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Beware! MicroMoneyBank has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! Hard to believe it’s Friday already because the week has really flown past for me. Always happens when you’re busy I guess and things have been pretty hectic these last few days, but it’s not a bad complaint to have I suppose. I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit over the weekend now, but certainly not relaxing as I still have a backlog of new material to bring you on MNO between now and next week, continuing tonight with a new program called MicroMoneyBank. Sometimes it can be a really difficult call to make on why these things go one way or another, but despite MicroMoneyBank looking pretty average with little to distinguish it from a hundred other programs, there still seems to be a fair bit of interest in it from investors. Nothing wrong with that of course and kudos to the admin for getting it, but it just makes you wonder sometimes what makes some programs such big hits while identical ones are total flops. That’s just the magic of the HYIP industry for you I guess, so before tonight’s news update I want to take a closer look at MicroMoneyBank for you and describe its plans and other features in a bit more detail. We’ll see if there’s something there you might like yourselves.

To start with, MicroMoneyBank is a shorter/more mid term HYI program. They offer two investment plans, one that pays you by the day, and another that pays a higher profit on expiry of a shorter term but at a considerably higher risk. So the first one is called The Deluxe Plan and can be joined for a $10 minimum. It runs for 20 calendar days and makes a daily interest payment based on the size of your deposit. MicroMoneyBank are including your principal in the payments. Rates start at 7.5% per day on amounts between the minimum $10 up to a $200 maximum. That would add up to a total return of 150% by the end of the term, from which 50% is profit.
For larger deposits between $201 and $500 MicroMoneyBank pay 8.5% per day, principal included, adding up to 170% in total, and for anything above that, maximum spend is $50,000, the rate is 10% daily, or 200% total.

The second plan is one I’d have much lower expectations of and have to say it has a lot fewer selling points. Granted the risk is higher but that wouldn’t have to be such a big deal if only the minimum requirement to join wasn’t so off-putting. It’s called The Royal Plan and it runs for 15 calendar days. MicroMoneyBank ask for a $100 minimum deposit to join, and on expiry offer a one time single interest payment. The rate is again based on your deposit and the figure includes your principal so don’t expect it to be returned. The first rate is 185% (or 85% profit) on all deposits from the $100 minimum up to $200. All subsequent deposits up to a maximum value of $50,000 carry the higher rate of 225%.

I’m not saying this can’t be achieved (indeed it can, as we have seen many times before in the HYIP industry) but it’s definitely kinda closer to the high end of what can be done in such a short term so I wouldn’t say sustainability is something you should really be expecting here. That, plus the fact that when the program eventually does go as we all know has to happen at some point, means that all deposits taken in within the 14 days prior to the closure disappear with it. Not really a thought that would recommend many people to MicroMoneyBank in the first place so I think most people would rather pass on the higher interest payment and play it safe with the daily option. Though of course the final decision remains entirely up to you.

Payment options are pretty good and include more or less everything to satisfy regular industry players. MicroMoneyBank accepts all the popular payment processors including SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. Payouts to members are made manually by the admin and so need to be requested from inside your private MicroMoneyBank account area. Once you’ve done so you will then be required to allow them a maximum of 48 hours to make sure all transactions are completed.

On the more technical side of things MicroMoneyBank is running off a script that’s been licensed from GoldCoders, no doubt most of you will have been able to recognize that by now anyway, and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by Koddos. Unfortunately there is no sign of any extra SSL protection so MicroMoneyBank does kinda let themselves and their members down on that one. Hopefully the admin will address this if he wants the program to be taken seriously by more investors as a lot of people would put that pretty high on a checklist they mark every program on before joining or not. Design wise I’d have to say MicroMoneyBank is pretty average with nothing particularly memorable about it, though maybe your opinion differs from mine. If you have any further questions you’d like addressed by the admin or account related issues to be dealt with then you will need to fill in your details in the online e-mail ticketing form and submit it through the contacts page.

Something I do have to say I like about this program incidentally is how the admin has dispensed with all the usual nonsense that goes with so many programs with their owners lying through their teeth at you about how they make money trading ForEx or oil or precious metals or just about anything else you can name. None of that here and MicroMoneyBank is largely aimed at an experienced HYIP audience who know exactly what this business is all about and how to play the game. There are no claims made to the contrary and there is no excuse for not knowing what you are getting yourself in to or what the risks are. If you don’t like it then don’t play, it’s as simple as that. But I suspect a good number of you do like it and will participate, so to you I say always always stay within your spending limits no matter how enthusiastic other people sound in praising the program, don’t go looking for guarantees where you won’t find them, and if joining MicroMoneyBank at all then try and keep it as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Some good news from BensonUnion (reviewed here) today as the site finally added possibly the most popular payment processor in the HYIP industry SolidTrustPay. I believe this will definitely boost the membership as BensonUnion is considered to be one of the most stable programs online paying since January 2012, paying fast and in many cases instantly on the 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days with principal back on expiry plan. Before today the admin of BensonUnion Ragnar (interviewed here) already promised to add STP to the many other options already taken – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, PexPay, and EgoPay, however it took him this long to complete the process. Although it was not yet officially announced I can see now that one can make deposits and request withdrawals via STP. If you’re already an existing member of BensonUnion you’re simply required to add your SolidTrustPay account in your profile and then you will be able to make a deposit starting from the $10 minimum.

