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Beware! InvestLand has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice weekend so far. Being Saturday it’s not been too hectic for news stories but we do have a couple of updates to catch up on which I’ll get to in a few moments. First off though I want to start with a closer look at a program called InvestLand which just recently came to MNO. Initially it was on my monitoring site’s Basic Listing but have since upgraded in an attempt at more high profile advertising. There are a couple of things I’m uneasy about with InvestLand however that I should start off with. First of all the program has seemingly been online for an amazing 175 days as listed on a couple of monitors, though for some reasons the threads on the main investment forums didn’t start up until October 23. So it’s fair to say InvestLand is another one of those “sleeper” HYIPs that give the allusion of running for months but in reality nobody is able to join until the admin thinks he has some sort of established reputation. Yes, I can see the monitors too but good luck in finding a genuine investor in InvestLand for the last six months they were supposedly paying out.

The other thing that doesn’t sit well is the investment plans, or rather the complete lack of consistency with them. You see, in the 17 days that InvestLand have been monitored on MNO, the admin has changed the plans no fewer than three times. That’s more than once per week which is simply shocking by any standards. Doing it just once in the entire lifetime of the program is enough to scare off a lot of experienced players, so I dread to think what they make of this. So depending on when you read this review it may even be entirely obsolete already, I really can’t say for sure, so all I can do is to describe the InvestLand plans as I see them today. If that’s all changed by tomorrow then there’s not much I can do.

So to start with you can join InvestLand for a $10 minimum. There’s just one single investment plan and that runs for 15 calendar days. You will receive a daily interest payment that includes your principal, so don’t expect that to be returned on expiry. The rate of interest will be determined by the size of the deposit you make, with those prepared to take a bigger gamble being the ones who reap the bigger rewards. So for anything between the afore mentioned $10 minimum up to a value of $1,499 the rate is 20% per day. That would add up to a total return of 300% in total by receipt of the final payment, and as it includes your principal means it’s your own money back plus 200% net profit.

The other two options are unlikely to get many takers due to the cost and high risk, but it’s entirely up to you so I’ll just give you the numbers anyway. For a deposit ranging from $1,500 up to $4,999 InvestLand are offering 40% interest per day for 15 days. This includes your principal and adds up to 600% in total, which is your own money back plus 500% profit.

An even more unlikely offer will set you back a $5,000 minimum deposit, and sees InvestLand offer 73% interest per day for 15 days. Maximum spend is $50,000 and the payments accumulate to 1095% in total, though clearly you shouldn’t even think about testing this out.

InvestLand is another program that lists accounts with all the popular payment handlers which seems to be a growing trend in the industry now. Even the worst programs are waking up to this and it’s fairly commonplace now to see SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve all included as InvestLand have done here. Payouts to members are made manually by the admin and will need to be requested from inside your private members account area. The timescale for processing these transactions is at some point going to prove hugely controversial and isn’t going to do anything for the program’s prospects of ever getting popular, which were slim to begin with considering how long they’ve been around and it still hasn’t happened. The terms and conditions outline that you can get paid anything from instantly, meaning the money shows up in your e-currency account within a few seconds, to anything up to 7 business days. So anything from immediately to a week and a half! From personal experience with InvestLand I’ve never once gotten an instant payment from them myself, nor have I been left waiting a week or more for it either. But I do think such a long waiting time specified by them is interesting as it may indicate an exit strategy for the admin. It’s perfectly reasonable to allow admins a certain period of time to process payments to members of course, and as they’re only human, have two hands like anyone else, and can’t pay everyone all at the same time, it means everyone has to wait their turn. But when the overwhelming majority of HYIPs can get it done in not more than 24 to 48 hours one has to wonder where this week and a half comes from. Anything left pending for three days at the very maximum and I think we all know it’s game over I think.

On the design and security side of things, InvestLand is up to a decent minimum standard members should expect from an online HYIP. InvestLand runs off is a licensed version of a GoldCoders script and their website is properly SSL-secured by GlobeSSL for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Hosting and DDoS protection is supplied by Koddos who are keeping them on a dedicated server. Any further questions for the admin or account related issues you can get in touch with them by filling in your details on the support ticketing form and submitting it via the contacts page. The InvestLand website does include a Live Chat feature though I have to say I have never once noticed it being turned on. You might also notice a postal address in the UK, though as this is accompanied by a mobile phone number from Poland I doubt very much it’s exactly where you might find the admin if you knocked on the door and asked. I happen to recognize the address anyway as it happens, and I know it’s a serviced virtual office used as a mailing address by several companies (most of them perfectly respectable by the way and nothing to do with the murky world of online HYIPs). You’ll also find an e-mail address in there somewhere (though not on the actual contacts page) that you can write to directly.

