’s even less good news to report too. I’ll get to all that in a few moments but first I want to look at another of the recent additions to the MNO monitoring page, and this time it’s a short term program called HYIPla.

What HYIPla are offering in terms of investment plans is remarkably simple. Just one basic plan open to all, paying the very same rate of interest regardless of how much you spend. It’s simple, it’s profitable, and it’s been a staple of the online HYIP industry since it started. It’s also quite risky of course as many of the literally hundreds of programs to use it over the years have been complete and utter failures, though it has to be said in equal measure that other programs with the same plan were enormous successes. What camp HYIPla falls into will become clear in the coming weeks but one thing that I do know for sure however is that what you are being offered has traditionally been popular with online HYIP players.

So basically you can join HYIPla for a minimum deposit of $12. Once you’re in the plan then runs for 12 business days (that’s just over two weeks), making daily interest payouts to the tune of 12% from Monday to Friday. Your initial principal is already counted as part of those payments and so will not be returned, meaning that you are left with a grand total of 144% of whatever you started with in the first place. There is no maximum limit placed on what you are allowed to deposit. What that means in monetary terms is that for a $100 investment HYIPla would pay you back $12 every day until you reach $144 twelve days later.

The selection of payment processors is up to a fair enough industry standard I guess, with most though not all of the popular ones in use. LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are there as always, and are joined by SolidTrustPay for those who like a bit more dependability. Payouts will need to be requested from inside your HYIPla account account area, though one strong selling point for a lot of investors will probably be the speed which payments are made. Generally speaking they are instant, so the money should be in your e-currency account within seconds of you asking for it, however this is not explicitly guaranteed by the HYIPla admin. In the event that instant payouts not being available (account replenishment, security issues, etc) then the admin requires up to six hours to process it manually.

I must admin I did have some mixed feelings about the design and security of HYIPla at the start, given that their script had some glitches. That seems to be all ironed out now, and I suppose to be fair was only to be expected considering the program is running off a totally unique and custom made script. It’s sometimes an indication of a bit more time and effort being put into the project by its admin, and it does at least give him some flexibility in making adjustments to meet the program’s needs. Unfortunately one thing that’s missing from HYIPla is SSL encryption, which is kind of a pity really considering the admin went to the trouble of getting a customized script and all. Hosting is on a dedicated Staminus server with support and DDoS protection provided by Vistnet. For any support related issues or further questions for the admin then you’ll need to fill out the ticketing form and submit it through the contacts page. More recently HYIPla have added a Facebook page. It’s brand new so there’s nothing much to see there yet but I do hope he makes better and more efficient use of it than the average HYIP admin.

It’s quite a neat website and easy to navigate, though they don’t really have a whole lot to say (of interest) about themselves, the industry, and what they are doing in it. A mix of original and copy/pasted texts combine to say something about ForEx trading and it’s all a bit vague. So as is always the case you need to treat HYIPla exactly like its name would suggest – an online HYIP with all the risk that goes with it. So stay within a strictly enforced spending limit at all times and if joining HYIPla at all then try to do so as part of a more widely balanced portfolio.



As briefly mentioned in the above reviewed HYIPla, the latest news to report tonight from the admin Jeff concerns the addition of the program’s account on Facebook which investors can now follow. I know that Facebook is now one of the most visited sites in the world and maintaining an account there and updating the members on the latest news could be very handy, especially if it comes to any downtime which might happen for some reason. So if you wish to bookmark this page please do so below as Jeff gives the link to HYIPla‘s Facebook account there:

Follow Us On Facebook
We are glad to announce that now you can follow us on Facebook. Here is the link
You can also click the Facebook button on the top of our homepage to visit it.
Regards, Jeff Neiderman


If you read my blog regularly then you should remember my article about the lack of safety when using LibertyReserve due to hacking incidents which were most probably made by some insider in LR itself (click here to read the article if you haven’t done so yet). Those who listened to my advice then and didn’t keep much money in LibertyReserve did not suffer much from the recent wave of the account blockages going on for the last few days and which has shaken the HYIP industry from top to bottom. The blocked accounts so far belonged not only to the regular HYIP investors, but also to some HYIP monitors and even some exchangers which of course stopped exchanging funds with LR immediately. As usual the support of that payment processor is either totally dumb or else deliberately lying to clients. So far, I heard about two versions of the reasons for the account blockages received from LR support:
1) deliberately unexplained technical issues which will be resolved soon, so be patient,
2) violating of LR’s terms of service without any mention of exactly which rule was broken by the client that led to the blockage.