That’s not all from BensonUnion though. Those of you who missed the recent fourth webinar made in the form of an online video chat with Ragnar are more than welcome to check the recorded version available at the link provided in the latest short newsletter which I’m republishing below:

Webinar is over! Watch the recording!
Dear investors! The 4th webinar held by Ragnar Wellington, the CEO of Benson Union, was successful and surely much more active than previous ones. Everyone can watch the recording here: Next webinar will be held a few days before Christmas and BensonUnion will launch huge giveaway by Christmas holidays to make our investors feel happier! Thanks for your attention!


It’s always great to see a website with a caring attitude striving to do everything possible in order to appeal not only to an English speaking audience but to everyone else as well, offering multi-lingual versions made by skilled interpreters. Take StallionGold (reviewed here) as a good example of such a productive approach. In addition to instant payouts to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay on its 1.5%-4% for 100 business days with principal back on expiry they have a Spanish version available too. As the admin promised in my interview with him published on MNO a few days ago (click here to read it) a French version would be added soon. And now we have it! StallionGold is now available in French so click on the link provided in the recent short newsletter in order to see. I can’t verify its quality myself as I’m not a native speaker but I believe a consistently good program as this would do everything professionally. Here’s the latest from StallionGold:

Website in French
Dear investors and website visitors, in continuation of our efforts to meet the needs of the international community of clients, it is our great pleasure to announce that the website of StallionGold is now available in French. To access the translated version, please use the link located at the top right corner of the site.”


StrongInvestment (reviewed here) is also improving and today it was announced they would provide an internal exchange service for members. For some unexplained reason the admin of StrongInvestment (interviewed here) recently dropped EgoPay, so now an exchange can be made if you have a $50 minimum balance in any of the other accepted e-currencies in your account – SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, or PerfectMoney. Obviously the internal exchange comes with a fee, but if you wish to dump LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney funds in favor of SolidTrustPay the admin is ready to pay you 20% extra. I wonder what the reason for that is! Apparently, StrongInvestment doesn’t want STP and tries to get rid of it at every opportunity, but then we can’t explain why exchanges from STP to LR and PM are also allowed. In any event, if you’re interested in that offer it’s only available to members, so you have to join StrongInvestment first and make a deposit into one of the following plans with the principal returned on expiry and paying on business days – 1.1%-2% for 60 days, 1.3%-2.8% for 120 days, 2%-4.2% for 180 days, 3%-5% forever. StrongInvestment has been online and paying for over a month now and I hope the new feature will benefit everyone:

Exchange e-Currencies is available now!
A new option has been added to members area, you can exchange your e-currencies together without any daily limitation, service is instant and has effect on your balance.
Rules and Rates:
1- You are allow to exchange your currency when you have at least $100 in source e-currency balance.
2- Minimum amount to exchange is $50.
3- Exchange SolidTrusPay to Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney has 40% fee.
4- Exchange Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney together are free of charge.
5- You will receive *20% Reward* when you exchange Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney to SolidTrustPay.
It was our sincere pleasure to provide our service for you recently.
We hope that the service we provided for you met your expectations and that you would consider us again for future needs.
If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss any issues you may have.
We value the trust you have placed in us and desire to build a long-term relationship with you.
Sincerely Yours, StrongInvestment Team”.


