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Beware! ReferToWealth has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. To start off the new business week I have quite a lot of news to get through this Monday, so maybe the annual December slowdown isn’t so slow after all! What I want to start with however is a brand new long term program that just launched late last week called ReferToWealth, and as seasonal factors have a far less impact on longer term HYIPs than their shorter term counterparts then you might like to take a closer look. So let’s see what ReferToWealth have to offer, plus some of the other main features and see how they measure up to some of the other new programs trying to break into the market recently.

Plans are pretty simple (and there’s nothing wrong with that) except I just think it’s worth mentioning at the start that your principal is included in your payouts and will not be returned on expiry. You see, longer term HYIPs are generally more likely to return your principal at the end, so a lot of you might just sign up making the assumption that this is the case. It isn’t, so ReferToWealth will include your principal as part of the interest payments. It might make it a bit less lucrative, but the important thing is it makes it more sustainable and achievable.

So now that we’re clear on that, let’s have a look at the numbers. ReferToWealth are offering three long term plans, all of which run for different terms. They’re also open to deposits of varying amounts, but one thing they all have in common is that they make daily interest payments to the members. Your first option is a plan that can be joined for a $10 minimum deposit, and runs for 150 calendar days. During that time you are paid a very basic 1% interest per day, principal included. That means you don’t break even until 100 days into the term, and finish up with a final total of 150% back on your investment, or your own money plus 50% net profit. The maximum deposit allowed for this plan is $99.

If you’re looking for a more generous rate then you will need to spend anything from a $100 minimum to a $999 in ReferToWealth‘s second plan. It runs for a shorter duration of 120 calendar days with daily interest payments to members. And even though there are fewer actual payments, the interest rate increases so ultimately it’s more profitable. The rate is 1.5% per day, allowing you to break even after 67 days and complete the term with a final return of 180%. Again because ReferToWealth are counting your principal as part of those payments that’s your own money back plus 80% net profit.

And lastly for anyone prepared to go in with a $1,000 minimum deposit, ReferToWealth‘s third and final plan will pay you a daily return of 2% for 100 calendar days. That would allow you to break even after 50 days and complete the term with a 200% return. Your initial principal is as always counted as part of that already so it’s double your own money back. ReferToWealth have a $10,000 upper limit on deposits here.

Other than that the only things I think you need to know about the plans would be that ReferToWealth accept all the main payment processors with SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney making the list, though that’s pretty much the minimum expectation of most investors these days anyway. Still, you’re unlikely to need anything else from them on that front. Payments are made manually and will have to be requested from inside your member’s area. Payments are generally processed within a 24 hour maximum waiting time from the point you ask for it. Compounding is not allowed and the minimum withdrawal is $1.

ReferToWealth is overall not a bad looking website, if a little basic (ie texts and any information is a bit sparse). It’s running off a licensed script from GoldCoders, and the program is properly SSL encrypted. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection by Koddos. Customer support if you have any questions for the admin or account related issues is available by filling out the online ticketing form on the contacts page and submitting it.

As I just said above texts and any practical information on any kind of real business plan backing the payments to members is practically non existent, though there is just the briefest mention of ForEx trading which is hardly anything new for the online HYIP industry. And as no one is going to be able to confirm it, therefore it’s your only option to always treat what you find on the net with some caution. So as is always the case if you want to join ReferToWealth then set yourself an affordable spending limit that you will stay within and try to use them as part of a more varied portfolio.



StallionGold (reviewed here) are working towards making their site more convenient for a more international audience. After introducing French and Spanish versions earlier written by professional interpreters and definitely handy for those not speaking English, today StallionGold announced one more version – Russian. You can easily change the language of the site’s interface in the top right corner by clicking on the flag. Being a Russian speaker myself I can confirm it’s done to a high level and will definitely take the program closer to Russian speaking investors. Such activities by StallionGold will definitely bear fruit shortly as the gradual four stage principal withdrawal rule in the 1.5%-4% for 100 business days plan offered make better sense if explained in the native language. At the same time, such translations are catering to the widest possible audience who will appreciate the admin’s efforts not only answering my questions for the interview (click here to read it) but also making an effort to communicate with people around the world. To invest in StallionGold which is now at #6 position on my Premium List after more than three months online you need only $1 in your LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, or EgoPay account to make a deposit. Bank wires are also accepted, but obviously with higher minimums. I wish StallionGold every success in continuing with the high standards they’ve already set. Here’s the latest news from the StallionGold‘s website:

Website in Russian
Dear investors and website visitors, in continuation of our efforts to meet the needs of the international community of clients, it is our great pleasure to announce that the website of StallionGold is now available in Russian. To access the translated version, please use the link located at the top right corner of the site.


