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Hi everyone! I guess the holidays will be coming to an end for most of you by now so I hope you’ve all had a great few days and are well relaxed and looking forward to 2013 taking off in earnest. So for today’s news, which is kinda short anyway, I have a brand new program joining the MNO Premium List which I’m going to introduce to you in a few moments, but want to start with the latest from the MNO TalkBack page and the most recent polls to be featured there.


The ongoing series of MNO readers opinion polls and surveys continues on the TalkBack page which you can see either by clicking here or else just clicking the tab along the top of my blog or monitor pages. If you’re a regular user of my website then you’ll probably know that over the last couple of weeks now I’ve been putting various questions to my readers, some of which are directly related to the HYIP industry and your experiences there, and others which are more personal and just for amusement or general information purposes. So in the latest I asked readers first of all (in relation to online HYIPs) “What’s your favorite term program?” which as always produced some interesting results.

I can’t say that there was any real conclusive winner here, I mean yes, there’s a first, second, and third as there has to be, but no one single option really ran away with it. This was pretty much what I’d expected to see, and also if I’m honest what I’d hoped for. It seems that MNO readers have quite eclectic tastes in the programs they choose to join, and there was a good mix in there I think. That would also go a long way towards validating the previous HYIP survey, when no less than 65% of MNO readers said they were in profit to some degree from their previous years activities in the industry. So as the evidence in the latest poll would suggest most readers have a healthy interest in keeping a diverse portfolio, one poll kinda helps corroborate the other. The answers themselves went something like this:

When asked what their favorite term programs tented to be, 27% of MNO readers went for shorter term options with plans of 15 days or less, believing that faster profits can often “outpace” the higher risk as it were, putting you into profit before there’s any serious trouble with the program provided you know and understand how to play the game.

16% of you prefer medium term HYIPs, ones that offer plans ranging from 15 to 45 days in length. This is the smallest group of voters, though it’s not hard to see why as these can so often be the most challenging decisions for those new to the business. Not quite the high paced return of a short term program, not quite the low risk of a longer term one, medium term programs do however often combine the best of both options which can be picked out by more experienced HYIP players.

The biggest single group of readers lean more towards longer term HYIPs, with just under a third of readers, or 32% of you weighing in with this option. I guess the results from these programs are plain to see if you check out the ratings on the MNO monitor. You’ll see that all the top spots are usually dominated by longer term programs with plans of at least 45 days or longer. Patience is the key word here, as while such programs can definitely be more rewarding, it takes you longer to get there.

And finally 25% of voters have no particular preference, liking all programs in equal measure and preferring to to assess each individual program on its own merits. I must say there’s a lot to be said for this approach also, because from time to time you will get a program that pays you more in one week than others might in six. It just depends on how you play them I guess.

The other question was had more to do with your personal goals for the New Year, given that so many people set themselves targets (or “resolutions”) for self improvement at the start of every January. Whether you succeed or not I always believe that if you think you have a problem with something, acknowledge it, identify the causes, and take positive action to correct it then you have already taken a major stride forward in your life that you can be proud of. So, the case of MNO readers the things you are most looking forward to improving for 2013 included:
8% of you looking to work on the general state of your health and fitness. With mid-winter now behind us and people thinking of spring just around the corner, best of luck to anyone looking to quit smoking, lose a little weight, and maybe get out into the great outdoors a bit more often. I’m sure you’ll find it a rewarding experience!

Many a wise man has said education is the key to self improvement, and that’s what 13% of you are aiming for in the new year. Whether you’re already studying something, or just looking to update your skills and training to help advance your career, this is also a rewarding and enriching experience. And even if it’s not purely for advancing your job, just to do something like learning a new language, how to cook, play an instrument, or whatever, can just make you feel good about yourself.

No surprises that 35% of readers voted that they are looking to improve the state of their personal finances in the coming year. I mean this is a HYIP and money making related blog and monitor after all, and I know that’s why the overwhelming majority of you visit my site at all in the first place. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that and at the end of the day we all need to make a living. So if that’s your main goal for 2013 then I wish you the best of luck with that, and sincerely hope that MNO can be of at least some small assistance to you along the way.