The admin of Nubcoyu (interviewed here) is one person with whom you never get bored. His newsletters have always been picturesque and sparkling with such details describing his life and business ventures that I’m waiting for another issue of Nubcoyu Friday every weekend just like a favorite TV show. Today however I was more concerned about their delayed payouts that were slightly outside the promised 48-hour timeframe. I contacted the admin and received an email apologizing for the delay and the excuse made was that the admin’s assistant Misaki was in hospital and the man itself was too busy with his business ventures to process the payouts. Anyway I believe by now Nubcoyu has caught up with the payouts on the only investment plan offered of 1.4% for 200 business days and withdrawals have been processed to all the payment processors accepted – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. Nubcoyu also made sure that nobody should expect withdrawals on the weekends and that the 48 hours should count only from Monday to Friday. What is happening with the program, his business ventures and personal life is worthy of a Hollywood movie. Such an interesting imagination, indeed! The latest newsletter from Nubcoyu (reviewed here) is below:

Nubcoyu Friday Issue 6 (16/11/2012)
Dear Valued Investors,
Hello everyone! It’s been quite a hectic week for us Nubcoyu Group. We’ve quite a lot to report here, although most will be personal matters related. We also have a lot of special news being reported on demand at our Official Skype ChatRoom, so those who haven’t joined us, be sure to be a part of the fun! Although named Official, it’s not taken that seriously. We can discuss anything from girls to panties!
Part 0: Letter Of Apologies
It is our custom in Japan that after we’ve committed a wrong deed, one must write a letter of apology to those at higher positions and those involved, in this case our dear clients. As you know, during these 3-4 days, the payout speed has significantly reduced. This is due to my dear assistant is being hospitalized. She has caught influenza since last Thursday. I thought it was just an ordinary fever, so I just let her rest without taking her to a proper diagnosis. It has become clear that it’s something worse when she started vomiting the past Monday that I had to rush to take her to the prefectural hospital. The result came out on early Wednesday morning that she’s infected with influenza. At the time, her body temperature rised to 40.6 c, which indicated a very high fever. She also had problems with her digestion system, thus not being able to eat properly. She was almost voiceless and not being able to speak properly. The doctor also said, stress was another factor for her sudden weakness. I felt the guilt of not stopping her from overstudying and giving her quite a lot of work lately. I promise I will take a good care of her from today on. I promise! Meanwhile, I was the only one processing the withdrawals which caused the waiting time to almost double. I am deeply sorry for that and will ensure not to let that happen again. I think it’s a high time I hire another assistant, shouldn’t I?
Part 1: Nubcoyu Business
1) DVDs from CreamySlut Studio Imported!
We’re glad to announce that DVDs from CreamySlut Studio (more commonly know as CS Studio). The specialty of this new born studio is that most actresses are high school students. It’s a bit underground by the way, but our syndicate’s Kyoudai (high ranked members) handled it without a glitch. The import process has been completed at our Adult DVD shops in Japan and pirated versions to be on sale in Thailand not so long after. I am considering opening an online portal for our dear investors to download for free after I consult with our law adviser.
2) Doki Doki Sex Toy Shop is Eruptive!
The recorded sales of dildos and TENGA vibrators has exceeded our expectations, thanks to our Japanese salesgirls hard work. I plan to travel to Thailand this upcoming 22nd of December to check out the current outcome of the projects. Meg is doing a great job managing our campaigns and bribing the police. I’ve heard that one of our salesgirls, Rina has allowed the police officers to touch her breasts in exchange of keeping our operation quiet. Although I always warn our staffs to be conservative on the use of their bodies, but who knows what god might be thinking!
3) Nubcoyu To Join Promising Ventures
We’re putting an eye on several promising online ventures. More reports to come soon!
Part 2: Nubcoyu Everyday
1) Misaki Released from Hospital Today!
I’ve just come back from driving her back from the Yamanashi Jinmin Hospital after her 4 days stay. I’m very glad that she’s finally back to normal, but still experiencing difficulties in studying or working. So, I’ve decided to let her rest during this weekend and to continue her work on Monday. She should be fine pretty soon and don’t forget to send her congratulation letters! Please note that the payout speed should return to normal starting Monday. Well, I’m old, so pardon me for being slow. LOL! Please note that we don’t process withdrawals on weekends, so please expect some slight delays if withdrawals are placed on Fridays.
2) Nubcoyu Participated In The North Korea Abduction Case Meeting
On Wednesday, I was invited as a V.I.P guest to the North Korea Abduction Case Meeting held at Japan Aviation Senior High School where I’m an alumni of. The talk was mainly about over 200 Japanese girls being kidnapped by the North Korean as per ordered by their “dear leader”. I’m not being racist here, I have a lot of Korean friends and I love them as much as they love me. The kidnapping usually happens by the beach. The girls will then be taken to North Korea, allegedly to teach them Japanese language and cultures at their spying schools. I’m really saddened by the events and once I’ve heard the speech of the victims’ parents, I almost broke into tears. Although this is beyond our reach, let’s try find a way to stop these crimes, shall we? Girls, don’t walk alone on the beach or you might end up somewhere you might not want to go.
3) Nubcoyu Participated in Ningen Ryoku (Human’ Power)
Our group participated in Ningen Ryoku community service for our local community. We cleaned the roads, watered the tress, waxed the floor, visited the nursing houses for old people and held recreational activities. It was indeed quite a good relaxation for all of us, except Misaki who was at the hospital.
Part 3: Nubcoyu The Website News
1) 2.5% Level 2 Commission In Effect!
I’ve received a lot of requests from our top promoters to increase the incentives into the promotion efforts. I’ve decided to enable the Lv.2 referral commissions which pay 2.5% of the deposit. I hope this will be a great news for most of you and don’t forget that our 4 contests is still going on! The Referral Contest, Nubcoyu iDeas Contest, Landing Page Contest and Misaki Love Letters Contest. Be sure to participate if you haven’t!
I think that’s all I have to report for this week. Once again, I’m sorry for some delays in payouts and I’d like you all to pray for Misaki’s speedy recovery.
Warm Regards, Nubcoyu Administrator and Group
Get Connected With Us!
Skype: nubcoyuadmin (Skype Room Available!)”.


