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 Beware! RoyalAdz has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! One of the more recent programs joining the MNO monitoring page is called RoyalAdz which I’m going to look at for you today and go through some of their main features. RoyalAdz is a long term program that’s been online for just over a month, has been monitored on MNO for just over a week, and has recently upgraded from Basic to Standard Listing.

One very important thing you will have to consider very carefully before doing anything with RoyalAdz is a thing called the 60/40 rule. This is a slight variation on something that was a bit more common in the HYIP industry a few years back (I’m sure some of you remember “the 50/50 rule) which is basically making it compulsory for all members to re-invest a certain share of their profits. This was by no means a universally popular rule as you can imagine, though in a great many cases worked wonders for extending the life time of the program using it. The simplest way of describing it I suppose is to say that from the rate of interest RoyalAdz will pay you on your investment, you will only withdraw 60% of that to your favored e-currency account while the remaining 40% goes back into your RoyalAdz account to be re-invested in another plan of your choice. Hence the “60/40 rule”. So if they actually owe you $10 they will only pay you $6 directly and force you to re-invest the other $4 to any plan.

Like I said, it does have its advantages even if the individual investor might not see it that way. But you don’t see it used in such an obvious manner in the industry anymore as most of the experienced admins will have found more subtle ways to control the program’s cash flow. Cutting the interest rates paid out in the first place would be the obvious one for example, or something like not returning the member’s principal on expiry. But anyway, this is the route that RoyalAdz have chosen so please factor this into your calculations when thinking about how much you want to risk with them.

The first of three available plans however does NOT require the enforcement of this rule, so if you don’t like it then it can be avoided. Just keep in mind that this is a very low interest plan which is really more intended for monitoring sites so they can verify RoyalAdz payments at a relatively low cost to the program itself. It’s called The Royal Monitors Plan, though it is open for anyone to join. The minimum deposit is $1 and the term runs for 125 calendar days. During that time RoyalAdz will make a daily interest payment of 1%. This includes your principal which will not be returned on expiry. So it takes 100 days to break even and you complete the cycle with 125% in total, or your own money plus 25% net profit. Not great by any standards, especially for a four month wait, but still profitable.

Next, and also running for 125 calendar days, is The Royal Queen Plan. This can be joined for a minimum deposit of $9, but please note that this is a per unit cost. In other words it’s a bit like buying shares, so you can invest only $9, $18, $27, $36, and so on like that. (If you want to invest $10 you would have to buy one $9 share in this plan, and one $1 share in the previous monitor plan). RoyalAdz will then pay you 4% interest per day, principal included. That ads up to 500% interest in total by the end of the term, with you receiving 60% of that in the form of a cash payment and the remaining 40% reinvested to the RoyalAdz plan of your choice. Sorry, but as there are too many variables in there you will have to make your own calculations as to what your potential earnings might be from a deposit here.

And finally is The Royal King Plan. This one also runs for 125 calendar days and costs a $49 minimum to join. Again this is a per unit price, so you can only join in blocks of $49 each. But just like the previous plan, you can deposit $50, $60, $70, or whatever if you like, you just need to split whatever’s left after the $49 share price between any other plan. However I have to say that because interest payments are made also on a daily basis and at an increased rate, any deposit larger than $49 made to any of the other two plans is fairly pointless and a bad decision on the investor’s part. But anyway, RoyalAdz are offering 6% per day for this option, principal included. That comes to 750% in total by the end of the term, with 60% of that paid to you directly and the rest staying in your RoyalAdz account to be re-invested in any of the three plans you prefer.

Payment methods are quite good with RoyalAdz taking all the popular processors in the industry. Currently you can join by using either SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. Withdrawals are paid manually by the admin and so will have to be requested from inside your private member’s account area. Once done you will be required to allow the admin anything up to 48 hours to make sure all transactions are processed. Just keep in mind that when joining RoyalAdz and making your initial deposit you will first need to fund your account there before redirecting the money into your chosen plan afterwards. This can of course be split between different plans as highlighted in the plan descriptions above.