It appears that the admin of TheMoneyGalaxy has decided to accept all possible payment options from potential investors as today he introduced a few I haven’t even heard of myself. Anyway, a wide choice of payment processors is always good for investors and while TheMoneyGalaxy already took LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, BitCoin, and OKPay, today a number of other options became available. You can read about that in one of the two newsletters issued today:

TheMoneyGalaxy news letter : New Payments Accept
Good news to our investors,
TheMoneyGalaxy now accept some new payments using Okpay interface.
Now TheMoneyGalaxy members are able to invest using the payment processors listed below as well: Liqpay CashU WalletOne SofortBanking Bank Wire Transfer
Please stay update with TheMoneyGalaxy.

If you didn’t read my review of TheMoneyGalaxy published here I would like to remind you that the program was first added to MNO almost 80 days ago (a month after its official launch). Therefore, the first investors are well into profit from plans including 2.1% for 100 business days, 2.5% for 120 business days, 3.1% for 140 business days, 4% for 160 business days. In another newsletter posted earlier the admin asked for patience due to the alleged LibertyReserve API changes after their scheduled downtime over the weekend which led to a necessary upgrade on their server. Well, I believe that the problem has been solved by now, as I was paid today by TheMoneyGalaxy instantly as usual to my LibertyReserve account. Here’s the update for informational purposes anyway:

TheMoneyGalaxy news letter : 12/03/2012
Due to last LibertyReserve maintenance they changed their API system in the background to we had to do some upgrade in our server to have the most secure connection to their server, all pending cash out has been processed.
Please stop sending rumors and non sense news.


The admin of StartUpInvestCapital (reviewed here) sent some tips explaining the timeframe for processing withdrawals. Plans there include 1.5% for 25 business days, 1.8% for 35 business days, 2.3% for 40 business days, 3% for 50 business days – all with principal back on expiry. StartUpInvestCapital promises to pay within 48 hours to all the accepted payment processors – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney. The program is not known for processing withdrawals fast and the admin is not inclined to change this pattern anytime soon, so be patient and do not delay your withdrawals any further by following the advice today’s newsletter:

Avoiding Unnecessary Delays
Good morning everyone,
December has just begun and everyone rushed to websites such as Ebay and Amazon as well as to local stores to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. We understand it is important for you to receive your earning in timely manner so you had time to withdraw them to your bank accounts and credit cards for further purchases. While we have been informed of several customers complaining that withdrawals are not processed as fast as they wanted them to be processed (please note that they are approved and paid out within 48 hours as stated in our Legal Agreement and Knowledge base), there are a few tips that can avoid delays and misunderstandings when contacting Customer Support.
a. Double check your Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money accounts. Make sure they start with capital “U” and pay special attention to numbers.
b. Make sure you spell Solid Trust Pay username and Ego Pay e-mail correctly.
Of course, due to the number of security features we have in place, your money will never be sent to someone else’s account as a result of account number misspell. However it will allow you to avoid delays and withdrawal cancellations.
Should you encounter any problems or issues, you can always rely on our friendly and efficient Customer Support team.
Best wishes,
Flynn, Media Relations Analyst


As I mentioned a couple of times already, reading the weekly newsletters from Nubcoyu (reviewed here) is something to look forward to every week. Unfortunately due to issues with uncredited deposits the latest weekly newsletter was only sent on Sunday. However, I must say it was even more entertaining than usual and worth the wait. We learnt more about Misaki’s and Nubcoyu‘s English level tests, the decision to pass on the coffee franchise, and the ongoing family drama with daughter Miyako dating the captain of the local soccer team. I’m sure the story will grow into the HYIP world’s first ever soap opera!