6% of readers have decided that their number one priority for the new year is to improve their relationships with others and their family lives. There’s a lot to be said for that of course, you can pick your friends but not your family as the expression goes, and you’ve only got one of them.

And lastly the biggest single group of you, 38% in fact, are seemingly contented with their lives as they are, and don’t feel any pressing need to shake things up in their lives too radically in the next 12 months. If you’re one of them then congratulations, you’re all obviously millionaire Olympic athletes with Harvard degrees! OK, just kidding, but honestly if you’re happy with your lot then what more can you ask from life I suppose.

OK then, time for two completely new questions this week, and as it’s the first week of 2013 I’m still in the New Year spirit, looking forward and looking backwards at the same time. So now that we’ve seen what you hope for in the next 12 months, let’s take a look back for the moment. So tonight I have a very simple HYIP related question for you all:

What was the single most profitable program of the last calendar year for you?

I’m only interested in hearing about 2012 now, so if you’re a member of something for let’s say the last 18 months I’m really only referring to that program’s performance since January of last year up until now. That way all the options I’m going to give you are on kind of an even platform. Also I’m limiting the choices to programs that have been online for at least 350 days or longer. As to whether you want to judge this in terms of an actual dollar amount or as a percentage return on your investment, I’ll leave that to your own discretion. So your personal most profitable program of 2012 was:
a) NewGNi (reviewed here)
b) ProfitableSunrise (reviewed here)
c) EurexTrade (reviewed here)
d) FelminaAlliance (reviewed here)
e) BensonUnion (reviewed here)
f) Something Else.

Of course it would be really great if you all made a massive profit from all of them, that being everyone’s main ambition in the online HYIP world to begin with I guess, but I know not everyone is so lucky, some folks only join much later than others, some of you may not even like all of those programs, and for so many other reasons I’m sure you’ve all had mixed results. So don’t be shy, let’s hear about them! It’s completely anonymous and mostly for fun, so why not cast a vote and let us all know what’s given you the best experience of the last year?

The second question is about a brand new feature on MNO that I hope you’ll all really enjoy. Considering that the HYIP industry is basically all about games anyway, even if they are ones that cost you money, so I thought why not add some real entertainment to MNO. They’re also just games, but in this case games that won’t cost you a penny! Totally free to play, and if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer either for work or leisure then I hope this might be a welcome distraction for you. So if you click the new tab on top of the MNO Blog page, (soon to be added to the monitor and TalkBack pages as well) you’ll find an extensive selection of flash video games. Some are puzzle style games, some are games of skill, some are just regular “play” games, but all are just for fun. I hope you enjoy going through them when you have a couple of free hours to yourself, especially if you like to spend some time browsing the MNO website.
So, and this is largely for personal reasons, I want to ask “What do you think of the new MNO Games section”?

Your options are:
a) I really enjoy it and it will use it often.
b) I enjoy it and will use it when I have some free time.
c) I’m less likely to use it but think it makes MNO more fun anyway.
d) This doesn’t really interest me at all.

Thanks in advance for voting, and remember one way or another it’s all about making MNO a better experience for its users which is really the point of all of this, so I do look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback soon.


It looks like the admin of BensonUnion Ragnar (interviewed here) is so looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow that he even decided to issue a preliminary newsletter today announcing it. They’re only two weeks away from their first anniversary, opening in January 2012, During that time they managed to bring profits to hundreds of investors who made the wise choice to join one of BensonUnion‘s plans offering from 1.2% to 2.45% interest for the duration of 170 business days with principal back on expiry. I’m in complete agreement with Ragnar in hoping the program will continue well into 2013 paying to LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PexPay, and BitCoin accounts – usually instantly – from a $10 minimum. By the way, I’ve just added BensonUnion (reviewed here) to the new poll discussed earlier aimed at defining the most profitable HYIPs of last year. As for the latest newsletter from BensonUnion, it was received today and is reposted below:

Holidays are almost over! Just 1 day left!
Dear BensonUnion investors! BensonUnion informs about the end of Christmas and New Year holidays. Just 1 non-trading day left. First profits will be credited to investors’ accounts tomorrow night. Get ready to enjoy new profits in 2013! The list of gift deposits winners will be published in just a few days! Stay tuned and keep waiting for our next newsletter!