I suppose I was left with a fairly positive impression of RoyalAdz largely on the strength of the investment plans, how well they were planned out and organized, and the selection of payment processors. On closer inspection however the website security is what really lets them down. It’s a bit leaky, nothing really that can’t be fixed mind, but at the same time I can only comment on any given program as it stands on the day I’m looking at it. And as of today, RoyalAdz could do with some work. Mainly the fact that there is no SSL encryption. Hosting wasn’t great either though has at least been moved from a shared server to a dedicated one. This is according to the admin as we are still waiting to see the online records of this updated, though if true then shouldn’t take much longer. RoyalAdz runs off a script under license from xSharePro which is rare enough I think in the industry. If you have any further questions about this or anything else to do with the program, then the RoyalAdz admin can be contacted by filling out the online support ticketing form and submitting it via the contacts page.

Despite being a bit rough around the edges though, and still very much a work in progress, RoyalAdz is still quite original and the work put into its development does show. Regarding the business interests allegedly behind RoyalAdz and financing the payouts to members, they position themselves more of an “online advertising platform” where website owners buy advertising space and members are paid to view it. Hardly the first time we’ve heard this but still a welcome break from the ForEx traders and the like that every second HYIP claims to be. However RoyalAdz to next to nothing to expand on that or to explain exactly how it works. I myself don’t see how this possibly generates new money and more or less admits that members are charged first for advertising credits (whether you use them to advertise a website or not is not relevant) and then simply pays you back out of your own deposit. That’s how I understand it anyway, which as it happens is also how I understand every other online HYIP as well. So you should know by now that that means to keep your expectations realistic, limit your spending to what you can comfortably afford both to spend and to lose, and of course if you would like to join RoyalAdz then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



The admin of SkyCrown Nick (interviewed here) reported today that the technical issues affecting the crediting of members’ accounts with profits on a regular basis had been successfully resolved. The interest of 3%-3.5% would be credited for the duration of 50 business days on a more precise basis and at the same time. PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay and PexPay are all used and for a $25 minimum. After only a month on MNO’s Premium List SkyCrown is one of the most popular programs currently in the #6 position. The admin’s level of determination which he’s fixing issues and working hard on maintaining the work of his website and updating members on a regular basis shouldn’t go unnoticed and I firmly believe that the program’s growth will only expand. Here’s the latest newsletter from SkyCrown (reviewed here) in full:

Technical Problems Over
Dear Members,
I am sure almost all of you are aware of the recent technical problems we have been having for the past 7 days.
Profits were being generated at irregular intervals and sometimes not even generated at all.
Our technical team has found the window necessary to implement a solution this evening and now, after a short unscheduled maintenance downtime we are proud to announce that our website has been returned to the same perfect and precise functionality as before.
Immediately after our first month online, we have been dealing with constantly increasing enthusiasm from our public and our database management software cracked under the pressure of so many simultaneous instances.
While we welcome and appreciate the constant rise in activity and popularity, it has caught us off guard on the technical side.
Certain administration techniques may seem fine in empirical testing or for a few hundred accounts, but these were certainly not good enough for our current daily activity and traffic.
A professional, rock-solid database management solution was developed over the weekend, so problems like these are never to occur again.
Starting now, SkyCrown Capital Management is back to the Swiss-clock mechanics you have been accustomed to.
Just now, 490 have received their interest payment for the 22nd of October. We deeply underestimated the magnitude of the situation and we are sorry for this.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to so many members and for the doubt these problems might have put in your hearts.
Our whole team is humbled by these recent events and we would like to ask for your forgiveness. We will not let you down like this ever again!
SkyCrown Capital Management has a bright future ahead indeed and as neither past week’s slander nor these technical difficulties managed to put us down, nothing ever will. We have learnt and grown a great deal over the last week. But we must look forward now, as there is much work to be done!
Warm Regards, Nick Seltzer
Online Identity Manager
SkyCrown Capital Management”.