Apart from that there’s really not much left to say about InvestLand. There’s no texts, stolen, copied, borrowed, or otherwise, and no imaginary business plan backing it all up. Not unless you consider new investors money required to pay off existing older ones as a business plan that is. Treat it like any other online HYIP which means establishing a spending level that you can both afford and afford to lose, and if joining InvestLand you should try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



As usual Nubcoyu (reviewed here) is issuing another newsletter every weekend so today I am glad to have another issue of the so-called Nubcoyu Friday. Since there were other newsletters the admin (interviewed here) first gives a re-cap of the various contests launched today along with a couple of tips that might help you win some cash prizes. He also mentions the currently running 5% deposit bonus which will be added to deposits into the 1.4% for 200 business days plan via any of the payment processors accepted by the program – LibertyReserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or SolidTrustPay.

No newsletter from Nubcoyu would be complete without updates on the alleged business ventures managed by the tireless admin, and today you can read updates on sales of pirated DVDs, the launch of a sex toy shop, and signing a contract with a colorfully named pornographic movie studio which will bring more profits to the company. But the most interesting thing is about launching a type of advertising site as a feeder to Nubcoyu where you can also sign-up and earn some extra money. That is an interesting concept and unlike others can be independently verified as genuinely existing. I hope Nubcoyu will continue surprising us not only with their crazy ideas and funny newsletters but more importantly with long running payments and many members in profit. Here’s the latest newsletter from them:

Nubcoyu Friday Issue 5 (9/11/2012)
Dear Valued Investors,
Good evening from Japan! It’s once again Friday when we finish up our work and get ready for weekend. It has been a really hectic week at Nubcoyu Group to the point that Misaki caught a fever, but we never stop working in order to ensure your best user experience.
Back to the business. We have quite a lot to report today, from idea of the last round’s Nubcoyu Ideas winner, our business growth and interesting events at Nubcoyu!
Part 1: Summary Of Nubcoyu‘s Events
We will provide a brief summary of what we’ve published in previous newsletters during the week.
1) Nubcoyu Hosts November’s Sweepstakes
We hold the following 4 types of contests for this month:
1.1) Nubcoyu Referral Contest (8th – 30th November)
The first 3 who accumulate the most referral commission will win the prizes
Prizes: 1st Place – $100, 2nd Place – $50, 3rd Place – $25
1.2) Nubcoyu Ideas Contest (Deadline: 30th November)
Submit money making blueprint to us at The winner will be rewarded with $50 directly to his preferred e-currency
1.3) Nubcoyu Landing Page Contest
Create a lead capture page for your own use and submit your URL to
Prizes: 1st Place – $100, 2nd Place – $50
Hint: There’s a free resource to create your FREE splashpage! Try here:
1.4) Misaki’s Love Letter Contest
Write a quality love letter to our cute and hard working support staff!
Prizes: Her picture OR her personal email just for you (Or if she wants to give more, up to her)
2) Our Official Skype Room Opened!
Simply add us using this ID: nubcoyuadmin and we will add you to our Official Skype ChatRoom!
There’re lots of things going on here, including acitivities, events and trainings. Grab this opportunitiy to get in touch with admin and our community!
3) The 5% Bonus To End This November 24th!
This is the last reminder that the extra 5% bonus for deposits will end this November 25th! Get your gears ready before the time runs out!
Part 2: Nubcoyu‘s Business Venture Reports!
The Top Requested Music Of The Week!
Our sales in pirated DVDs still continue with an amazing growth rate. After opening the 2 brand new shops in Pantip IT mall, our sales have risen as ever! We have also added pirated MP3 and ringtones to our product list for those who don’t prefer to buy music collection DVDs. I’d like to announce the most requested music of the week is a Japanese music, however not from AKB48 this time. It’s the song called Tabidachi no Hi Ni (On the day we seperate) It’s a graduation song sung beautifully by Ai Kawashima. You can watch the MV here:
Doki Doki Sex Toy Shop Launched!
We’re delighted with our successful Doki Doki Sex Toy Shop launch! The 3 Japanese representatives I’ve sent there have attracted lots of customers with their ‘flesh’ and enticing beauty.
The 15% discount for the first month also attracted both locals and tourists to our fetish offers. I must say I’m extremely pleased with the current growth of our new hot business.
Adult Video Company Signed Contract With Us
The new born “CreamySlut Studio” has signed a contract with us earlier today. They’ve offered to provide us with pornographic videos with their special discounted price to us as their VIP clients. We’re looking forward to shelving our new merchandise and we’re thinking about opening an online subscription site to supply our online wing of the business! Wouldn’t it be fun to buy porns using LR? :D
Part 3: Nubcoyu Everyday
Misaki Has A Fever
The hardworking Accountant and Human Resources staff and the idol for many fanboys was sick yesterday and had to take off from work. She’s pushed herself to far, not only for our business, but also on her studies and her English practice. I am surprised myself how her English is growing at a fierce speed to the point that I can speak to her in English. Who would have believed a girl to have spent 6 hours everyday to master her second language. I also owe a lot to Ms. Luca for her professional job teaching our dear staff. I hope she recovers soon and will come back to continue her support work.
Part 4: ISM Magic Idea Explained
The idea contributed by our winner, Skimo2012 is about to be shared amongst our dear investors.
Registered under the name of Rican Professional Networks Limited and managed by Russell Chapman, ISM Magic is an ideal opportunity to market your opportunities online. It’s a Social Network with a twist. It comes with 2 feeder programs, one of which will play a major role here. You can invest in ad packages in ISMAdsIncome (Link Here:
Each add packages cost $10 and earns 1.5% daily for 200 days, summing 300% return in profit. However, the key is to utilize the power of Social Network combined with advertisement tactics. Since it’s a large social network for like minded marketers and networkers, our opportunity can be easily promoted there and a strong relationship between great people can be established.
The membership level is divided into 3 groups: Free, Genie and Wizard, with Wizard as the highest ranking. You can purchase the subscription by directly paying for it or just buying ad packages from ISMAdsIncome and use the credits accumulated to buy. Each levels have different limitations, so please be sure to check it out properly.
If you’re interested in joining ISM Magic, join here and be a part of our team:
Currently, ISM Magic and ISMAdsIncome accepts payments from LR, PM, EP and STP with in house e-wallet system in the making. Be sure to keep up with the flow!
I think that’s all for this week’s Nubcoyu Friday. I’ll have to prepare for my Friday night with my family and hope you guys will recover soon from the recent “Autumn Scams”.
HYIPs fall in late Autumn just like red maple leaves…
Warm Regards, Nubcoyu and Nubcoyu Group”.