Despite the comedy-drama, the important stuff is still there, namely some practical information for Nubcoyu members with money invested in the 1.4% for 200 business day plan via SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, EgoPay, or PerfectMoney. The winners of the referral contest (and other contests) were announced and I was glad to find my name among the winners and received my prize from the admin (interviewed here) to my PerfectMoney account. There was also catching up for those who don’t read daily news issued by Nubcoyu over the week. It’s got quite a character running it and hopefully it will be a rewarding experience not only when it comes to entertaining reading, but also to profitable investments. So far Nubcoyu has been paying for about three months and I hope we will see them safe and sound in 2013 too. Here’s the latest Nubcoyu Friday newsletter in full:

Nubcoyu Friday Issue 8 (30/11/2012)
Dear Valued Investors,
Hello everyone. I hope you had a great Friday just like always. I’m very sorry the late delivery of this week’s magazine due to the priority of sending an urgent announcement regarding deposits and withdrawal problems. We have a lot of great stuff to report in as usual with a special announcement of winners in our 4 contests; Referral Contest, Nubcoyu iDeas, Nubcoyu Landing Pages and Misaki’s Love Letters.
Part 1:Nubcoyu The Website Weekly Summary & Updates
1) November 2012 Sweepstakes Announcements
We’re happy (and sad in some cases) to announce our winners at our contests. I’d like to thank everyone for putting their best effort into the team and I look forward to the next round’s results.
1. Nubcoyu Referral Contest:
1st Prize: Skimo2012 – $100 Prize (Accumulated $262.84 commissions)
2nd Prize: casanotaNY – $50 Prize (Accumulated $222.33 commissions)
3rd Prize: moneynews – $25 Prize (Accumulated $60.5 commissions)
Tips to victory: Try to train your downline to look for more downlines. This way, you can take the full advantage of 2n level commission of 2.5% on auto pilot!
2. Nubcoyu iDeas Contest:
Prize: $50 The only participant is thitinoom. Well, here’s your prize for your APSense idea! We’ll look more into it next week.
3. Nubcoyu Landing Page Contest:
1st Prize: Tadanochi – $100 Prize
2nd Prize: Thitinoom – $50 Prize
4. Misaki Love Letters Contest:
Surprisingly, nobody’s participating. Anyways, this might not be your taste, is it? She’s kinda sad, you know? lol
Congratulations to the winners! Please email Misaki ( with your preferred e-currency so that she can start the distribution of the prizes!
The December’s Round will be announced tomorrow along with its rules. Santa Claus is coming to town!
2) Nubcoyu‘s Missing Deposits and Withdrawal Problems
Although solved, there have been reports on missing deposits and withdrawals during the past week. Once again, I’d like to remind those who haven’t reported yet to report in to Misaki as soon as possible so we can address the problem. Send an email along with all the possible details to so we can handle it in a timely manner. It’s your money so value it!
3) Nubcoyu‘s N-SHIP Concept
Nubcoyu is up equipped with an Official Concept that’ll be our headlight towards our success together. Here’s the details:
The “N-SHIP Concept” will become the soul of our work.
N, N stands for Nubcoyu. The name of the website and it’s admin. In other words, it’s the name of the ship we will get on board.
S, S Stands for Soul. We work with our investors’ visions. They have the souls and spirits of those who refuse to give up, overcome obstacles, and learn from their mistakes. As one soul and we are here to lead them towards the finish line and share in their victory.
H, H stands for Healthy. We aim to maintain a healthy investment environment and ensure rewarding monetary growth to our investors. We will also ensure healthy state of minds of our staffs and investors so that we all can laugh and smile together at our achievements.
I, I stands for Identity. Our identity as a unique, revolutionary investment group makes all us become one. Members will be proud with their identities they share as Nubcoyu investors. That will encourage the long lasting friendship and team work amongst our investors and staffs.
P, P stands for Potential. As we and our investors evolve together as a family, we will tap into enormous potential and possibilities that is neither confined nor restricted.
Part 2: Nubcoyu Everyday
1) Misaki Passed The Japan’s English Proficiency Test Level 3
I’d like to congratulate Misaki along with you guys for her passing the The Japan’s English Proficiency Test (EIKEN) Level 3. The highest level is 1 and the lowest is 5. Passing Level 3 proves her abilities speak and communicate general English quite efficiently with native speakers. Although she still has problems with conversation, I know she’ll get there soon enough with Ms. Luca’s harsh education. She’s studying English 4 hours a day everyday. Good job Misaki, but don’t over exhaust yourself that you get sick again. Just so you know, I’ve passed Pre-Level 1 and my daughter has passed Level 2 :) For more information, you can visit
2) My Daughter Is Going Out With Her Boyfriend!! Uwahhhhhhh!!!
Like how people can’t tell the rain to stop, you can’t tell your daughter to remain single. High school puppy love is regular in Japan and I’ve seen lots of cute couples on the quiet street of Yamanashi and busy streets of Tokyo. Yesterday evening, while I was in the kitchen talking to my wife about what to eat for dinner, my face turned blue when I saw my usual daughter with my an unusual guy holding each other’s hands, smiling and giggling. Once they entered our house, the guy greeted me with “Hello father, pleased to meet you. My name is Yamada Tetsuya. Pleased to meet you.
“Father?” I was a bit surprised. “Could it be…?” Not even finished saying my question, my daughter happily replied: “Papa, let me introduce my boyfriend, Yamada Tetsuya-kun. I brought him here to introduce to you, Papa~” “Whooooaaaaa!!!!” That’s the voice that echoed in my mind. Someone…someone’s taking my daughter away from me!!!! Ugahhh!!!! Miyako…
I tried to remain cool and collected, and greeted Tetsuya-kun with a smile. He’s the captain of Hatachi High School Soccer Team. He’s kind, friendly and treats us with respect. Although I feel kinda sad that my daughter has been taken away, I feel happy that she has found someone she loves and hopefully, this will evolve from a puppy love into a true love. But boy, my daughter Miyako has become a phone addict since then, talking to her boyfriend all the time. I, as a papa can’t remain unworried of her health.
Part 3: Nubcoyu Business Reports
1) Decision Not To Invest in Shiho’s Coffee Franchise
As I’ve reported in the last email, I was interested in my daughter’s friend little coffee shops she’s running with her own efforts. While it was splendid for a high schooler to accomplish a residual income, it is not big enough to invest in. Monthly income still stays below $800, thus not enough support Nubcoyu. I helped her out of my own pocket with advertisements and provided her with some useful strategies she could possibly apply with. I’ll keep a close look at her growth and we’ll see in a year how things unfold.
I think that’s all for today’s Nubcoyu Friday. I still have something to report about our other businesses, but my mind is not stable today due to a recent surprising event. Please look forward to our next issue of Nubcoyu Friday!
Regards, The Crying Papa