As CarbonDeals is also running off the same modified ProBiz script during its first days online it seemed to face the same issue with earnings not being credited to members’ accounts on time. In the latest newsletter issued today the admin of CarbonDeals Peter reported fixing the problem and also mentioned that the main email address is working properly once again. He reminds us of the dangers of identity theft which everyone investing in CarbonDeals should consider when choosing a username and password. I’m sure Peter will handle these issues as well as he’s been doing for the first ten days online managing to bring his program into the Top 10 most popular programs on MNO:

Technical Improvements
Esteemed Members,
Our main email server is up and running again. Everyone can now use hello@carbondeals.net.
All correspondence from us will also be coming from this email address.
We have also addressed the issue of late profits. From now on, 95% of profits will be generated at 12:00 a.m. server time (GMT+1). The remaining 5% will be generated at 12:00p.m.
Please keep your account security credentials safe, especially if you also have friends or acquaintances with common interests. We already had 12 identity theft attempts so far. If this continues, we will be forced to implement stricter security measures, even if we know these are not to anyone’s liking.
Best Regards, Peter Neperus. CarbonDeals.

CarbonDeals (reviewed here) accepts SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney into several investment plans – 108% after 1 week, 10% for 2 weeks + principal back, 5.2% for 28 days, 4.2% for 42 days, 3.8% for 56 days, 3.6% for 70 days. As CarbonDeals has been online for 10 days already recently the first members in the 108% after 1 week plan are now in profit which was the subject of another newsletter issued yesterday:

First Investments Finish 1st Cycle
Esteemed Members,
One week has already passed and our first members are already seeing concrete results.
Those who invested in the Clean Fuel 1 week plan on our debut are already cashing out or reinvesting their initial investment as well as 8% interest.
Congratulations to them and all the best to the rest of our members.
It won’t be long now until the star of our show, the Gas Recovery plan, starts reaching the break-even point.
Best Regards, Peter Neperus. CarbonDeals.


It looks like the leader of MNO’s Sticky List SiriusUnion (reviewed here) was hit by a second wave of DDoS attacks yesterday and the intensity of them suggests they might be the primary target of the assault on AntiDDos servers. Even when the admin of SiriusUnion was forced to change the nameservers it was attacked all over again. This morning the site of SiriusUnion was loading for me, but at the moment I can’t access it, so I guess the attacks continue. It’s good that it didn’t affect payouts yet and SiriusUnion has been paying well so far on a 12% for 11 business days. I’m not sure what the reason for the current downtime is and perhaps the admin decided to move the site. I’ll let you know as soon as I get more information. Here’s the latest newsletter from SiriusUnion:

2nd DDoS attack
The problems with the attacks on our hosting provider AntiDDos’s server are continuing.
Yesterday, we changed our DNS servers but 10 hours later, a powerful attack was launched at the new servers (most likely, these are the same people who are attacking AntiDDos).
But some of you still may have met certain difficulties trying to access our website.. We are resolving the issue, and the site should be accessible to everyone by 12:00 a.m. GMT.
Despite this, all payments are being processed in the previous mode.
In connection with the change of the DNS addresses, our addresses admin@siriusunion.com and support@siriusunion.com are temporarily inaccessible. To contact us, please use siriusunion@gmail.com
Once again, we apologize for the existing situation.
Best Regards, Carlos
Admin SiriusUnion.


Some exciting news was sent yesterday from FinanceCore (reviewed here). As promised earlier they started accepting SolidTrustPay in addition to the already available LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Unfortunately from what I can see the existing members of the program cannot add their STP account manually so I guess they have to submit a support ticket to FinanceCore‘s administration to handle that for them. Anyway, I did this and am currently waiting for a reply.