Overdue payouts from BGTGroups were received today, which saw them return to Paying status on MNO. I’m pleased the admin finally issued an official newsletter updating members on what happened the old domain and announced the move to a .net extension. So I changed all the links to BGTGroups on MNO and the Paying status earlier today. Hopefully it’s a positive sign and BGTGroups will continue paying on their plan of 1.2% per business day and 7% weekly via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve with no expiry date and a 180 day lock-in period. Please read the latest update from BGTGroups (reviewed here) for more info:

BGTGroups urgent update
Dear Members,
Happy New Year. We hope you had enjoyed your holidays and wish you a year full of health and wealth. Please be advised our .com domain has got suspended by the registrar and we are trying to get it back but since it’s been holidays, it may take some time.
We already were ready for any kind of problem in our way and moved our website to .net domain within a short while and in our holidays. From now on, you have to login to: http://bgtgroups.NET .
Our SSL has to be installed again which we are on it and it will be OK in a few days.
As promised before, we are back to our normal working schedule from today and you will be earning from 5PM GMT today, 2nd January 2013. The cashout request button will be available at the same time too.
Have a great year ahead.
With Best Wishes,
BGTGroups Administration Team


Unfortunately, one of the longest-running programs covered on MNO, FixedMonthlyIncome, was moved to Problem status today. I have an overdue monthly payment from them for a week now, and the admin failed to reply to my email for over 48 hours. So basically I had no other choice. Although FixedMonthlyIncome was running for about 22 months and made a profit for some investors I can’t say that it was even remotely popular like many other programs on MNO. The reason was very simple – very low returns of 10% monthly and a very high minimum of $1,000 that puts it out of reach for the majority of investors. Also FixedMonthlyIncome worked exclusively with direct bank wires during the first year online and only introduced LibertyReserve deposits a few months ago which I believe was the first step on the way to a scam. I doubt very much any of my readers deposited there at all, and thus avoided the scam which was cleverly disguised as a genuine investment opportunity offering quite low returns, unlike many other HYIPs. All in all, I think the admin hasn’t achieved what he was hoping for and FixedMonthlyIncome proved to be a complete and utter flop deliberately isolating most investors and therefore a failure. I was actually surprised they lasted so long, but now we can finally declare it a scam. Please do not invest there!


One more program joined MNO’s Premium listing tonight – AlphaCapitalFx. The program opened a few days ago, and attracted some attention by offering lucrative yet sustainable investment plans. Plans include 107% after 7 calendar days and 5% daily paid for the duration of 31 business days (Monday to Friday). Please note that in both plans the original investment is included in the total return and will not be returned on expiry. According to AlphaCapitalFx‘s terms and conditions once made the payments will be done within 6 hours, with a possible maximum of 24 hours. Those experienced in such programs might notice AlphaCapitalFx runs off a licensed ProBiz script that’s known for a stable overall performance, so there shouldn’t be any issues there. The website is also SSL-secured by Comodo and hosted on a dedicated server by BlockDos. All in all AlphaCapitalFx looks very good, though with the exception of the design. I’m looking forward to reviewing it on MNO tomorrow, after the first payout. Stay tuned for that, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: CashROTOR, UsdTrading.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, SureInv, StallionGold, ProsperaNova, Mox,  ProForexUnion, DiamondAsset, BensonUnion, 4FXInvestment, Nubcoyu, ReferToWealth, StraviaXgolding, EpicRoyalFund, GISolutions.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, BGTGroups.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, Sun7Life, Fxen, ForexMoneyBank, InvestmentCapitalMainaLimited, Finance7, TheInvestmentBank, Money&Credit (the first payment received).

That’s all for tonight, guys. Please remember to check out the new MNO Games section and vote on MNO TalkBack which will be much appreciated. Bye for now and see you all tomorrow!

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