Massive blockages of LR accounts is now a hot topic being discussed on probably every investment board. The first consequences of the blockages can be seen even now with the naked eye – widespread panic and exchange waves from the LR clients trying to escape to a safer haven, especially PM as the closest to LR processor. That alone resulted in enormous shortages of PerfectMoney and the raising of exchange rates for exchanges from LibertyReserve to other currencies. I can say though that Xchanger is still holding plenty of reserves if you want to exchange your LR to EgoPay or SolidTrustPay and charging 0% to 1% for the exchange only. So those of you who would like to dump LibertyReserve for your own safety but can’t with the current shortages of PerfectMoney at the most popular exchangers can still get LR funds out to EgoPay and SolidTrustPay which at the moment look a pretty good alternative to simply losing money due to a possible blockage.

Well, here I want to emphasize that I’m not trying to scare off anyone on MNO and am not promoting any other currencies but it’s always better stay informed on the current situation and since the wave of LR account blockages is not stopping and with no viable reason given we should expect the worst and be prepared to it. My personal LR accounts are safe (for now) but I’m not under any illusion that they won’t be blocked at all. Some other clients of LR are already suffering after being deprived of their funds and with no assistance provided. You have to decide what to do with your LibertyReserve funds now, it’s your money and it’s up to you stay in control. It might be that those blockages will stop soon and the rightful owners of the money will be reimbursed. However, knowing the attitude of LibertyReserve towards the average account holder I would sooner believe that no one will get their money back and I see reports of tens of thousands of dollars which some people lost already due to their blind trust in LibertyReserve. So now that you’re aware of the situation surrounding LR you can make an informed decision.

Of course some of you would also like to know what will be the short-term consequences of that massive withdrawal from LR which has already begun and if the current programs will be able to survive the shortage. Well, some professional admins are already taking some precautionary measures by withdrawing most of their LR funds and exchanging them to other e-currencies which I must say is a smart move which will help their programs survive in case their accounts will be blocked too. I haven’t heard of many HYIP admins getting their own LR accounts blocked over the weekend, but I guess we will find out more after the new business week begins. For now I repeat that the situation with LibertyReserve remains critical and maybe soon the industry will have to find a good replacement for them if they fail to provide quality services for the investors and keep stealing money every possible way. I will inform you if there is an update on the current situation, but for now please be extremely cautious while using LR and never keep large amounts there to avoid it being frozen/stolen.


I don’t know if the two programs moved to Problem status on MNO tonight – StockFunds and Daily2Profit – due to delayed payouts were affected by the situation with LibertyReserve payment processor, but as they both accepted LR I can’t rule it out.

If we just look at the situation with StockFunds from a different point of view, the fact that the admin has stopped processing payouts again didn’t surprise me much. StockFunds had been on Problem status on MNO once before due to the same issue of delayed payouts, but then the admin tried to assure me that it was not his intention to pay later than usual and said that he wanted to run StockFunds for a long time. I guess that didn’t help him much and the reputation of StockFunds after such the incident remained tainted which apparently affected the cash flow. Since the admin hasn’t replied to my email today and since the withdrawals are not processed for more than 48 hours, I’m inclined to think StockFunds have scammed for good now, so don’t invest in that program please!

As for Daily2Profit I believe the program was just a joke from the beginning and stopped paying a couple of days after starting. Four days of payments out of six days online is not a very impressive result for such a program indeed, and so I believe I was right in my quite negative review of them as it was intended to become another fast summer scam as we can see now. Of course, there is a possibility that Daily2Profit will resume payouts soon but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Anyway, I’ll update you if I hear from the admin of Daily2Profit but for now no investments in that program are recommended.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list:  HYIPla.
From MNO Premium list: KISnP, OneInv, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTradeDividendService, FelminaAlliance, Finvance, PlexCapital, MegaProfitAds,  WestFinanceGroup, YachtWealthClub, Absolutiva, DecoFunds, KBSInvestment, Bull&BearCapital, RightFive (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, InternationalForexLLC.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds.

That’s all the news I have for you tonight, guys. I hope my update was useful for you and if you agree then please return tomorrow for a full review of Bull&BearCapital and any other news from the HYIP industry. Stay tuned and see you all tomorrow!

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