FinanceCore has been running for two weeks already accepting deposits into the following plans – 1.7% for 20 days (principal back), 2% for 25 days (principal back), 2.2% for 30 days (principal back), 4.5% for 30-40 days (principal included). Here is the latest email from them regarding the addition of STP:

SolidTrust Pay is on.
Today, we added SolidTrust Pay, a very well known and demanded payment system. We hope that our customers will appreciate the benefits it offers. Also, in the near future, we will introduce EgoPay, an equally popular payment system. Our programmers have already started integrating this system to our site.
Cooperation with FinanceCore is a unique opportunity to significantly increase your income. By combining the expertise of our staff and extensive experience of our management, we provide you a real possibility to achieve good financial results in the shortest time, and in the near future you will be able to enjoy your financial independence. FinanceCore works in the interests of each partner and selects the best investment options for their partners.


Just today I received the answers to the interview sent to the owner and manager of SolidTrustPay Stella a few weeks ago. It was comprised mostly of questions submitted by MNO readers. I hope this will be useful for many of you as it will contain the answers to the most common questions as some other practical things you might know about STP which is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used payment processor in the HYIP world now with thousands of professional investors using it on a daily basis.

More good news from SolidTrustPay was announced on their official blog recently as they are currently in the process of changing its old design to a completely new look within the next few days. As far as I remember STP has always used the same layout for over 5 years already so I’m curious to see what they look like when the new design is finished and unveiled to the public. Here is the short announcement it which I’m sure many STP clients will be looking forward to:

!! New Site Design Launching SOON !!
ANNOUNCING – a completely NEW site design for SolidTrust Pay!
All the same features you love with a fresh new look.
WATCH FOR IT shortly after October 20!


As you know from my review of the program published here MonetaryClub is running off an unlicensed GoldCoders script, although the admin states otherwise and claims that the original GoldCoders script was not secure enough and that he modified it to his liking. Well, it looks like yesterday this theory of a safer script was put to the test when the change of the program’s LibertyReserve left the admin and his two programmers puzzled and forced them to suspend deposits and withdrawals via LibertyReserve until they figure out what to do next. Every member of the program is going to participate in the discussion and choose from the options Jesse (the admin) provided on their Facebook group or on MonetaryClub‘s thread on the MMG forum. The decision of the future of LibertyReserve deposits and withdrawals in the program will be made soon enough, so stay tuned for more info from MonetaryClub regarding this.

Despite of all the reported LR issues which source is yet to be identified the payouts to other payment processors by MonetaryClub – SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and EgoPay – are not affected and the program keeps paying for about a month already on the following investment plans – 103%-130% after 1 day, 54%-75% for 2 days, 120%-330% after 5 days, 150%-500% after 10 days, 350%-800% after 20 days, 500%-1200% after 30 days. For more information please read the latest newsletter from MonetaryClub:

LibertyReserve Withdrawals and Deposits Suspended Until Further Notice
Today, we encountered a very weird LR issue. At first we thought our server and script were compromised but after meticulous checking and rigorous hacker-checks and attempts checks, we are left puzzled, not only was the LR account number being randomly replaced between our legitimate account U2938011 (MonetaryClub) and an account which is not ours U0569491 (MonetaryClub).
Usually, when a hacker attacks, he would do one of the following:
1. Replace LR account number on the settings through the admin panel.
2. Bypass LR account through the settings file by modifying it.
3. Edit a code on the files that handles LR deposits, and adds a code which filters out bigger deposits or a certain minimum amount of deposit and higher to go to his LR account.
4. Hack the LR account itself.
5. Hack the database and modify there.
But why are we puzzled? Because none of the 5 listed above happened. Why are we so sure? I, myself, am a well experienced programmer. I have 10 years of programming background and I know which files to check and I surely know what I am doing. Aside from that, I have had 2 other programmer friends check the script, the database and the files. Both were left clueless, and these guys are way way better than I am.
Which leaves us thinking, what could be the reason, why the LR account suddenly just changes randomly to a different LR account? Are we just blind? Or there is a bigger issue behind this? Is this our fault? Or it is LR’s fault?
I do not want to blame anyone because there is no way, this could happen on our server environment.
If we (myself, my 2 programmers) were just able to pinpoint the exact reason why this happened, then there won’t be a need to disable depositing and withdrawing LR.
We will be working round the clock on checking everything, but we are almost certain that it is not a fault on our part. With this, I am thinking of a work-around for this matter.
Choose among the 4 options below which suits you best to resolve this issue.
1. Continue accepting LR deposits, MANUALLY.
2. Accept LR manually, pay with other Payment processors (STP and EGOPAY)
3. Find reputable exchangers to partner with, get members exchange LR to STP, EGOPAY or PM.
Please help me decide which suits us best.
Discuss this matter on MCi Facebook Group or on the MMG forum:
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/monetaryclub/
Moneymakergroup Topic: http://www.moneymakergroup.com/Monetaryclub-Monetarycl-t421852.html
I only want what’s best so I need to act on this fast.
Thank you for being patient and understanding the situation. All LR withdrawals are sent back to your LR balance on your accounts for now (if you are one of those with pending LR withdrawals).
Again, thank you very much.
Much Regards, Jesse Snyder”.