If you read my review of GoldenGambit you might remember that I was really suspicious about the Friday 110% plan and expected the program would scam over the weekend. Well, it looks I was right as the admin stopped paying exactly after reminding to everyone how great his 110% plan was and encouraged everyone to deposit in it. What I didn’t expect from GoldenGambit that it was going to stop quite so soon, and while the admin removed the site completely he managed to display a message which was available only for a few hours explaining his decision. I believe it was unplanned and possibly due to someone investing a big amount in the Friday 110% plan. Most likely the admin succeeded in what he set out to do in getting some big deposits he never intended paying back and felt it unnecessary to continue the program further. He also mentioned the falling interest in GoldenGambit during the last few days and promised to do something else in January. I’m not sure if you should pay attention to what some scammer has to say, especially as GoldenGambit was a disastrously bad program with only 10 days running and almost no one in profit, but here is what he had to say in his farewell newsletter posted on the website late last night accompanied with the picture of a cute baby seal:

Yes, we scammed. But here’s a nice picture to make you feel better.
Nothing personal, but we made a lil bit of money and interest kinda dropped this week, despite the 4k advertising investment.
So, if you would like more interesting and profitable projects from us, we do need some money, right? We’ll be back with increasingly profitable opportunities.
Interest was higher the first few days, so many of our members are well in profit. Remember ppl, save your money for January. Or play retarded 1-days. Your choice.