During this pre-Christmas period there is a visible slow-down in members’ deposits in some programs, especially if they are not very new, and some admins make an extra effort to keep their share of the market. Take PlatinumVertex, for instance. Today he announced the launch of some so-called Christmas Events where members can get some cash rewards by fulfilling some festive tasks over the next few weeks. I guess we’ll see an update for every contest each week and meanwhile you can see the rules and the other announcements from PlatinumVertex below:

Christmas Events & Announcements
Good day to All PlatinumVertex Members, The moment you all have been waiting for has finally arrived. We will now be announcing the different Christmas Events. EVENT 1: (12.7.12) Best Holiday Greeting Event Prize: $50 EVENT 2: (12.14.12) 1st Month Online Event Prize: $50 EVENT 3: (12.21.12) Best Christmas Tree Event Prize: $50 EVENT 4: (12.28.12) Best Christmas Picture Event Prize: $50 Mechanics: A. Best Holiday Greeting – one member who has the best Christmas greeting posted either on the Shoutbox Page, Testimonials Page, or Facebook Page will win the $50. B. 1st Month Online Event – redo of 2 Weeks Online Event. All members may win up to $2. ($0.50 for posting in Testimonials Page, $0.50 posting in the 3 main forums TG, MMG, DTM, $0.50 voting for PlatinumVertex on HYIPNews & The HYIPBalls, $0.50 like & share PV Facebook and Follow Twitter) C. Best Christmas Tree Event – one member who has the best picture of with his or her Christmas Tree will win $50 D. Best Christmas Picture Event – one member who has the best picture during Christmas season wins $50 Things to look forward to: New Christmas look on the website Fun Calendar on the website Reminders: In case you missed it, you can read the Interview with the CEO of PlatinumVertex by The HYIPBalls here. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! PlatinumVertex Team

PlatinumVertex started three weeks ago and was reviewed on MNO here. It accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay starting from a $1 minimum in a plan paying 4.5%-6% for the duration of 40 business days, principal included.