PrimeX7 started a referral contest which will last for a week and finishes when they celebrate its first month online. The first three winners with the biggest amount of referral commissions received from their downlines within this period will be rewarded with cash prizes while the best representative of the program will get a consolation prize. All information regarding the contest and the results will be on the program’s Facebook page.

PrimeX7 has been paying for 23 days already on the following plans – 7% for 23 days, 157% after 7 days, 207% after 14 days, 267% after 21 days, 307% after 28 days. The original review of the program which accepts SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve starting from $10 and processes withdrawals within 24 hours on request was published here. Please note that since then the plan paying 107% after 1 day was transformed into the daily paying 7% for 23 days which though didn’t have any negative effect on the payouts which are still made promptly. Here’s the latest news from PrimeX7 regarding the referral contest labeled “The Battle of the Primes”:

The Battle of the Primes” contest.
It is my greatest honor and pleasure to inform you that PrimeX7 is nearing its first month in the HYIP industry. Although our company had long been successful offline, we cannot deny the fact that through PrimeX7 the company has reached a new break-through! Each day becomes more and more exciting. In fact, the growth was too exponential lately that we really were not expecting it would be this successful.
As a means to show our deepest and sincerest gratitude to everyone, we are very happy to announce our very first “The Battle of the Primes” contest!
The rule is very simple. Whoever gets the biggest amount of referral commission from October 23 until the celebration of our very first month of PrimeX7 which is on October 30 gets the title “The Ultimate Prime.” There will also be consolation prices for the 2nd and 3rd placers.
Prices are as follow:
1st Price : $200, 2nd Price : $150, 3rd Price : $100
We do understand also that it takes great interpersonal and social skills to represent a company. As means of our gratitude we will also be giving a consolation price to the representative who gets to have the most number of active referrals. The said representative will then get the title “The Mega Prime” and will receive a bonus of $100!
Lastly, “The Battle of the Primes” will be held monthly here onwards! To qualify for the said contest, you simply have to an account at http://primex7.com/
And so, through the power bestowed on me, I hereby declare “The Battle of the Primes” OPEN!
You can find the information also on https://www.facebook.com/Primex7
Share your link and get the battle start !
*Time Zone is GMT+1
Admin – Blue”.


As I reviewed RoyalAdz today based my judgment on the current investment plans the admin is apparently planning to change (or slightly modify) them starting November. So, instead of 4%-6% for 125 calendar days you will get slightly higher overall returns over the course of 99 business days (Monday to Friday). I have no idea why the admin is doing so, but there you go – never can understand what is happening in their heads, lol. Here is the latest newsletter from the RoyalAdz website:

Succesful Completion of 1 Month
Dear Users,
We are happy to Inform that we have successfully completed 1 Month of being online as an Advertising cum Investment Site
At this Point i would like to congratulate all those users who are with us by keeping Trust with enthusiasm we would like to move forward.
We will have 10 hours of No Fees deposit starting with the time this Email is sent
As of now we have around 895 accounts with around 50% of Members taking up any one of the plans mentioned.
We would like to make some important announcements.
As we are offering higher ROI it will be virtually difficult in long run to maintain sites. As we have not invested much in site script and designing till date we are able to provide higher ROI.
As part of strengthening the site and turning in to Passive source from time to time we will reduce the Invest Plan Span and also ROI in a phased manner.
However we will inform in advance so that old members can deposit in old plans and take the benefit for the whole of the cycle.
From November 1, 2012 we will be discontinuing erstwhile RoyaladZ King & Queen Plan and we will come up with
1) RoyalAdZKing1 – 6% ROI, 40% reinvestment – 99 Business days (Monday – Friday)
2) RoyalAdZQueen1 – 4% ROI, 40% reinvestment – 99 Business days (Monday – Friday)
RoyalMonitor plan will continue as earlier.
As we have the option to close a program on an earlier predetermined date erstwhile Royal Plans will get closed at the stroke of 12 PM GMT on October 31, 2012
Any doubts on this regard can be addressed to
Regards Admin”.


Unfortunately today AgroFinance struggled again from accessibility problems for a few hours which I believe resulted in its premature collapse. I believe they had some good potential to last longer and might have continued if not for this unfortunate downtime. If you remember, yesterday the admin promised to try to continue and asked members for support by not withdrawing everything and reinvesting back into the plans on offer. It looks like that trick didn’t work and some savvy investors decided to pull out of the troubled program. And I can’t blame them – after all, there is no such thing as investor solidarity in the HYIP world. Investors are more concerned about their own money rather than the survival of the program, in this case – AgroFinance. I hoped it was going to work, but it looks like the miracle didn’t happen today and AgroFinance stopped paying after apparently suffering from severe cashflow issues partially caused by the site’s downtime and partially by the investors’ mistrust. I have moved AgroFinance to Problem status on MNO and was one of the first monitors to do so. Please do not invest there anymore.


The new program StallionGold that I would like to introduce on MNO tonight is not really that new but has been on my Basic Listing for quite awhile. Launched 7 weeks ago the program offers from 1.5% to 4% daily returns for the duration of 100 business days for a $1 minimum via EgoPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve and for a higher minimum via direct Bank wires. Note that the original principal return is made in four installments within the investment term and I will discuss this and other features of StallionGold in my upcoming review. The script is custom made and I believe used in only in a couple of other programs before. StallionGold is properly secure with SSL-security provided by Comodo and hosted on a dedicated server with DdosWiz protection. The StallionGold website is really executed beautifully with a lot of useful add-ons like a Spanish language version, investment calculator, newsroom with regular updates, etc. The withdrawals in most cases don’t take more than a few minutes to be processed but are never too slow anyway. StallionGold drastically increased its presence on MNO a couple of days ago by upgrading from Basic to Premium Listing and purchasing two banner positions on MNO blog and monitor for one month each. I hope this will help the program reach new heights and hopefully the review of StallionGold will clarify many aspects to them for you.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: SiriusUnion, RoyalUnion, MonetaryClub, ForexEarn, TheMoneyGalaxy, ProsperaNova, Phinanci.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, Finvance, ProfitableSunrise, FelminaAlliance, SkyCrown, PerfectFinanceCarbonDeals, PipsFundBensonUnion, DiamondAsset, AWTC, 4FXInvestment, Tivsol, TureProfit, FinanceCore, ProForexUnion, Nubcoyu, StallionGold, StrongInvestment (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: PrimeX7, UFOWin, FastEarn, HotBestFund, BGTGroups, RoyalAdz.
From MNO Basic list: 10For25Ads, GoldTradeFunds, DebtReliefLimited, RoiChoice, AfriInvestment, GoldenEconomy (the first payment received).

That’s all for today, guys. Sorry for the delay with my newsletter and hopefully it won’t stop you from checking my website for more news and the detailed review of the recently launched StrongInvestment website tomorrow!

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