I don’t want to alarm you but I have decided to postpone the review of BlueMoney due to some loading issues with the site and its unstable work recently. Obviously, the DDoS attacks on the server reported by the admin is absolutely a bad beginning for a program paying 105%-125% after 1 day and I have no idea for how long it’s going to survive if the admin doesn’t take extreme measures and move to a new hosting provider. He was on MNO Chat today but I didn’t notice any real determination in his talk to continue the program despite the setbacks. In addition to that, some popular investment forum reported today that the admin of BlueMoney was banned from his own thread on suspicion of creating multiple accounts to cheerlead. I feel it’s totally unacceptable and amateurish if you ask me and we should expect negative consequences from this too. With BlueMoney still remaining on Waiting status on MNO with not much interest shown and my first withdrawal request still pending I have decided the only wise move would be to keep it on Waiting status for now and postpone the review till tomorrow (provided the program will be on Paying status by then). There was only one email received from the admin of BlueMoney Diego today in which he explains why confirmation emails about the payouts could be sent without batch numbers. I’ll update you on the status of BlueMoney on MNO tomorrow:

Restricted Ip Problem !
Please note that after receiving witdrawal you will got email with no batch number or N/A from our system, thats not a fake payment.
Please check your LR account !
We have problem with IP restricted from Our Hosting and we can,t enabled API because of this problem.
Please give us some time to fix it.
Best Regard, Diego”.


Today yet another copycat site was launched called NewEnrG. In my honest opinion, the program has absolutely nothing to do with the original ENRG which was a great program and a huge success earlier this year, so don’t be in a hurry to open your wallet and dump money there as the NewGNi phenomenon will not be repeated in NewEnrG. The admin is trying to use the old ENRG admin’s name although he failed to satisfy me that he had any involvement with them whatsoever. Also unexplained is why he can’t access any of the old email addresses from which he used to write to me plus I couldn’t get any info from him on my old account information which could also prove that he is who he says he is. I believe investors should be extremely cautious and not trust anyone who registers a similar domain name or tries to ride on the fame of older HYIPs. We’ll see if it’s going to work in the case of NewEnrG as the admin is obviously trying to use an old name for his own benefit.

Anyway, as I don’t have enough evidence to connect the old ENRG with the NewEnrG I will be judging the program on its own merits. Investment plans offered include the one paying 110% after 7 days and 174% in total on the daily paying plan with 7% returns credited on business days (Monday to Friday) and 2.5% returns on Saturdays and Sundays for the duration of 30 days. NewEnrG accepts all the popular payment options starting from $10 in both plans – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay. The withdrawals are usually processed instantly and in any case it should not take more than 48 hours to be paid. NewEnrG runs off a ProBiz script though I’m not convinced it’s properly licensed. The admin claims it is but ProBiz themselves are saying no, it’s an unsafe pirated version. I know who I generally tend to believe in such circumstances (no, it’s usually not the HYIP admin) so if he thinks he paid for a licensed script then he really needs to be discussing this with the people at ProBiz immediately. The site is properly SSL-secured by Comodo and is running on a dedicated server provided by Koddos. There is also some info that you might find useful regarding their DNS records:

DDOS Protection !
You can check our site details to visit this page because lots many clients are sending us mail that we are protected from DDOS is the answer .. Thanks Admin”.

Also from the recent news posted on NewEnrG website that just launched today I see the admin is looking for some support staff. If you’re interested positions include marketing manager and live support agent. Here is the way to apply:

Urgent :
 We are recruiting new staff for our new Program NewEnrG If you think you are suitable for this job and can manage it all easily send 1 mail to with minimum 500 words about which category you are applying for the job, your selection will be on words that you write on the mail (words should be related to the job) salary package & job timing will be discussed after the selection so don’t hesitate to contact us .. 1) Marketing Manager 2) Live Support Agent Thanks Admin”.

You should be very careful about investing in NewEnrG and always remember that it’s just any other HYIP. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose and don’t believe the claims that they invest anywhere like this one, for example, which is the very same claim made by the last version of Enr-G that this one is so keen to emulate but was ultimately proven to be a lie:

At Diverse Traders, Ltd you will share ideas, network, and do business with us in Renewable Energy. It’s a great opportunity to extend your business and keep up-to-date with developments in wind, Hydro, Solar and Biomass Power energy.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ForexEarn, TheMoneyGalaxyPhinanci, InvestLand.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, MajesticProfits, PerfectFinance, CaspianCapitalLLLtd, AWTC, FinanceCore, ProsperaNova, EndlessProfits,  ProForexUnion, Nubcoyu, StrongInvestment, NeoFunds, BulgeInvest, NewEnrG (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, DP9.
From MNO Basic list: EvoFund.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Please come back tomorrow for another review on my blog with the latest daily news from the HYIP industry. See you then!

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