Please stop investing in LoyalAssets immediately! Payouts are delayed and the admin is up to some very sneaky tricks on his way to scamming. It’s been a huge disappointment collapsing in less than three weeks and becoming another short lived pre-Christmas scam which the industry seems once again flooded with at the moment. LoyalAssets has been on Waiting status on MNO twice before it eventually finished on Problem status today. It was always due to delayed payouts which in most cases exceeded the promised 12 hour timeframe but the admin seemed not to be bothered about it at all. While first appearing online LoyalAssets promised instant payouts, but already after a change of hosting provider the admin claimed that it was not safe to process withdrawals instantly anymore, and introduced a 12 hours wait which was rarely honored anyway. Such deliberate ignorance with delaying payouts but also delaying crediting the members’ accounts with deposits has let to this. It was to be expected in my opinion and was only confirmed today with the introduction of a new investment plan and removing the rating page. Payouts are unlikely to resume as the admin stopped replying to my emails and the only message sent today was the following (please remember not to invest in this total scam and avoid LoyalAssets at all costs!):

15% Daily for 5 Calendar Days
Hello Dear Customers,
We have something special for you all, that will only last a limited time from now on. Our traders and employees introduces a special investment plan to thank our customers for the great support and continues business.
The new investment plan pays 15% daily for 5 calendar days and returns the principal at the end of term. The minimum investment amount is $100 and maximum $100,000. The compounding feature is also enabled for this investment plan.
Here are some quick examples on different investment amounts:
A. Investment of $500 will give you $75 daily for 5 calendar days. After 5 days you will have accumulated an amount of $375. Your principal ($500) is returned now, giving you a total return of $875 ($375+$500).
B. Investment of $2,000 will give you $300 daily for 5 calendar days. After 5 days you will have accumulated an amount of $1500. Your principal ($2,000) is returned now, giving you a total return of $3500 ($1500+$2000).
C. Investment of $10,000 will give you $1500 daily for 5 calendar days. After 5 days you will have accumulated an amount of $7500. Your principal ($10,000) is returned now, giving you a total return of $17500 ($7500+$10000).
Kindly login to your members area and go to “Make a Deposit” page like you always do and select the desired investment package you wish to invest in.
You may act now to participate in this limited-time opportunity! The new plan will be available only for a few weeks.
Best Regards, LoyalAssets Original


With every closure comes a new opening, and today one more program joined my Premium Listing after a successful launch last night – Lightraffic. The program is running off a Gotenks surfing script and is a kind of hybrid between HYIP and autosurf. Lightraffic is offering two investment plans with the first paying 2.5% for 60 calendar days plan and principal back on expiry. For this you don’t need to do anything and will be able to request your earnings daily while you be paid manually within 24 hours of asking. If you want higher earnings and don’t mind surfing 10 sites per 10 seconds each on full autopilot, then choose the 5% for 30 calendar days plan with no principal return on expiry. Just remember your obligation to surf because if you don’t then you don’t get paid either. Deposits to both plans are accepted via four popular payment options – PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay – and you can start from a $10 minimum in either. Note that due to script peculiarities you are requested first to fund your account and then make an investment by redirecting the money to the desired plan. Lightraffic is SSL-secured by GlobeSSL and hosted on a dedicated server with BlackLotus who have been quite reliable recently. I look forward to doing a more detailed review of Lightraffic on Wednesday so meanwhile have a closer look at the website and read the welcome message from the admin of Lightraffic submitted yesterday:

We are pleased to announce that Lightraffic Ltd is officially open for business online. Join now and build your way to financial freedom with us!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ProsperaNova.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, StallionGold, TheMoneyGalaxy, BensonUnion, 4FXInvestment, ProForexUnion, DiamondAsset, FNOCapital, SecureIncome, TureProfit, SureInv, Nubcoyu, StartUpInvestCapital, ReferToWealth, GuaranteedProfit, FinanceArt (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, BGTGroups, SigmaSum, PlatinumVertex.
From MNO Basic list: InnovisCorp, TrackInvest, Fxen, GoldenReturnLLC, TheInvestmentBank, Finance7 (the first payment received), InvestmentCapital (the first payment received).

That’s all for tonight, guys. Stay tuned, and check out my blog tomorrow for a detailed review of FinanceArt and all the daily news from the HYIP industry, which, according to my current poll running on the MNO TalkBack page, is by far the most popular category among readers. Thanks for supporting MNO and see you all tomorrow!

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