Please note that the site of ProForexUnion (reviewed here) was offline for a few hours today which was required while the propagation of the website to new servers was completed. The switch resulted not only in the downtime, but also in the delayed payouts. Fortunately the admin has caught up now and all the pending payouts have been processed. ProForexUnion accepts all the popular payment options including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and SolidTrustPay. Having at least $10 in any of those processors will get you a deposit in any of the following plans which all return your principal on expiry – 1.2% for 20 days, 1.7% for 30 days, 1.9%-2.4% for 60 days. The ProForexUnion admin reminds everyone that those who signed up to their free ForEx training course recently should re-submit their applications due to a possible loss of data, I guess. Here’s the latest short newsletter on this:

ProForexUnion. Repeat applications Forex training
All users who request a “Forex training” to do it again. This is due to move to a new host. Invitations to participate in the conference will be sent out on November 20.
Sincerely, yours The ProForexUnion team.


Let’s now have a quick look at the scam and problematic programs now as there were quite a few tonight. I would not call it Black Friday, but certainly the end of each business week always brings some danger to programs and investors due to possible cashflow issues over the weekend.

Some admins even plan to scam over the weekend, like apparently the admin of InvestLand did recently. I already warned about his intentions on my blog more than once and today it finally happened. InvestLand stopped paying and the investors’ complaints came flooding in. Unfortunately I can’t do much about it as the admin stopped replying to my emails already and stopped all payouts today. I believe that after the latest update announcing the new plan paying 150% after 1 day and replacing MNO logo on the main page with a fake static image nobody should have any doubt that the program has scammed already:

Get more profit with INVESTLAND LIMITED UK!
make a deposit in investment plan 150% for 1 day.
This offer is valid 2 days only!

InvestLand was not the only one that collapsed today, but perhaps it affected the highest number of investors. AWTC and DP9 seem like also having some issues with payouts and the delays cannot be justified by anything now. I’m afraid that both AWTC and DP9 which have both been second rate failures for the members (unless you could saw a very small profit in the shortest term plan offered by AWTC). Otherwise, I believe those two were intended to scam fast. The admins are apparently professional scammers who decided to get some easy money for Christmas. So please do not invest in either DP9 or AWTC as they are proven scams now with admins not bothering to respond to reasonable complaints.

Finally, I would like to clarify a recent issues with the recently added LoyalAssets. The admin is hoping to bring the site back online on a new hosting provider within the next few days. I don’t believe it was a super-fast scam as the admin spent some substantial amounts on promotion on monitors and blogs and I don’t believe he is going to give up so fast. Anyway, I will keep in touch with him and will let my readers know as soon as LoyalAssets resumes. For the moment I’m keeping it on Paying status on MNO and on Sticky listing as the payouts were all processed instantly till the time the site went offline. I wish the admin of LoyalAssets a speedy recovery of his website and hope he will keep MNO and its readers updated on all future developments.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: BlueMoney.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, PerfectFinance, ForexEarn, ProForexUnion, BensonUnion, StallionGold, 4FXInvestment, TheMoneyGalaxy, FNOCapital, ProsperaNova, DiamondAsset, BulgeInvest, EndlessProfits, NeoFunds, TureProfit, NewEnrGStrongInvestment, Nubcoyu, MicroMoneyBank, ExanteAssets, SecureIncome, SureInv (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, AustralianBusinessGroup, BGTGroups, EvoFund.
From MNO Basic list: XtremeRichness, SpeedMoney (the first payments received).

That’s all for tonight, guys. I hope you (just like me!) are looking forward to the weekend. But don’t worry – you won’t be left without news as MNO works without days off. I still have a few programs to tell you about in my reviews, so expect another one tomorrow night along with the latest news from the HYIP industry. See you soon!

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